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Chapter 1: Stay

It was the 7th of August. Three months and five days had passed since the battle of Hogwarts. But there were no calendars on wizard walls that recorded the weight of the time that had passed. Etched in Harry's mind were memories of daily funeral processions; black suits, black veils. The whole world, piece by part, timidly put itself back together. The same went for Harry Potter's life.

"Mr. Potter! Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron!" Tom the innkeeper shouted from behind the bar. "How've you been?" The place was empty. No surprise at five in the morning.

Harry gave a faint smile and curt nod to him as he walked through the door, luggage in tow. "Will it be the usual room, then? Number eleven?" Tom asked as he hurried around the counter to take Harry's trunk.


Tom led the way up the creaky wooden stairs.

"You'll have the floor to yourself, 'cept for one down the hall. What brings you here this time?" After fumbling with his keys, he unlocked the door.

"Auror exams."

"Ah… Of course, of course!" Tom beamed, maybe a little overexcited. "Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you, Mr. Potter."

Harry retrieved a purse of seventy galleons from his cloak and handed it to the balding wizard. "For the week. If there's more or less, I'll take care of it."

"Right." Tom's thin lips curved into a wide smile as he bid Harry goodnight with a gentle nod.

Door shut, the raven-haired wizard let his trunk drop at the foot of the single bed. The absence of Hedwig's cage in the familiar room reopened a small wound in Harry's heart. There was only loneliness without her. 'The talking mirror is even gone,' thought the hero as he fell back onto his bed with a frown.

Faint traces of light from Charing Cross Road beamed through the window - still visible despite the glow of the room's dusty lamps. The Midnight Express ride had taken its toll on Harry. His head felt the swerving, stretching, and veering of the wildly driven double-decker even then. Yet without realizing it, the young wizard drifted off to sleep – unaware that it was the last night for a while he would sleep in peace.

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