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Series Summary: What if Harry Potter had made friends with Hermione Granger before making friends with Ron Weasley?

Series Note: While I will attempt to follow the books as much as possible, I liked how some of the scenes in the movies flowed and played out. So there will be times when I will follow movie continuity a bit. There will also be times when I ignore both and change, or make up my own, scenes.

Story Note: This story picks up right after Harry leaves Madam Malkin's and goes to get his wand. So Chapters One through Four and, for the most part, the beginning of Chapter Five are the same.

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As Harry left Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions he looked around, but didn't see Hagrid. After waiting a few minutes he decided to head on down to the wand shop. He replayed part of the scene in robe shop in his head. The blonde boy he had met, didn't seem very nice. The way he had spoken reminded Harry of his uncle and cousin. He hoped that the boy was gone from the wand shop by the time he got there, he didn't like the idea of running into him again.

As he neared the shop he could see that it was very narrow and a bit shabby looking. Over the door, in gold letters that seemed to be peeling, was a sign that read Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C. In the front window of the shop a wand lay on a large purple pillow. As he was getting ready to enter the door was flung open and a tall blonde man dressed in black robes barged out muttering something under his breath about Muggles, and took off down the street. Harry grabbed the door and walked in.

Inside the shop it was dimly lit, like many of the other shops on the street. There were boxes stacked in shelves from floor to ceiling, and sometimes just on the floor. A very skinny elderly man with stark white hair had just turned to a family of three, two parents and a young girl. These three weren't dressed like the others in the alley. They were dressed similarly to the Dursleys, in crisp clean clothes. All three had brown hair. Though the young girl's was wild and bushy.

At the sound of the bell jingling as he caught the door and entered, all four turned and looked. The owner's eyes brightened, like Christmas had come early, and he stepped away from the other three towards Harry, "Ah I wondered when I would be seeing you Mr. Potter —" he began.

Harry, looking over the man's shoulder and seeing that the girl looked upset and dejected while her parents looked slightly angered at being ignored, cut him off, "Um — they were here before I was." The shop keeper, who Harry by this time guessed was Mr. Ollivander, stopped and looked behind him. Harry moved away from him, looking around and spotted some chairs near the entrance of the shop, and said, "I'll just wait over hear until you've finished with them."

Mr. Ollivander looked back to him, "Well if you're quite sure?" Harry saw the adults with the girl were now looking at him a little strangely, but with a relaxed and grateful gaze. Harry watched as Mr. Ollivander retrieved a measuring tape from the counter and went to the girl. "Now which is your wand arm?" he asked her. She seemed a little shy as she extended her right arm. She jumped a little as the tape started taking measurements all on its own and in no particular semblance of order. While this was going on Mr. Ollivander started gathering different boxes from stacks and shelves in a seemingly random order.

He came back to the girl as the tape clattered to the floor. He picked it up and tossed it back on the counter, then turned and began opening boxes and putting wands into her hand and snatching them out when nothing happened when she waved them. Fifteen minutes and eight wands later, red sparks shot from the end the moment it was placed in her hand. "Ah, there we are, vine, ten and three quarter inches, dragon heartstring; should be excellent for charms work and not to bad for transfigurations as well."

Harry sat and continued to watch as the adults paid Mr. Ollivander for their daughter's wand. The girl looked at him then tugged her mothers sleeve and talked softly while tilting her head towards him. The girls mother looked back at him for a moment and nodded while smiling.

Harry was a little worried as she walked over to him. He did get a better look at her, as well as the bushy hair, she had large front teeth. The girl extended her arm saying, "Hello, my name's Hermione Granger and that is my mum, Jane and my dad, Evander. Are you going to Hogwart's as well?" As Harry took her hand to shake it neither noticed the quick blue glow that surrounded them, but they felt the momentary buzz as their hands connected.

"Um, my name's Harry, Harry Potter. What was that?" he said releasing her hand quickly.

"I'm not sure. But earlier today when I was in the bookstore I read in one of the books I found that sometimes when two magical people shake hands they can actually feel the other's magic," she replied.

"Really, that's cool," said Harry.

The two kids were interrupted by the two adults. "Hi we're Hermione's parents, Jane and Evander," said the man.

Harry shook both of their hands then Hermione interjected, "Mum, dad, this is Harry Potter. This will be his first year at Hogwarts as well."

"Well it's nice to meet you Harry. Sorry about earlier, we didn't mean to scare you with the looks we shot you. But, before you came in a rather rude group of people barged into the store and cut in front of us. And we thought it was going to happen again," Jane said. Harry nodded, it must have been the man that stormed out earlier.

"Are you waiting on your parents here Harry?" asked Hermione. Harry's face fell a little.

"Um, no. My parents died when I was a baby," replied Harry.

Hermione immediately started to apologize, "I'm so sorry to bring it up Harry —"

Harry cut her off, "It's okay, you couldn't have known, we just met. Anyway, I live with my aunt and uncle who hate magic, by the way. The school sent someone to help me get ready, and right now he's taking care of something else."

Hermione smiled. "Well, the school sent a teacher to help us as well. She explained things to us and then brought us here to shop. We're supposed to meet her later in the Leaky Cauldron before we head home," explained Hermione.

Harry was going to respond when Mr. Ollivander cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me, but I need to get Mr. Potter fitted with his wand."

Hermione turned to her mother, "Can we wait here with Harry until his teacher comes back?" Both her parents nodded and they sat down as Harry got up and stepped forward holding out his right arm.

Mr. Ollivander began the process again. As he searched and took boxes from the shelves and stacks he talked a bit. "I remember when your mother and father bought their first wands. Your father's was mahogany, eleven inches, wonderful for transfiguration work. While your mother's was —" he trailed off and stopped pulling things for the shelves, "Hhmmm, now that I think about it your mother had a similar wand to young Miss Granger here. The length was different but same type of wood and core, vine and dragon heartstring. I think we can expect good work from her in the same areas." He went back to pulling.

It took longer this time, Harry didn't know how long it had taken. There was a rather large pile of wands that had been tried. "Ah, tricky customer, not to worry, we'll find your wand," he said before walking back deep into the shop. He emerged a little while later carrying a couple of boxes but stopped short at one shelf. He looked over and it and said, "I wonder," before grabbing another box and coming back to Harry. He sat down the other boxes and opened the last one he'd picked up.

When he placed it in Harry's hand, not only did red sparks shoot out but a glow surrounded Harry for a moment. "Woah," Harry heard himself and Hermione say at the same time.

"Curious, very curious," said Mr. Ollivander.

Harry looked up at him, "What's curious?"

"I remember every want I've ever sold Mr. Potter. It just so happens that the Phoenix who's tail feather makes up the magical core of your wand, gave another feather — just one other. It is curious you should be destined for this wand when it's brother — gave you that scar," answered Ollivander pointing to the lightning bolt scar on Harry's head.

Harry swallowed and looked up at the elderly shop keeper, "And who owned that wand?"

"Oh, we do not speak his name. The wand chooses the wizard Mister Potter, it's not always clear why. But, I think what is clear is that we can expect great things from you. After all He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things — terrible, yes, but great," came Ollivander's answer and explanation.

Harry paid for his wand and turned towards the door to retrieve his things. There was a tapping on the window of the shop. Harry looked up and the Grangers turned. Hagrid was standing outside the shop holding up a cage with a beautiful snow white owl. "Hey Harry, happy birthday!" he exclaimed excitedly.

The Grangers followed him out and Harry introduced them to Hagrid. They, like Harry, were at first surprised by Hagrid's enormous size. While Harry and Hermione fussed over the owl, the other two Grangers talked with Hagrid. He informed them that Professor McGonagall had finished her errand and was up at the Leaky Cauldron waiting on them. The four walked up the street to the Cauldron and went inside.

This time there were fewer patrons in the pub. Harry was introduced to a tall witch who wore a bit of tartan in her robes and spoke with a Scottish accent. She wore her hair up in a tight bun and had a rather intense look about her. Seeing Harry with a group including Hagrid and Minvera McGonagall the other patrons stayed back and let them have their space.

The Grangers and McGonagall decided to eat lunch with Harry and Hagrid, before finishing their shopping. Harry and Hermione listened as the Grangers asked all sorts of questions of Hagrid and McGonagall, Harry was thankful because some of the questions were things he hadn't thought to ask but had wanted to know the answers to. How to get onto the Platform at King's Cross being one of them.

Harry also listened while Hermione talked about her primary school and some of the fantastic things that had happened that she now knew was her performing accidental magic. He told her a few stories of his own, careful to leave out anything about how abusive the Dursleys were. He didn't want to bring any more trouble from them his way.

After lunch, McGonagall led all of them over to Flourish and Blotts to buy Harry and Hermione's school books. Harry quickly found out that Hermione loved books. They all laughed when her parents said they would have to plan an all day trip later that summer just so Hermione could look through every book in the place. Harry was stunned to find that they had an entire section of shelves devoted to books about him. He declined getting any to read, and convinced Hermione not to get any either, something bothered him about the situation.

There was an entire section on Dragons, which caused Hagrid to mention his desire to have one. There were several books on each subject they were to study, and Hermione bought a few extra. Harry would have like to get a book of curses to try out on his cousin, but the presence of Professor McGongall made him rethink the idea.

They ended their shopping day by getting each student a cauldron and then heading to the Apothecary for some potion ingredients. Back in the Leaky Cauldron as the two groups prepared to go their separate ways, Hermione pulled Harry to the side.

"On September first, let's meet up at King's Cross so we can sit together on the train. Try and have your aunt and uncle drop you off between nine-thirty and ten in the morning," she told him.

Harry agreed and then he and Hagrid headed off back to Privet Drive, while the Grangers and McGonagall left for the Granger's home in Windsor.