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Silence surrounded the room as Yukimura turned around from his argument with Kanou about his being girly, only to be greeted by stares that were screaming at him to become stronger.

"Just wait and see. I'll become more manly!" He yelled. "I'll aim to be the man among men!"

"Okay! I'll carry the rest of the documents myself." Yukimura declared as he ran out the door to get the rest of the documents. Disbelieving stares met his outburst along with Kanou chasing after him shouting that he would help him, even though Yukimura was vehemently denying he needed any help.

Misaki sat there contemplating the favor she owed to Usui before realizing that it had been 10 minutes and neither Yukimura nor Kanou had returned with the documents she had requested. Becoming increasingly worried she decided to go check on them to make sure they had not gotten stuck in the documents room since the door sometimes jammed, even to the point where she had trouble with it. She just hoped that was the case and that Yukimura hadn't gotten hurt trying to carry all those documents by himself. Grabbing her keys she walked out into the hallway quickly, increasingly glad that all students (except a few lolly-gaggers and those in the student council) had gone home. It made it easier for her to navigate the hallways, successfully making it to the storage room in less than a minute.

A wrinkle graced her forehead as she jiggled the handle and found that the door was locked and not jammed. Misaki's confusion only grew as she thought she heard what sounded like groans of pain coming from behind the door. Figuring that possibly Yukimura had accidently locked the door on his way in, she debated whether to open the door or not, knowing it could easily be unlocked from the inside. The next thought that crossed her mind after remembering the groan of pain she'd heard was that somehow Yukimura had managed to incapacitate both himself and Kanou if neither had opened the door or come to get her.

Time seemed to slow as Misaki put the key in to the lock and turned the door handle, slowly opening the door. She opened it only a small amount before the sight in the room connected with her brain causing her to quickly pull the door back so only a sliver of a crack remained in order to confirm what she had just bore witness to.

The half naked bodies of Yukimura and Kanou were pressed close to each other as Kanou ran his lips along Yukimuras' jawline. The larger teens' hand making jerking motions inside Yukimuras' boxers, making him groan in pleasure. She couldn't believe her eyes, this was obviously some sort of trick being played on her, sure everyone on the student council joked about Yukimura being like a girl but nobody had ever expected him to really swing towards guys. For that matter the thought of Kanou liking other men had never crossed their minds, even if he was nervous around girls they had all assumed he was to shy to talk with them, after all he still blushed around them.

Now here she was witnessing a heated moment between her two friends. A romance she was sure they didn't want discovered considering the door had been locked. Misaki attempted to tear herself away from the scene in front of her but the sight of the two bodies writhing in pleasure kept her glued to the spot. Kanou by this time had removed Yukimuras' boxers, a shift in his position and he was now laying pressed against Yukimuras' slim body as they thrust their hips together. A warm presence at her back shocked her out of the trance she was in and with a startled gasp she whirled around coming face to face with none other than Usui.

"So what has the Kaichou in such a fluster this time around?" Usui asked leaning over her shoulder to get a better look into the room. His eyes widened slightly in surprise at the sight of Kanou now licking and nipping his way down a very flustered Yukimuras' chest.

"I didn't know you were into peeping Ayuzawa." Usui breathed huskily into her ear.

"I wasn't peeping! I heard groaning coming from the room and was checking to make sure everything was alright." Misaki replied indignantly.

"You know we should leave. This has nothing to do with us and they obviously don't want to be seen since the door was locked."

"For once you're right.… Wait! How did you know the door was locked?"



"I was at the window"

A loud, lusty moan suddenly erupted from the room behind Misaki which had her whipping around to press her eye to the crack in the doorway once more, only to blush bright red at the sight that met her eyes. Kanou had moved lower down Yukimuras' body and was now sucking on his erection, one of his hands had disappeared somewhere between the small teens' legs while the other was fondling one of Yukimuras' nipples. Usui was once more leaning over her shoulder staring at the two lovers before gently reminding her that this was a private moment between the two and they should be leaving. Misaki hesitated for a moment before quietly shutting and locking the door once more.

Misakis' thoughts wandered, as she closed the door, to how hard it was to admit being in love with someone and what it took to stand together through all the hardships one might face. It was in this moment she realized that if Yukimura and Kanou, who would face greater negativity towards their relationship than she ever would, could realize and proclaim their love for each other then she should be able to confidently tell Usui how she felt towards him. Strengthening her resolve to finally accept Usuis' advances she ran towards him determined to catch up and finally put an end to the ridiculous cat and mouse game they'd been playing.

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