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****Time relapse to Kanou and Yukimura exiting the student council office.****

Kanou followed a depressed Yukimura into the documents room trying to lift the teen's spirits after the entire student council had basically called him a girl. With Kanou making the mistake as they were walking out of the student council room to comment once again that he gave off a girly aura. It was Kanou's statement that pushed Yukimura over the edge causing him to fall deeper into his depression over the fact that he believed everyone thought him weak and inefficient at physical tasks. Trying to calm him, Kanou went to pull Yukimura into a hug only to have Yukimura's mood suddenly turn sour as he stomped over to the large pile of documents sitting on the table determined to pick them all up at once, a task at which he was miserably failing. Sighing Kanou slowly made his way over to Yukimura and quickly wrapped his arms around the smaller teen to still his motions so the precariously stacked pile of documents would not fall on the teen as he struggled to lift them.

"Leave me alone Soutarou. I don't want your pity." he said with tears in his voice.

"You know I don't see you as a girl, Shouichirou, I see you as a strong capable man, your strengths just don't happen to be in the physical area." Kanou breathed into his ear.

"You're just saying that so I won't be mad at you any more."

"No, I just can't stand seeing your sad face. I love you as you are." Kanou said, sincerity lacing his voice.

"Really? Do you really love me the way I am?" Yukimura questioned as he turned in Kanou's arms, tear stains streaked his cheeks, bright eyes stared into soft emotion filled ones.

"Yes." He answered without hesitation.

Kanou's voice turned husky as he whispered sweat nothings into Yukimura's ear; his hand moved lower to cup Yukimura's groin, massaging it. Hoping to relieve some of the stress that was plaguing his lover's body by giving him pleasure to focus on instead of the depressing thoughts that still plagued the smaller teen's mind as seen by his tense expression.

Yukimura let out a breathy moan at the contact of his lover's hand on his growing erection; Kanou began to massage the member through the smaller teen's clothing. While he was still depressed over the fact that Kanou had said his aura was girly, he knew that the anger and sadness would soon be washed away by Kanou's comforting arms and kind words. As Kanou's conformation of his love for the older teen resounded in his mind, Yukimura felt himself being lulled into a euphoric state. The small teen's excited state was soon pushed to the edge as Kanou's mouth ravaged his own while the younger teen's large hands began to unbutton Yukimura's shirt. The smaller teen's own hands made their way to the hem of Kanou's sweater slowly tugging the offending article of clothing along with the under shirt up and over his lover's head.

The next article of clothing to Kanou worked on removing from Yukimura's lithe body were his pants. The taller teen trailed sweet kisses down his face and jawline before nipping gently at Yukimura's neck making the teen release a breathy moan. As Kanou was devouring Yukimura's neck the teen let out a sigh and began to speak in a small voice.

"Soutarou, I wish we didn't have to hide our relationship. I wish we could be who we are without the prejudice our school would throw at us." Yukimura whispered to Kanou; tears in his voice.

"Maybe we don't have to keep it a complete secret. We could tell our close friends. I'm sure Misaki and Usui wouldn't look at us any differently for telling them. They might even appreciate the sentiment of us telling them." Kanou whispered into Yukimura's ear while trailing kisses along Yukimura's jawline.

The larger teen's hand made its way down Yukimura's lithe body. Fingers played lightly with the waist band of Yukimura's boxers before slipping into them and rubbing along Yukimura's hardened length. His fingers gently played with Yukimura's balls as his thumb rubbed up and down the small teen's cock. Yukimura arched into Kanou, his hand fisting into the younger's hair pulling him up into a deep kiss. Kanou's hand began making jerking movements in Yukimura's boxers, while his other hand rubbed along Yukimura's neck and chest. The small uke let out a few pleasurable whimpers that sent Kanou over the edge with lust and love.

Looking down at the beautiful form that was his lover, Kanou slowly began to pull off Yukimura's boxers before discarding his own. Leaning in for a deep kiss Kanou pressed his body against Yukimura's so their erections would rub together. The larger teen made slow thrusting movements as his hand wandered down to wrap around both his and Yukimura's members. Yukimura was now letting out low, lusty groans at the pleasure Kanou was giving him. The feeling was intensified even more when Kanou softly whispered in his ear that he loved him more than anything in the world. The quiet seme nipped and licked his way down Yukimura's neck and chest, stopping for a bit to pay special attention to Yukimura's pert nipples.

The small teen let out a loud, lusty moan as Kanou moved lower down his body to suck on his erection. Kanou's other hand appeared near Yukimura's mouth, which prompted the small teen to take the fingers of into his mouth gently swirling his tongue around them, making sure to thoroughly to coat them in saliva. Soon the hand was removed from the older teen's mouth and made its way down his back towards Yukimura's small opening.

Yukimura tensed slightly at the single digit's intrusion into his body, but soon relaxed as Kanou moved his finger around loosening the small teen up. Kanou loved the feeling of Yukimura arching into him, and moaning Kanou's name, when the younger teen's finger prodded the sensitive bundle of nerves. Soon another finger was entering; while Knaou's other hand found Yukimura's neglected nipple, pinching and tweaking the hardened nub. Yukimura was in a state of ecstatic bliss from Kanou's ministrations and whined pitifully when Kanou removed his mouth from Yukimura's cock to kiss his way back up to the small teens mouth before whispering gently into his ear.

"I love you Shouichirou. More than anything in the world and I'll do anything to please you. I'm sorry for teasing you earlier."

Yukimura moaned in response before breathily declaring he loved Kanou also and forgave the quiet teen for teasing him. Kanou then slowly removed his fingers before positioning himself in front of Yukimura's entrance and slowly pushing in. The larger teen passionately kissed Yukimura to distract him from the pain. Once fully sheathed in the smaller teen, Kanou waited a few moments, kissing the tears from Yukimuras' eyes before gazing lovingly into them silently asking for permission to continue. Yukimura nodded slowly at his lover in silent assent. With that small shake of the other teen's head Kanou began to move.

Bliss. That was the only thought Yukimura was able to process as Kanou began to thrust into him, the larger teen angling his cock to hit the smaller teens prostate with every thrust. Yukimura's pleasure was intensified as Kanou reached between their thrashing bodies to grab hold of the older teen's member, jerking it in rhythm with the pounding of their bodies.

Bliss. That was the only though Kanou was able to process as he thrust into the teen's body hitting his small lover's prostate with each movement. Kanou kissed is lover endearingly as they moaned their pleasure over the lovemaking. The larger teen moaned louder as he heard his lover's moans increase as he reached between their bodies to take Yukimura's pulsing member in his hand, stroking it.

Both teens came to their release soon after Kanou took hold of Yukimura's member, with Yukimura calling out Kanou's name as his muscles contracted around Kanou's cock causing the taller teen to also reach his release. Spilling his seed into the shorter teen Kanou lovingly whispered Yukimura's name into the older teens ear as the after shocks of their releases wracked their bodies.

They lay for a while in each other's arms, before Kanou reached over grabbing his discarded undershirt to clean them up, paying careful attention to Yukimura as the teen was still weak from their previous exertions. After slowly cleaning up both teens lay in each other's arms for awhile longer, then Kanou placed a chaste kiss on Yukimura's lips and stood to retrieve their discarded clothing. The lovers slowly got dressed, Kanou stuffing his dirtied shirt into his pant's pocket before slipping his ever present sweater on. Both teens gave each other loving looks as Kanou reached to open the door; Yukimura stopped him, having suddenly remembered they were suppose to have taken some documents back to Misaki.

"Soutarou! Yukimura exclaimed, "We forgot to take the rest of the documents to Misaki, she's going to kill us."

"Don't worry Shouichirou, we'll just take a load each since it's the end of the day she'll probably send us home." Kanou said reassuringly.

With that said both teens grabbed a stack of paper, Kanous' being slightly larger but saying nothing, as he was sure Yukimura was still recovering from their previous activities. Slowly they made their way towards the student council room relishing in the moment they had alone together before rejoining the throng of people in the room. Kanou opened the door for Yukimura to walk through, following close behind and setting the stacks of documents on the desks nearest Misaki. Turning to leave Yukimura announced to Misaki that they were going home now, taking note of the curious blush that seemed to grace her features, and the way Usui seemed to perch on the side of her desk without complaint from the council president. Waving goodbye to everyone the two lovers took their leave, looking forward to tomorrow and the revelations it would bring.


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