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i. relationship





"What are we?"

"What kind of question is this?"

"You and I."

"Of course, we're best friends!"

"Best friends and nothing more?"

"Well, maybe something... more?"

"Then I assume we're dating."


"You heard me."

"Sora, I think—no, I'm sure something is wrong with you today."

"Nothing is wrong and I mean it."

"But what? How? I mean you want the other to stop teasing us?—"

"Don't panic."

"—or you're just teasing me?—"

"Taichi, I wish you could see the look on your face now."

"—and I thought you like someone else—"



"I like you."



"Fine, but we're not dating—"






"You know that I love you, right?"

"I know."

"So feel like starting now?"




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