v. problem



"Now, you make me dizzy and you've been wasting our time for.. well, half an hour."

"I don't!"

"Oh, you don't? Stop pacing then."

"I can't! Hikari is going on a date with Takeru! How can I sit still?"

"Taichi, you're exaggerating."

"She is my little sister and they're going on a date!"

"They're best friends too."

"But Hikari is too young to do something like this!"

"She is fifteen."

"What if something happens to her?"

"Takeru-kun can protect her. Don't talk like you didn't know him."

"What if Takeru doesn't love her? If he breaks her heart I swear I will kill—"

"Takeru-kun loves Hikari-chan and you know it like I know."

"What if he hurts her?"

"Taichi, now I have no idea what is your problem."

"What if they kiss?"


"What if—"



"LISTEN! carefully."

"But Sora—"

"We're best friends! We're dating since we're fourteen! And nothing happens to me when I'm with you! Oh, except we kiss."



"But that's—"

"Takeru loves Hikari! And don't you dare say that it's different! Because it means you don't love me."


"No 'but'! So you don't love me, huh?"

"NO! I love you!"

"And now, do you still have a problem with them?"

"Uh, no, ..I guess?"

"Yagami Taichi, I swear, If you still—"

"W-Wait! I mean 'No, I don't'!"

"Good. Then stop being an overprotective big brother and help me with this stupid English project already!"




notes : I'm Takari fan and I think Sora is the only one who can handle the annoying Taichi like this. Hope you enjoyed! =)