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Full Plot:Wonderland is once more free from tyranny of the now exiled queen and her knave, but at a great personal cost to Alice who walks away from her adventure with child. Eight years later, she is called back, but Alice won't be the first Kingsley who falls through the rabbit hole a second time… Back in Under-land, alone, Alice desperate to find her daughter seeks the help of her band of familiar friends and chums. Together, they must find her daughter before she unwittingly falls deeper into a plot none of them could have possibly predicted.



And maybe more along the way.

Rating: PG13 or T for implications of sex (lime), and adventure/fantasy warfare.

Bread Crumbs
By Imperfect Paradise

Hurry back across the path, before they vanish away…

Or else in be lured to a strange little house, where you will take indefinite stay.


Chapter 1
Blue Caterpillar


-that little harlot.

and she believes herself to be do noble—but she's nothing but a little tramp.

That child of hers looks no good either.

That little girl—she has almost a monstrous visage to her.

Perfectly dreadful, the both of them.

Whilst preceding to the board the latest ship that would allow her to commute to her latest endeavor, Alice Kingsley held herself up as best she could, careful not to let the words of the London townsfolk pierce her in any unsavory way—

—While carefully holding within her arms, that which others had commonly and shamelessly referred to as a burden, a travesty, a sin against the way things should be, that took the form of a small girl that in Alice's mind the phrase 'miracle' would have come off as quite short in describing her. Abigail Kingsley or "Abby" almost two full years now and lay sound asleep within her mother's arms, her head resting on Alice's shoulder and her fingers tangled in her golden curly locks. Alice smiled broadly, and kissed the child on her own locks, that were starting to develop and practically conquer the toddler's head, as she nestled deeper into her mother's comforting embrace.

Her mother had insisted on leaving the child at home with her (she may be stern, but she insisted she would be a dutiful grand mother), but Alice would not due such a thing. Though Helen Kingsley would have done her part well (Alice had absolutely no doubt there), there were other elements that Alice could simply not control.

For one, leaving the child near the elements that while didn't effect her personally—to an impressionable youth however, the scandalous gossip and undignified chatter that had practically surrounded her community now a days could strike such a deadly blow to her little daughter. One that Alice never wanted her exposed to.

Second, there was the possibility of being separated from her daughter for indefinite periods of time—the sea and the trade routes that Alice took regular part in was unpredictable at best. She could easily be swept away by the current, held up by pirates or rebels, an accidental canon blast or an unintentional hit of a nearby reef could easily make travel impossible. She already couldn't bare a week without her child… how was being stranded, kidnapped or killed going to help her family's situation?

But then there was the other part that worried her above all else.


I'm falling… down a dark hole…


She had woken up several times to hear her daughter crying. All within the late hours of the night. Placing on a robe, and slippers, she rushed for the nursery and leaned over the crib, bringing Abby into her arms.


Then I see strange creatures…

What kind of creatures?


She did the usual routine… She checked for a fever, a rash or hives of some sort, a possible letting of gas through the mouth, an upset tummy—anything that could have shown some physical sign of a problem.

But everything time she did this, nothing seemed to come to her attention. Her stomach was working, her forehead was cool, and her bottom did not need to be powdered. Her daughter was perfectly fine.


There's a dodo bird… a rabbit in a waste coat… a smiling cat…

I didn't know cats could smile.

Neither could I.


The fourth time this happened her mother accompanied her to the infant's cradle while, clutching a lit candle in her hand, observing the baby. Though she too was concerned at first, like her daughter, she too found nothing physically wrong with Abby. But as Alice continued to worry, her mother smiled and reassured her daughter. "

"I am sure she is fine, Alice…"

Alice looked at her mother, still concerned, "But Momma, this is fourth night she been crying… what if she's really ill, shouldn't we call a doctor just to be safe?"

Helen should her head and concluded, "Don't be silly—in the late hours like these, with the wind and rain outside, she's probably just had a bad dream of sorts." She then placed a hand on her daughter shoulder and said, "But that's okay, because you are going to sing her a lullaby, and she's going to fall right back asleep in your arms." With that, she snuffed out the candle and walked back to her room, leaving Alice alone with her daughter.

Alice hesitantly and carefully lifted up Abby, and brought her close. Abby's cries had reduced to hiccups and as soon as Alice started humming softly, her tears stilled and she nuzzled into her mother's warmth, falling completely asleep in the process.

Alice smiled, loving her daughter dearly, and moved back over to the cradle to set her back inside, when something blue and quick caught her eye.


-And there's… a blue caterpillar.


Alice spun around immediately, breaking her daughter's slumber in the process, who on cue started whimpering once more. Alice didn't miss it… a butterfly in a sapphire blue color fluttered right back out the window, and disappeared into the mists of London, Alice watching as it did.

Hearing her daughter's cries, but not yet comforting her, Alice felt her skin grow cold.

Couldn't be… she thought. She then looked down at her daughter, whose pale hazel eyes were fresh with new tears and looked deep into them.

Within the eyes she could clear as day a memory that she swore she would never forget again. She saw herself fall down the rabbit hole, saw the land that lay miles below her feet. The land where everything was upside down, where flowers talked like people up here, where animals bore clothes and trinkets and scuttled about a human's life. A Land where people who appeared sane were hardly so, some dangerously not so. The land of wonder, mystery and harmful elements that coincided between each and every one of the pieces that made up of the sum of its parts. She remembered the good times, the bad times, the joyful times, and… that… time…

She started shaking slightly, unintentionally adding to the discomfort of her infant as she remembered that cold pale eye, with raven like locks falling across the pointed scarred face of the man who showed her no mercy of any kind. The arms that trapped her, and his warm breath that leaned as close as it could into her face.


I like you, Um… I like… -largeness.


As Alice felt herself pale in that memory, one ear piercing sound of her infant eventually brought her back to her senses, and she once more became determined with the comforting of her child. She rocked her within her arms, planting kisses every now and then, until she was able to gently lay her back down and wrap her softly in her wool and silk covered blankets.

She then looked out the window once more, and feared of what was happening. That there could very well be a possibly, that they would be called back to Under-land soon. And if that were to happen… she looked over towards her daughter, now sleeping quietly while bundled her rolled up quilts with a smile on her features.

Breaking away from the memory, Alice nonchalantly boarded the ship, the bumps of the docking ramp waking her daughter, who looked upon the sparkle of the sea before her, and in response, let out a toddler's delighted giggle. Hearing this, a smile formed on Alice's face that not even the worst insult at that time could have turned it into a frown. Laughing slightly, she placed Abby on her shoulders, lifting her up so she could see the world around them. She smiled and said, "What do you think, Abby—isn't it beautiful?"

Her daughter in response let out a squeal of delight, which broadened the smile on Alice's bright features.

It was okay, she thought. She's with me, will always be with me… we'll have our own adventures, our own lives together and our own little stories to tell.

The fact of the matter was that after the visit from that familiar and now unwanted face, she could no longer allow herself to journey back to Under-land. As much as she missed her friends and allies, she was now needed more than ever before. Abby couldn't not live a joyful life without her, and no tea parties, celebrations and happy reunions could ever pull her away from the care of her daughter. While she would take it upon herself to raise her daughter properly (or, at least by her definition of proper) and rear her for the sake of her happiness.—she would never go back. Not while Abby was with her. It was not because she didn't want her daughter to see the wonder, the magic and beauty of the strange exotic world that hardly anyone knew existed. Not to have adventures unparalleled even to those made by most people who lived above. In fact, under other circumstances, she wouldn't have hesitated to go as far to push her own child down the hole herself and jump right in after her.

But it was another matter entirely. After Absolum's recent appearance, it was clear that Under-land was undergoing something rather unscrupulous once more. But was frightened Alice the most, was the fact that it was calling to both her and her daughter in sync.

She knew one thing. She had to go away, with her daughter, as far as they could go. For as God as her witness, Abby was never going to meet her father, and Alice was never going to look in the eye of Ilosovic Stayne ever again. For if they did… there would be no escape for either of them.


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