Race to the Finish.

Tru's heels tapped loudly as she walked out into the unloading area to meet her boss. 'What have you got for me?' She asked, but Davis only kept his head down and did not speak until they were in the examination room. 'Davis…?' Tru was concerned at the quietness of her boss. His voice was almost incoherent when he spoke. 'Tru, I'm so sorry. Well I'm not really sorry but I don't know, its just…..' He was babbling on, like he always does when he is nervous. His eyes never turned off the body bag that was sitting unopened in the middle of the large room.

Tru was scared, but she had no idea why. Without another word Tru went and ripped open the body bag. She gasped, having no idea what to feel. It was like her whole world suddenly crashed around her. What she lived for was no longer. Davis decided to leave her in peace, which was good because she did not want him to see her cry.

The race was finished.

It was almost unbelievable that he was gone. For hours she sat next to him and wept. She didn't know why. Why should she care? They had known each others for years but never had any sort of relationship. Unless you count absolute and pure hate as some sort of relationship, which Tru didn't. Of course, she was only speaking for herself. She had no idea what he thought. After her tears were finally dry and she was convinced he would not ask her for help, she began to pack up. She had just put on her jacket when something made her jump. A movement on the examination table. He turned his head and their eyes locked. He was staring at her unblinkingly.

'Tru.' Jack whispered to her. 'Help me.'