"All-right." James had taken his position as leader as all of the remainding Phoenix fighters were collected at mid January as people had come back to school to resume education. "We have decided, all those whom are muggle-born or have another reason to hide will be given the option." he stated. "The locations for where we hide these people are confidential so you'll have to come to me, Sirius or Remus to be placed." James told. "this is done to make sure there wont be any leaks, it's not because I don't want to trust you all, but the individual safety is that important to me." He stated. "If you are ever afraid that some of the death-eaters or so ford are out for you, do not hesitate." James stated.

"He really is the born leader." Lieve remarked from where she sat with Remus's arm around her shoulder.

"He's always been like that." Remus told in a slight smile.

"Lily right here, are one of the people whom is hiding within the castle." James told. "Which is why she wont leave this room when you people go, and wont be found unless she wants to be found."

Lily nodded as she sat holding a certain rat, a rat they now kept on calling Racles, his real identity remained a secret among the marauders, and they kept him close.

"And we have some-one back with us." Sirius then proclaimed as he stood by James's right shoulder, as he always did. "I'm sure you all, all-ready have notice our little love-sick forest-troll." He gestured at Lieve whom blushed deeply.

"Aye, I left Regulus and Severus between Christmas and new-year." She told the rest of the phoenix fighters sitting around on the floor, whom honestly had been starring for quite a long time. "And they were both in good health when I last saw them." She assured in a smile. "Severus is strong, he'll take good care of himself, there is no way any dark lord would get to him." She told. "And Regulus is stronger than you should think, he even taught me how to do a patronus." She told in a smile before flickering her wand whispering a soft "expecto patronus."

To let the silver badger land on the floor. "I found the secret." Lieve told to the others in a slight smile "It's not about the memory it's about the emotion connected to the memory.. it's about that feeling, that when ya think about it, it'll just get right to you! It can be so strong that's it's scary, and it can hurt, but that's what's makes it so strong." She told leaning forward. "How I remember how me dad used to play around with me, how silly he could be, and no matter what happened, he would always just be there." She sighed deeply as the badger on itself started to glow deeper and warmer. "How I know there's people here that wants me to be here.. it warms me heart, and it hurts me cause it's so fragile, that what makes the patronus strong, it also hurts because part of me knows that me dad wont be coming back, and I know I could loose what I have now, it hurts a lot, but that just makes it stronger, ye'll need to embrace all of it." She told as the badger glowed on. "Dinnae force it, but just.. remember the good things. It may hurt cause you lost it, but the last thing ya should do is pushing it away, first when you embraced the pain and the happiness, is yer emotion strong enough." She told and at last cancelled the incarnation.

James hesitated as he held out his own wand, looking speculating at it, then he closed his eyes and spoke himself. "Expecto Patronus." And out of his wand, came a larger silver bear, James grinned by the sight. "I don't believe it!" he exclaimed. "It worked!"

"Exspecto Patronus!" Sirius shouted and out of his wand shoot a big grim dog, looking peculiar much like his animagus self, and Sirius grinned in happiness over the revelation.

"Exspecto patronus!" Several other people now started trying.. some still failed, and didn't succeed in any-thing but clouds of silver, but others.. others succeeded. Diane laughed as she played around with her hawk, a silver fox zoomed through Lily's legs, in the air a rabbit was floating around on its own accord.

"what about ye?" Lieve asked leaning against her boy-friend. "wont you even try?" she asked Remus.

"Njah, I'll know how it'll turn out any-way." Remus sighed resting an arm over Lieve shoulder. "I'll never learn how to cast a patronus."

"Never?" Lieve asked. "So what ye are saying are that you can never be truly happy?" she asked turning around to look up at him meeting his eyes.

"There'll always be that tiny shadow in what-ever happiness I have I'm afraid." Remus sighed. "But if it helps, I am very close right now." He told in a warm smile dragging her in.

Defeated Lieve sighed and decided just to go with his wishes for now.

"Ready to go?" Severus asked surveying the group of people he had before him.

The group were as following, Regulus, Andrea, Evelyn, Emma O'Hara and the two lupins.

"As you are all well aware being so many people collected was a risk to begin with, there-fore the order re-locates people whom doesn't have a reason to stay around any-longer, I have been tasked with the re-location, so you wili follow me, you will not question me, you will not run off and you'll do every-thing I say." Severus snapped.

Regulus lifted an eye-brow. "Yeah I think we got it around now." he told. "You've only told us a hundred times." He stated as he rolled his eyes.

"Did I mention to watch your mouth?" Severus barged back at him.

"Every-single day Lieve was still with us." Regulus told. "And say what you will, but at least she was fun company." He at last stated in a shake of his head.

Severus shook his head. "As apparation can be traced we will walk for a couple of days." He told. "We cannot have any-one noticing that there have been many apparations out of this exact location. Come on." He gestured as he wandered out in the bitter cold air of February.

Finally the snow had smelted enough for the british mountain terrain to be doable when walking, but that was not saying much, it was still wet and it was still very very cold.

Regulus had been learning from the last time around, and had traded his quite frankly lazed old high quality silver-bucketed black wizard boots with a far more practical pair, they had also scheduled thair departure after the moon cycle so that Evelyn could transform while being under the influence of Wolfe-banes only two days ago, and that gave them thirty days to move on without worry before the full-moon that would happen early March.

"Is he always like this?" Sarah at last whispered to Regulus as they had wandered around. "Remus always spoke so highly of him in the vacation and in his letters."

Regulus shrugged a bit defeated. "Remus is a very polite guy." He responded.

Sarah smiled lightly at Regulus. "It's so nice he managed to get so many good friends in spite of his problem." She told softly. "Thank you."

"It's nothing, he isn't even really my friend, just some-one I happen to know." Regulus waved her off, first as she had turned back to her husband did Regulus back-track that sentence. Wait what problem? But then he shrugged again, it probably wasn't that important, if it was he would have known.

"Regulus." This time it was Mrs. O'Hara adressing him.

"Yes Mrs. O'Hara." Regulus responded pleasently, in a slight nod and smile.

"Please, call me Emma." Mrs. O'Hara responded. "I was just wondering, now that we are going to walk like this for a couple of days, would you mind telling me what is up with my daughter? How did you two become friends?" she asked.

"Basically she beat some sense into my head… very literately." Regulus grunted lightly touching his nose as if it would still hurt after all that time, since she had beat him straight on it. "Then we faced mortal danger together a couple of times, turned the war up-side down, walked around the English country side for a couple of weeks completely alone, and I guess that sort of made us bond."

Emma blinked as she looked at Regulus.

"Urh, we are the same year at Hogwarts so we share a lot of classes." Regulus then at last told looking forward, walking a bit quicker to catch up with Severus.

"What do you mean they are gone?" Yaxley roared as he and spinner stormed through the hall-way.

"What I said, I went to get the little mud-bloods, and they were gone!" Spinner tried to explain as the two teachers walked down the hall-way.

Right behind the armor they had just passed stood Lily together with the hufflepuff girl they were searching for, the one with fluffy hair and amber eyes, Leila. "Your all-right?" Lily asked the hufflepuff.

Leila nodded. "What now?" she whispered.

"Now we'll get you to one of our hide-outs." Lily whispered back. "We'll just go to the nearest for now," she told as she showed the girl way into a room, where three others were laying around on madras's on the floor."

"What makes you so sure we wont be captured again?" Leila suddenly asked as she turned around towards Lily. "Like with the atronomity tower."

"We had a leak." Lily told in a sigh. "But we found it, and we are more careful now." She conjured a madras for Leila. "We wont stand for this propaganda, but neither will we let people get hurt." Lily told firmly as she settled Leila in.

The wall opened behind Lily and in stepped James to inspect the house, a rat was sitting on his shoulder also observing all around. "You are doing a great job." James told Lily as she tired sat back.

"Thanks." Lily responded.

"But we can't keep them hidden away for ever like this." James sighed. "At some point they will be discovered, and then they'll be handed straight to the death-eaters. As well will you." He told.

"I know." Lily shook her head. "But what are we supposed to do?" she asked. "Keeping on pranking them can only give us that much, it's just an annoyance to them. It's keeping them angry and annoyed, but what does that gives us?" she asked concerned. "At this rate it would be better to just stop so we can be on the safe side."

James raised an eye-brow.

"What?" Lily asked in a frown.

"I'm just sorry, but I have gotten to know you as miss racing into action." James told frankly.

"If there is a point in doing it." Lily told back in a sigh. "I know I did it without thinking before, and I am sorry, I was desperate to do some-thing and then that some-thing ended up being a stupid thing to do."

James smiled lightly. "Don't think about it, that is the past and this is the present.. and in the present I have a question for you." He stated.

"Shoot." Lily invited.

"Are you on for rushing into some-thing really incredible stupid?" James asked.

Lily silenced, and then looked at James. "Depends on what it is." She then told honestly.

"Taking Hogwarts back." James stated firmly. "Think about, almost the entire school is afflicted with the phoenix fighters around now, a hundred capable young wizards, McGonagall is still the headmistress, they are two death-eaters here at all time, some-times a few more." He raised an eye-brow. "I say throw them out and close the gates. Send a message to the rest of the wizarding world that, Voldemort hasn't won yet. People are starting loosing hope, we have to send a message that we are indeed fighting."

"That would be incredible dangerous." Lily responded in a frown. "Voldemort would undoubtly try and re-take the school not to soon after"

James nodded. "But we'll be ready for that, Hogwarts is a fortress, so are you in?" he asked.

Lily hesitated slightly, looking at James. "It's irrational, rushing the action that could be avoided for a longer time, we need to be slyer than that, see the larger perspective and stay out of trouble." She listed making James eye-brows raise. "That is what Severus would say." Lily then explained.

"Oh, but what do you then say?" James asked.

"You have to promise me one thing James." Lily told sternly.

"Yes." James nodded.

"No one will get hurt." Lily then told sternly. "If you are in doubt, it's a no, and I mean no one." Lily stated surely. "Not you, not me, not a student, not a teacher, no one! Can you promise me that?" she asked.

"There is always a risk." James sighed. "But this time we'll have a plan, and all younger students, we will hide them, I don't think it'll be necessary, but I am going to take all pre-cautions in case those slimy death-eaters has some-thing up their sleeve."

Lily nodded. "Fine then." She sighed. "Then I will follow your lead." She assured.

"This could potentially get Severus out of hiding." James pointed in a slight smile.

"Oh forget about Sev." Lily sighed, a sentence that made James mouth drop open.

"You heard me, what is the use wasting time looking for him or trying to make him come out?" She asked. "he is out doing his own business, and when it's time for him to come back he'll come back." Lily told. "He has to come back on his own, otherwise it wont work! And he will."

"You're really that sure?" James asked.

"I am worried for him of cause." Lily sighed. "But there isn't any-thing I can do he would appreciate any-way, so I'll let him manage his own business, he can take care of himself, and he'll do what needs to be done, I believe in him." She told assuredly. "And when he comes back, because he will when the time is ready, we'll be here for him." Lily surely, making James take a deep breath as he smiled, assured by Lilys strong words and her conviction.

"Still compared to him, we aren't much use in a fight." James noted defeated. "But all-right."

"Njah, you are stronger than you think." Lily blinked at James.

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