"Never in my life Lily, never." Severus murmured as they wandered together through the warm hall ways, Severus with an arm around her shoulder and she smiling. "Could I ever have imagined actually being invited to Potters wedding."

"Sev, when are you going to start call him James?" Lily asked. "That is his name you know."

"When people stop calling me to get dumb things like this fixed." Severus responded.

"That is never going to happen." Lily lifted an eyebrow and then her eyes widened. "oh." smirking she shook her head. "Your impossible." she smiled. "Remember I am going with Lieve, Claire and Emmeline to plan Dianes bachelorette party Friday."

"I remember." Severus sighed. "I and Remus also decided to use that evening to be done with our experiment." he told. "Now that you and Lieve are out anyway."

"Oh that's great." Lily smiled as they reached the door. "So.." she hesitated. "Any idea why we were called in?" she asked.

"No." Severus answered. "the ministry just loves keeping their audience in suspense." he rolled his eyes as he opened the door.

"Ah, Severus! Lily!" McGonagall welcomed in light smile on the other side of the door. "Thank you for taking the time to come."

"Sir." Lily greeted.

"Please Lily." McGonagall frowned in a strict frown. "Call me McGonagall, I'm no longer your teacher."

"What is it Minerva?" Severus at last asked in a impatient tone.

McGonagall sighed, clearly deeply frustrated. "The ministry wanted to rub this off on me, said I should hide it on the school. But I don't want it, I just try to find out what else to do with it." She gestured towards a large item and pulled off the cloth which had covered it to reveal at food tall mirror. "I just assumed since you is what can only be considered an expert, you could have an idea what to do with this thing." McGonagall sighed. "It recently caused a lot of trouble, I personally thought it was may time just to destroy it but the department of mysteries refuses on the same note as not wanting to safe keep it, so what do we do?"

"The mirror of erise." Severus's eyebrows flew up. "

McGonagall sighed as she nodded her head. "Indeed." She murmured a little annoyed.

Curiously Lily moved closer to the mirror, as Severus's arm was still around her shoulder he ended up following. "Lily be careful." he instructed her. "That mirror can be dangerous."

Lily stopped up, and then looked up at him. "Not to dangerous is it?" she asked.

"Well.." Severus hesitated, and he looked up to see directly into the mirror, what he hadn't counted on however was that it was placed in a ankle that allowed him to see his own direct reflection and was now confronted by it, astounded Severus looked at it, blinking a couple of times, still with his arm around Lily he walked even closer to stand right in front of it. "Merlin." he whispered clutching Lily a little tighter.

"What is it?" Lily asked.

Severus swallowed trying to dry his throat. "The happiest most content man in the world, will see nothing but himself in the mirror, looking precisely as he does, no more.. no less." Severus waved a hand in front of the mirror and then looked at Lily. "Either it's broke or I just don't understand, it doesn't seem to be anything but an ordinary mirror to me!" he exclaimed looking back at it. "It's just us! It's just a mirror."

"No." McGonagall lifted an eyebrow. "It is most certainly the Mirror of erised." she told. "Trust me, I know."

"Sev it is." Lily smiled as she watched into the mirror.

Severus gazed down on the beauty as she smiled warmly looking at the mirror. "What do you see?" he asked.

"Somewhat the same as you." she trailed of. "The two of us.. all though." she blushed deeply. "There's someone else there to."

"Who?" Severus asked concerned. "Lily is…" he swallowed.

"It's not someone either of us have met... yet." she kept back her smile as biting her lip. "Though, that is going to fix itself, don't worry."

"Lily.. I don't understand.. What are you saying?" Severus asked bewildered.

Slowly Lily raised a hand to rest it on her stomach, and then she looked at Severus. "Sev.." she whispered. "I'm also only seeing people all ready standing in front of the mirror, though the third one is not as big yet."

Astounded Severus looked at her. "No.. you don't mean?"

Slowly Lily nodded while biting her lip, her eyes looking up at him.

Severus was lost for words, his throat was so dry and he was just completely out of it.

"Sev.. please say something." Lily begged.

"Lily! I'm not father material, I am terrible with children! What if I can't love him? I wasn't able to love your child once before!" he panicked. "What if he is afraid of me? Children just are!"

"Sev, relax." Lily demanded of him. "You are going over this all wrong, you are going to be a wonderful father."

"Lily, you should know me by now!" he told her. "I can't do people!"

"Yes you can, as long as you like them enough." Lily told him. "And you are going to love this child." she took his hand to press it against her flat stomach, only for Severus to realise it was not entirely as flat as a month ago. "I mean look at that mirror, you said all you saw is just the two of us as we are now, so everything is fine."

Warily Severus looked back at the mirror, and his mouth dropped open as he starred wide eyed at it.. "It's a girl.." he whispered, a new kind of emotions unlike anything he had ever felt before nodded together in his chest. "Lily, it's a girl!" he took himself to the head. "And I always thought it would be a boy."

"I know it's a girl." Lily chuckled. "We are seeing the same thing… you're fine with it's girl right?" she then asked rather nervously.

"Fine with it?" Severus asked Looking into the mirror, was the mirror image of Severus and Lily, just as they were.. though between them, and Severus couldn't help stare, just taking the child in, she was very young, under the age of eleven still in the mirror, And she was absolutely beautiful! The intense feeling in Severus's chest was suddenly to big, and spread out in his body, though still just as intense, and still unlike anything he had ever experienced as he just watched the beautiful girl, drinking in the sight not able to get enough, She had a very delicate thin build, her nose just slightly longer than normal, but it didn't make her look ugly in anyway, if anything it made her look magical, mysterious and exotic, her skin was moonlight pale, her black smooth hair fell down her frail shoulders and her askew brilliant green eyes shined with intelligence, already now seemed like all sorts of things going on inside of her mind despite that her she didn't move much, just smirked slightly as she stood upright.

"Am I fine with it?" he asked ones more. "She's.." Severus tried to drink in the sight. "Lily she's perfect! I wouldn't want her to be any different!"

And then suddenly, another one slightly smaller and slightly younger squeezed in between them and flashed a grin towards them, and then grabbed her sisters hand, cause they had to be sisters, though this other one was less exotic and less mysterious, also she had black hair and green eyes, but her features was only like a mini version of Lily, and equally beautiful to the first one, though as the first ones hair was straight this was wavy, as the older seemed unearthly and mysterious this younger one seemed earth bound and full of energy, though both equally passionate in each the way. She seemed to be simply filled with that uncontrolled energy that little one, her hair and clothes even slightly messy as the elder ones was straight and orderly, and the older one annoyed shoot her a glare at her little sister only have the youngest flash a big grin in return.

"Lily do you see that?" Severus asked.

Lily openly laughed as the younger annoyed the older one to no end, and the two sisters snapped at each other, until at last the elder one gave into a smirk. "Sev." she whispered. "Yes."

"Lily they are so perfect." he told her. "Are you sure that we.. That I am able to give.. you know.. what they need."

"Sev you dumbass." She kissed him on the cheek. "You are seeing them in the bloody mirror of erised! You want them! The moment you got the slightest notion it could be happening you found out you wanted it! you love them."

Vaguely Severus noticed they were alone in the room, McGonagall had left them to this special moment a good while ago apparently. "I guess." he breathed as he pulled Lily even closer. "They are so beautiful." He whispered mezmerised by the two girls. "I hope neither of them get any of my sallovness with age"

"You haven't looked the least bit sallov the last four years." Lily told him. "And just look at them, your right they are beautiful!" she looked at him. "What is their names?" she asked.

Severus brushed the mirror where the older one stood, now trying to talk to the younger one. "Can." he wettened his lips. "Can it be Eileen?" he asked. "I just wouldn't have been here at all if it wasn't for her, And she should be a flower." his hand drew to the younger one. "Like all the women in your family."

"She is most definitely Eileen." Lily looked at the older one. "Eileen Iris Snape." she decided. "After my granma." she smiled.

"It's perfect." Severus resonated. "What about her." he looked at the younger one and then lifted an eyebrow. "She seems quite the trouble maker to me."

"Violet." Lily then said. "Violet Penelope Snape."

"Wish we could leave that last part out though.." Severus hesitated.

"I thought you were to old to worry about last names." Lily lifted an eyebrow.

"It doesn't matter to me." Severus tried to explain. "But it's not exactly a pretty name, not pretty enough for girls like them." He looked at the two girls and then looked at Lily. ".. or.. you know."

"I like it." Lily told him. "in fact I think I want it." she smirked. "Lily Snape, sounds good in my ear."

Defeated Severus smiled widely as he shook his head. "I should probably do something about that shouldn't I?" he asked.

"Well, this is absolutely not the conventional way to go about it." Lily raised an eyebrow. "Your supposed to surprise me you know." She smirked. "romantic dinner, down on your knee, that sort of stuff."

"And you really believe I would go down on my knee?" Severus asked with a lifted eyebrow.

Lily chuckled. "It would make me a bit worried.. Obviously." She shook her head. "So what are you going to do?" she asked wrapping her arms around Severus's neck.

"Ask if you want to go down to hogsmead with me, right now, and pick out a ring."

Lily blushed deeply looking down. "Try again." She muttered. "You can do better than that."

"Lily." Severus stepped closer and kissed her on the forhead. "I love you so much, with all of my heart, I always have and I always will, and I think I really do love Eileen and Violet to." he lightly held her waist. "You're the most beautiful, kindest, righteous, strong willed person I have ever known, and I just love everything about you, I want you and no one else I just want to be with you every last second of the day, every single day of my life, it makes my life so full and me so happy." He smiled down at her. "Would you do the honour of going with me down to hogsmeade, find a ring, and eventually, marry me? Lily… will you be my wife?"

"Unconventional." Lily raised an eyebrow. "But perfect." she smiled fondly at him before dragging him down to a deep kiss.

As they ended Severus smiled down at her. "Was that a yes?" he asked.

"Of cause it was." Lily smiled brightly. "We are going to spend the rest of our lives together, you an I."

The happiest most content man in the world would see nothing but himself, as he was in the mirror of erised, that around him being nothing more or less than what he already had.

The count if people who would ever be able to only see themselves as themselves in that mirror is small, in fact.. no one have ever been recorded to only see themselves in it.

No one but Severus Snape.

AN; So.. that was it.. the end people.

I am sorry for the 'rushed' ending, and that I didn't have the surplus to finish probably, I ran dry in the story.

But let me assure you all, I ALWAYS intended to end this story this very way, and these last few chapters, has been on my computer from the almost beginning, meaning.. this chapter was literately written years ago! Only very few details changed.

And I know what happens with all of them now, it's a bit of a fluffy ending, but what do you want?

Lily and Severus got married and had two daughters, Eileen and Violet.

Lily became a lawyer in the ministry of magic, and Severus sold special powerful brews and became acknowledged as an expert in dark objects, thus could be called out to examine newly discovered objects.

James and Diane also got married, and got a child on their own, Charles Potter, whom looks and behaves exactly like James.

At first when getting out of Hogwarts, James and Diane became professional quidditch players, but James eventually retired to become an Auror, Diane continued her Quidditch carrier and became a Quidditch trainers ones she was to old for the field.

Regulus started to work in the ministry, and eventually worked himself up in a higher position, he eventually got famous for his fight for muggle rights, and the ideas that Wizards should all interact more with muggles on the muggles ground.

He ended up spending quite a deal of time travelling muggle cities and talking to muggles in person, encouring other wizards to do the same, eventually he got issued obligatory school trips to the muggle world, where wizard children has to visit muggle museums and restaurants.

He got married with a muggle-born, and had one child, a boy called Octavos Black.

While Lieve finished the last year of Hogwarts, Remus failed finding a job and had to life for free by James's and Sirius's place.

After Lieve finished Hogwarts, the two travelled to Iceland where they together studied magical animals up close.

They attempted to earn money by collecting rare magical plants and animal products, but due to Remus's werewolf condition, no one desired to buy their protects.

Except for Severus, whom was impressed by their quality, and they became Severus's main supplier, securing that Severus's brews would be unique and the best to get any-where.

At their journey, Lieve and Remus ended up writing two books together, entitled;

"Creatures from Iceland in their natural habitat." And. "My life as a werewolf, and other stories from half-breeds."

The latter one containing Remus's biography and interviews with other werewolfs and half breeds.

Knowing full well that the latter book would course a stir and change their lifes for-ever, Remus stated he would not have had to courage to write it without Lieves support, and wished for them to be published as Mr. and Mrs. So every-one could see that they stood together, and it was possible for a werewolf to love some-one else.

Lieve accepted and they got married.

Eventually they stopped travelling to move to a little house by the English country-side, where they still could earn money by collecting potion supplies, and raise their two children. Derrick (After Lieves late father.) and Susie Lupin.

Their book made them famouse, and their connection to Regulus, and Severus ensured them even more influence over time, as they tried to change the way halfbreeds were treated, Regulus would always be a very vocal supporter of their cause, and remained close friends with Lieve, always spending holidays with her and Remus rather than his own family. Even as they all settled and got children, they still brought every-one together for holidays.

As Remus would also invite James, Peter and Sirius.. the parties could become extremely big.

Sirius, though getting many girl-friends, some of them lasting in pretty long relationships, never got any children.

His carrier as an Auror though, was successful. And he adores his many "Nephews" and "Nieces."

Peter got a comfortable ministry job, and settled comfortable with wife and three children; Clarice, Laura and Casper Pettigrew.