Radar set off down the hallway. He was smiling to himself. Almost all of the gang was here. Except for the Father…. Radar wondered how the father was doing. Last he had heard the good Father was working at a church for the deaf. Radar rounded the corner and realized that the Father wasn't the only one missing. Klinger too was part of the gang and was absent. Radar smiled as he thought of Klinger. He was rather surprised actually that Klinger never got his section eight after all of the crazy stunts he pulled. Or court marshaled. Radar was so lost in memories that he almost walked right past the door he was looking for. He quickly checked himself went back a few steps the shook his head at the outrageous laughter coming from behind the door. He knocked on the door, and heard the laughter subside a little then Hawkeye opened the door.

"Yes?" Then Hawkeye realized who was standing at his door. He gaped for a moment, his eyes almost bulging out of his sockets.

"Who is it Hawk?" BJ's voice called from inside the room. Hawkeye ignored his friend and enwrapped Radar in a huge hug.

"Sir?" Radar tried to speak, but as he was much shorter, his head was pressed into Hawkeye's chest and his words came out muffled.

"Sir?" Radar tried again, and Hawkeye finally released him. By this time, BJ had joined them, and he was grinning that goofy smile of his. When Hawkeye released him, BJ stepped forward to shake his hand.

"How ya been Radar?" BJ asked.

"I'm fine, sirs. The farm is doing well with Park Sung's help, and I got a job clerking. Somehow I ended up here."

"Hey that's great Radar!" BJ said. "But you know, you don't have to call us 'sir' anymore."

"I know that sirs. Force of habit I guess. But sirs, there is another reason I'm here. You two are in trouble I'm afraid sirs. Majors Winchester and Houlihan were pretty steamed about your prank and complained to the man in charge of this convention. He wants to see you two sirs."

"Just like old times, eh Beej?" Hawkeye asked with a smile. "We never could sneak anything by them, and we get sent to the principal's office, summoned by dear Radar here." BJ smiled.

"Well, shall we?"

"I believe we shall." Hawkeye and BJ motioned for Radar to lead the way. They followed him, all the time laughing and cracking jokes. Finally Radar stopped in front of a door and mentioned Hawkeye and BJ inside.

"In here sirs."

"Thanks, Radar," Hawkeye said.

"Hey, stick around Radar. When we're done being yelled at, we can go somewhere and catch up," BJ invited.

"Thank you sirs, I'd like that." Radar answered.

"Well, shall we go have some fun with Margaret and Charlie?" Hawkeye asked, eyes gleaming.

"I think we shall." BJ answered then opened the door, and motioned Hawkeye inside.

"Why thank you my good fellow." Hawkeye said, then stepped inside where he was confronted with Margaret and Charles glaring at him and BJ and Potter behind the desk, with barely concealed amusement.

"Hawkeye, BJ." Potter said. "Margaret and Winchester over here, have had their rooms broken into, and their personal effects replaced. I saw you two joker's names on the guest list and I thought to myself 'A HA!' Now what do you two have to say for yourselves?"

"US Colonel?" Hawkeye asked innocently. "We would never do such a thing!

"Bull cookies! I know it was you two jokers! And you two jokers are going to apologize to Winchester and Margaret and move their things back!" However, at this point Winchester looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

"THESE two? WHAT are you two buffoons doing here?" Charles sputtered. Margaret seemed to be taking it better. She was hiding a smile behind her hands.

"It's a medical conference Charles." BJ said. "We're doctors. Why do you think we're here?"

"Colonel, I want these two punished! I want them hung from yardarm!"

"What? Are we in the navy now?" Hawkeye quipped.

"You, shush! Look Winchester, it was just a little harmless fun. Let it go."

"But sir!" Charles looked ready to explode.

"Drop it Winchester! Or you'll have my boot prints on your rear end for a week! Got it?" Charles finally nodded.

"Good! Now, since we're all here, what do you say we all go down to the bar, have a drink and we can all catch up. Radar!"

"We're all going down to the bar and have a drink and catch up. Will you join us?"

"Yes sir, I would love to catch up with all of you."

"Son, I still don't know how you do that." Potter said, as Radar spoke almost simultaneously with him. Radar just smiled.


"Oh, never mind." Potter smiled at his former company clerk. Rising, he went out the door, and was soon followed by Radar, Hawkeye, BJ, Charles, and Margaret who were soon laughing and arguing, almost as if the year that had happened since the war had never gone by. Potter shook his head. Some things never changed.