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"You were lucky, McGee," Ziva sighed as they faced the bullpen. "Tony and I had to wait three hours for the firemen to open the fire doors."

She rolled her eyes and proceeded to sit down at her desk.

"You enjoyed every minute of it," Tony smirked.

Enjoyed? That might have been a bit of a stretch. There were several things stopping it from being enjoyable.

The first was the fact that, alone, no one was there to keep things under control. If they got too close or one of them said something particularly attracting, nobody was present to stop things from going too far, and five years of trapping the somewhat obvious attraction inside made things a little difficult at times.

To stop the first problem from happening, and to not drive themselves insane with boredom, they had to talk, and when there's time, there's danger. It was mindless chat. Tony only really wanted to know about Ray and Ziva wanted to tell him, but Tony knowing everything is usually not a good thing.

So, for three hours, they chattered about work, Tony talked about a few movies, and Ziva may have just tried to let something subtle slip into the words, but he didn't seem to notice it.

He would probably never notice it.

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