A/N: This is my new story! I don't anything but the ones that you don't know. The names Emily and Kaylie are inspired by ABC Family's Make It or Break It. Although the characters are different, I just liked the names. This story roughly takes place a year after Dino Thunder.


"Okay now point your toes." Kim said as Alex brought her legs up and over her body to complete a handstand on the beam. Kim stood back and watched as the girl turned on her hands before flipping back to land on her feet. She then started her dismount which consisted of a cartwheel before a double flip off the end of the beam. Alex landed with a little wobble and a step back but other than that it was a good routine. She threw her arms up and smiled briefly. "Good job, we just need to work on that landing and remember to smile through your routine and really smile bright after you land even if it is a bad landing." Kim said with a smile as all the girls nodded. Kim turned as the next girl flipped up on the beam to run through her routine. Regionals were in a month and the girls needed all the practice that they could get. She motioned to one of the spotters to take her place as she walked over to the uneven bars. Emily was turning on the higher of the bars. Kim watched as she flipped back to the shorter bar and turned a few times on it before coming back to the taller one. The girl then let go and flipped back before landing on her feet. She had a little bit of a wobble but other than that it was a great landing.

"What do you think Coach?" Emily asked when she noticed that Kim was standing there.

"Good we just have to try a harder routine when you make it through to Nationals." Kim said as the girl nodded. She had every confidence that all of her girls could make it to Nationals. She had to believe in them because if she didn't then they wouldn't believe in themselves. They trained hard and their routines showed that. Kim had built this gym from the ground up. After moving back from Florida she wanted to do something with her life. She gravitated towards gymnastics since she had done that all of her life. Turning she let the spotter for the uneven bars take over again as she walked into her office. Sighing she sat down and looked out over her gym. She had her office upstairs so that she could watch over the girls when she had business to attend too. Jason had actually suggested that and for once she agreed with her big brother. Thinking of him reminded her that she was to go over to his house tonight. He and Trini had invited her over like they did every week. Most of the time though she had other plans like training one of the girls after hours because they had missed a practice or their parents wanted one on one time for their daughter. There were a few times when she refused because Tommy would be there. Thinking of her ex always bought a frown to her face. There was just something about him that rubbed her the wrong way since their breakup. She knew that most of that was the way that she had broken up with him. The letter had not been one of her finer moments but she couldn't think about that now. It had been ten years since the letter so she needed to get over it. She was jarred out of her past when she heard the phone ring. Sighing she reached over and picked it up.

"Pink Crane Gymnastics." She stated.

"Yes are you currently taking any new students?" The woman asked as Kim smiled. She got these calls at least once a week. Everyone wanted their daughter to train with a Gold Medalist which she was grateful for since that mean she could keep her gym up and running.

"Well that depends, what age is your daughter?" Kim asked as she grabbed her notepad to take notes.

"Well she is not my daughter since I am calling for a friend but she is 15." The woman said as thought of her older girls. She knew she could probably handle one more girl in that age range since most of them didn't need that much attention because they had been in it for most of their lives.

"Okay, has she been in gymnastics long? And what gym is she transferring from?" She asked. It was common for gymnast to change gyms if they thought that their current coach couldn't get them where they needed to be. Sometimes it was because of a job transfer that the girl had to move. She had just had one to transfer because her father had gotten a new job in New York. The family had wanted to stay for their daughter but the job was just too good to turn down. They then offered to move Kim to New York to continue training their daughter. She had smiled and said no thank you but she did provide them with a list of gyms that they could check into.

"She only started last year but she practices every day." The woman said as Kim sighed. If the girl had only started last year then she would need a lot of work. Could she take on a girl like that a month before Regionals? Would that be fair to her other girls?

"Has she ever worked in a gym?" She asked thinking about how she could work the girl in.

"Well no not really since she mainly uses the Youth Center for practice. She is good though." The woman stated which caused Kim to smile. She had worked out in the Youth Center too when she had been that age. She remembered when Coach Schmidt had asked her to move to train at his gym in Florida. It had been a dream come true and she had moved there.

"Okay how about she comes by tomorrow and I will see how much she can do and let you know. If she is really good then I will let her in." Kim stated with a smiled.

"Okay what time tomorrow?" The woman asked.

"The gym opens at 7 so that should be fine." Kim said as the woman said thank you and hung up the phone. Kim smiled as she set the phone down. Someone then knocked on her open door and she looked up.

"Are you busy?" Sam asked as he walked into the room.

"No I just off the phone. We may have a new girl tomorrow." She said as he sat down. Sam had been working with her for about year now. He was a fellow gymnast that had been a little older than her when they competed at Worlds. He was in charge of the boys' team that practiced in the Annex building out back. She had wanted to expand the gym to include a boys team but knew that she couldn't coach them herself. Sam had come up to her last year wanting to know what she thought about having a boys team. She told him that she had been thinking about it but didn't have a coach. He had been hired that day and since then the boys had been a force to be reckoned with. The one sticking point had been the name of the gym. The boys didn't like going by Pink Crane. Knowing that it was true, she had let them drop the pink but they still had to use the crane so they were just Crane Gymnastics.

"What? Kim is it the right time to be taking on a new girl?" He asked leaning back on the sofa.

"I'm not sure but she is coming by at 7. I will see how good she is then decide if I can take her on." She said looking over her desk at him.

"Okay if you're sure, I mean you know that Regionals are a month away. She doesn't have much time to get ready." He stated.

"I know but maybe she won't need much." She said as he nodded.

"I guess you could be right, I mean look at Whitney. You had her whipped into shape in two weeks." He said talking about their top gymnast. She had come in a year ago transferring from another gym. She had wanted everything given to her but Kim quickly told her that she had to earn her place in the gym. Her parents hadn't been too happy about that but she just told them that they wanted her to train their daughter and this was how she did things. They finally agreed with her when Whitney won her first Gold Medal. The girl still had a few hang ups but Kim could deal with those as long as she worked hard and did what she asked of the girl.

"You're right but I have a feeling about this girl. I think that she is good." Kim said which caused him to laugh.

"You have a feeling? Kim, you always think that the next girl walking through those doors could be the next Mary Lou Retton. I hate to tell you that most of those girls will only go to Regionals and never make it past there." He said as she shook her head.

"I know that they can make it as long as they focus and do what I know they can do." She said as he sighed.

"I guess you're right since I am the same way about the boys." He said standing up. "Oh and by the way, do you want to grab something to eat tonight?" He asked looking back at her.

"No, I'm going over Jason and Trini's tonight. They are grilling out." She said as he nodded and walked out of her office. He had been asking her to dinner for a week now. Thankfully she always had plans or she would really have to turn him down. She just didn't want to get involved with anyone at the moment. This was the busiest time with Regionals, then Nationals and if they were lucky, Worlds. It was just a good thing that it wasn't an Olympic year. Those were always super busy.


"Okay you have to be at the gym tomorrow at 7." Hayley said as she looked over at Tommy's niece. The girl had asked her to call the gym to see if she could get in. Kaylie looked more like Tommy than her own daddy. David always joked that the stork had gotten something wrong. Tommy always laughed but he did love his niece and would do anything for her. It had just been hard this past year with his recent ranger duties and teaching. Thankfully Mesogogg had been defeated and Tommy was living what he could call a normal life. Hayley knew that Tommy's life was never normal but she didn't say anything to him. She had met him in college. They had become super close even though everyone had thought that they were dating. Thinking back, she had to smile. Tommy really wasn't her type. She was attracted to someone less leaderish. It wasn't until their senior year that she learned why he acted like a leader. He had been one of the first leaders of the Power Rangers. It had been a shock to say the least when she learned that he had been a Power Ranger. Of course then she found out about all the other rangers and wondered why no one else could see that they were the rangers. They all still wore their colors which was weird until she helped with the newest team. Connor, Kira, Ethan, and Trent each wore their colors too long before they were rangers. She didn't know what it was about being a ranger and wearing your color. It had also been unnerving to watch them go into battle every time. At least she had Tommy to sit beside her until he got powers. She remembered Jason's crack about Tommy always getting new powers. He was a legend in the Ranger World which she found out was even bigger than she ever thought it could be. She had met all of the Original rangers except Kim. The Original Pink was something of a legend herself. After passing her powers over to Kat, she had gone on to win her first Gold Medal at the Pan Global games but she didn't stop there. Kim had won three more Gold Medals at the World games then two more at the Olympic Games. Everyone had been proud of her especially Tommy. Hayley couldn't really understand why he was since she had broken up with him in a letter. He had explained it to her though one day. He told her that he didn't blame Kim for that because they were on opposite sides of the country. He was still a ranger and she was chasing after her dream. They always seemed to miss each other when they did call. She had been mad at the woman for the longest time until Tommy had explained. It was something to see that he didn't blame her and if he didn't blame her then then Hayley knew that she couldn't either.

"Who is going to take me?" Kaylie asked jarring Hayley back to the present and their first problem.

"I haven't thought about that. I know I can't since I am opening in the morning. Maybe Tommy could take you?" Hayley suggested while trying to think if there was another way. It was one thing that she had called to get Kaylie in but it was quiet another for Tommy to actually take her. He had never really wanted his niece to do gymnastics though he never explained why. Hayley knew that it had something to do with Kim, she just didn't know what.

"What? Uncle Tommy can't take me; he would forget to come pick me up." Kaylie said as Hayley nodded. Tommy tended to forget things except anything to do with the rangers. He could remember every ranger's name and what team they had served with though. How he could do that, she never understood but he did.

"Well Connor, Kira, Ethan, and Trent have school or they could take you." She stated. It was bad that Kaylie's parents were away on business. They would love to take their daughter to the gym.

"I guess Uncle Tommy will have to work." The girl said with a huff. Hayley nodded. "I will go break the news to him that he has to get up early then." Kaylie said as she got up and went in search of her uncle. It shouldn't be too hard since he said that he would be home today. Hayley watched her leave and wondered what Tommy would think when he dropped her off in the morning. Would he even know that it was Kim's gym? Would he be mad at her for even thinking it was okay for Kaylie to attend Kim's gym? She just didn't know when it came to the Kim side of Tommy. It was a touchy subject to say the least.


Tommy rubbed his eyes before leaning back in his chair. Grading these papers was torture for him. He really needed to get someone to do this for him. Looking up he saw his niece walking towards him. He smiled as she made her way into the room which was serving as his office at the moment since Kaylie had moved into what used to be his office. Since her parents were away on business, he had thought it was a good idea for her to just move in with him. At times that idea was the worst he had ever made because his niece was a teenage girl through and through. It was just a good thing that he had more than one bathroom or they would never get anywhere fast.

"Uncle Tommy?" She said as she paused in front of his desk.

"Yes?" He said with a smile. Kaylie was one of the joys of his life. She was the only child of his brother David and his wife Kelly.

"You will have to get up early tomorrow to take me to Angel Grove." She said in a rush.

"I thought we talked about you going to school in Reefside this year." He said leaning forward.

"I know but Hayley found me a gym to practice in." She rushed out. "It's one of the best." She stated as if that would sway his mind.

"Gym? As in you want to take gymnastics?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"You know I love gymnastics and Ernie said I am really good." She said with a smile.

"Oh he did?" Tommy asked trying not to cave to her.

"Yea and he also told me that I remind him of Kimberly Hart. You know the famous gymnast from Angel Grove." She said causing him to wince. Of course Kaylie reminded Ernie of Kim. His niece was as good as Kim was at her age even though she had never been properly trained. It just came to her like it had Kim all those years ago. He didn't like the fact that she liked it so much because he was afraid of her getting hurt. He had seen Kim take way too many falls due to gymnastics. One of those falls landed her in the hospital which had scared ten years off his life. He didn't want that happening to her.

"I know who she is, remember I did live there." He stated with a smile.

"Oh I know but I just wanted you to know that I am really good and I want to join this gym." She said pleading with him.

"Fine what time do I need to have you there?" He sighed.

"Six forty-five." She said walking over to him. "Thank you!" She said kissing his cheek before backing away.

"Just don't make me late for work. I've already been late this week." Tommy said as she nodded before leaving him alone again. Sighing he got up and went in search of Hayley. She would pay for finding that gym if he could find her.


The next morning Tommy woke up to music he wished had never been invented. Who on Earth thought that a Spice Girls reunion was a good idea should be shot. Groaning he rubbed his face before sitting up in his bed. She would be the death of him yet. He could survive numerous forms of torture at the hands of Goldar, Zedd, and Mesogogg but he could not handle his teenage niece. Sighing he got up and grabbed his clothes before walking into his bathroom. He might as well start getting ready since he was not getting any more sleep this morning. Pulling back the shower curtain he turned the water on and waited for it to warm up. He stepped in seconds later and groaned. Maybe he should've waited just a little bit longer. The water was freezing cold which did not help his mood any. After about ten minutes Tommy couldn't take the cold any longer. He would have to get a bigger hot water heater if Kaylie was going to be here long. He could not take cold showers every morning. There was just no way. Thirty minutes later he emerged from his room to find his niece standing at his door. She was dressed in a pink t-shirt and a pair of cutoff denim shorts.

"Is that what you're wearing?" He asked as he adjusted his tie.

"Yea to ride there but I have my leo in my bag." She stated holding her strap away from her shoulder to show him. He sighed but nodding. Why he didn't see that bright pink bag, he didn't know but at least she was prepared.

"Okay so we better get headed since I have to have you there at 6:45." He said walking past her to the door. On his way there, he grabbed his briefcase and keys before opening the door. Letting her go first, he shut and locked the door before walking to his Jeep that was parked beside the house. Kaylie was already in the car with her seatbelt on. "Why do you have to be there that early?" He asked before cranking the car.

"Well actually I have to be there at 7 but I didn't want to be late so that's why I told you 6:45." She said with a smile.

"What? I could've eaten breakfast." He said while backing out. "Just for that we are stopping so that I can eat." He said causing her to look at him. "Do want anything?" He asked.

"No I don't want anything. I ate back at the house. Please don't take too long. I don't want to be late for my first day." She stated with a pleading look in her eyes.

"Okay that's fine. By the way, I thought that you had to audition to get into a gym." He said turning into McDonald's parking lot to get into drive-thru.

"Well today is my audition and if I am good enough I get to practice there." She said with a smile.

Tommy just shook his head before ordering his food. He knew that his niece was good enough to become a part of any gym. It just worried him that she was. Making his way through the drive-thru he finally got his food and pulled back out on the road. They were about 10 minutes away from the gym according to his GPS. Kaylie had not wanted him to get lost so she had punched in the address last night. He had told her that he couldn't possibly get lost in Angel Grove but she wasn't taking any chances. Looking at the time, he knew that she would be early. He just hoped that someone would be there and have the gym unlocked. She would need to warm up before she started her day.

"We're here!" She said as he pulled into the parking lot. He also noticed that there were several cars already here so no problem with her getting in.

"Good luck." He said as she jumped out with her bag in hand.

"Thank you and don't forget to pick me up." She said before walking up to the building. He sighed before pulling away. He wondered who her coach would be and if it was anyone famous. Thinking back he should've looked at the sign to see if the coach's name was there. If he remembered he would do that when he picked her up this afternoon.


Kim flipped back on the beam before stretching out. She flexed her feet and spun around before flipping one more time. Taking a breath she started her dismount with a cartwheel before twisting into a double flip. Seconds later her feet touched the blue mat as her arms came up. She was breathing hard but she loved to practice before any of the girls arrived. She heard clapping behind which caused her to turn and see who was here this early.

"You were amazing. I watched you preform that at Worlds." Kaylie said walking over to Kim.

"Thank you and who are you?" Kim asked as she grabbed her shirt and shorts. She always wore her leotard under her clothes just so she didn't have to change in and out of them all day.

"Oh I am Kaylie. You told me to come in today." She said.

"Yes well I am Kimberly Hart but most people just call me Kim. I will answer pretty much to anything but most of the girls just call me Coach." Kim stated. "The locker rooms are to the left where you can get changed before the others get here." She said pointing to the direction of the locker rooms.

"Okay thanks." Kaylie said before making her way there. She was nervous about trying out but she wanted this more than anything. Kim watched her walk away. Smiling as she herself walked up to her office, she knew that Kaylie would work out just fine. She paused at the top of the stairs and smiled. She couldn't wait for her girls to get here. The boys' team was already practicing since they had all agreed to come in early as opposed to staying later. The girls on the other hand wanted to stay later so that they could get some sleep in the mornings.


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