Chapter 10: Final Showdown

Yuna came to stand on a platform that resembled the remains of a temple floating around in space. Cloud came in and stood by her side, taking in the sight of the stars all around them.

"So you've finally made it I see." A woman said as she started to materialize from the other side of the temple. She was a young looking woman, in her mid twenties, her long silver hair touching her feet and she wore nothing but her under garments.

Yuna bowed kindly at her, like she did to everyone she met on her travels, which kind of made Cloud sick to his stomach. "I have. I've traveled a long way on my pilgrimage to come and help Spira." she said as if she we're talking to royalty.
The woman walked closer as she became more solid, "Ah yes, Lord Braska's daughter. Him and Sir Auron made this same travel ten years ago." She said as she recognized the young summoner, then glanced at her guardian. "I'm guessing this is the one who will be you're aeon to defeat sin?"

The guardian stiffened as the woman eyed him as if he was some kind of meal. "Actually, I have a question before I gain the final summoning." Yuna asked shyly, as if she was ashamed of the next words that were going to come out of her mouth.

The woman brought her attention back to the summoner, "Of course." She answered as if she was a mother trying to comfort a child.

"Yunalesca...if I were to summon the final aeon, would Sin just come back?" she asked solemnly, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, Sin would be reborn with time, just like it always does. The final summoning will become it's vessel to carry on it's business. Sin will never really go away, but you and your guardian's sacrifice will bring hope to the people of Spira. Just like your fathers and Auron's sacrifice did."

Cloud's stomach turned at the thought that Yuna's father died for pretty much nothing. "So, Summoners and guardians alike just throw their life away for a false hope, with a false promise that they can live without Sin. But within a few years he'll just come back. Where is the sense in that?" he said bitterly, finally getting the chance to throw everything he knew back in this woman's face. They already made the choice to do this without the final summoning. "Where I come from, we don't give false hope, or give people a false promise. When we want to protect those we care about, we see things through til the end!"

Yuna nodded in agreement, "This is why, I do not accept the final summoning. I will find my own way, without your help. I will save Spira, not on false hope though."

Yunalesca shook her head in sadness that the summoner had turned on her. "That's too bad. I'll save you though, I'll make sure you die with hope, rather than have you live in despair." Before anyone knew what she meant by that her hand started to glow as she threw some form of spell in their direction.

The guardian quickly tackled the summoner down to the ground as the attack barely missed both of them. He then jumped up and pulled out his sword in time to see Yunalesca form into a giant head that came out of the ground. "What the hell is that?" he shouted in shock.

The brunette then pulled herself up and pulled out her rod, ready to fight. "I don't know but we'll fight her together." she said, "Besides, we need to weaken her so I can send her."

The blond nodded as he pulled out his sword and ran at the head as he studied it's features. The head was three times the size of any human and had snakes for hair, snake like eyes and a forked tongue. As he charged Yunalesca's snakes shot out, hitting the ground near where he was standing. Cloud quickly stopped and jumped out of the way, swinging his sword in response. The sword collided with the snake, cutting it off, which caused Yunalesca to hiss in pain as another snake swung out and hit Cloud's side, throwing him back a few yards.

Yuna gasped and quickly flicked her wrist, causing a green light to glow around her guardian, healing all the injuries he had sustained during the fall. She then turned to look at the snake head in front of her and held her rod out in front of her as a light started shining from her body and it shot up in the sky, calling a large black dragon to her side. "Help us out Bahamut." She asked as the dragon took to the air and started taking in energy into it's mouth, hovering just above the head. "Cloud you have to get back here now!" The brunette shouted as she watched her aeon charge for a final attack.

The blond looked up as the area grew brighter. He then jumped up and dove toward where Yuna was standing and the sound of energy filled the area as Bahamut shut the beam out of his mouth. "Look out!" Yuna cried as the both hit the ground just in time as the explosion caused debris and rubble to fly everywhere.

A loud cry was heard by Yunalesca as the area grew brighter and died down. Both Cloud and Yuna looked over to see the older summoner back in her human form as pyreflies started dancing around her as her face showed sadness. She looked blankly up as her body started to fade. " doomed..."

The guardian watched her fade and then shook his head, jumping back to his feet as he grabbed his summoner by the wrist. "We have to get moving." he said sternly as he dragged the brunnete close behind him. He then jumped onto the back of Bahumut, pulling the girl on behind him. "We have a world to save, and we're the only ones who can do it now." He leaned into the summon and prepared for it to take off. "Take us to Sin." was the only command needed and they took off and out of the temple, into the skies of Zanarkand.

Yuna held onto the soldier's back tightly, not being used to the speed and force of Bahumut's flying as the flew way beyond Zanarkand in only a few short moments. "I've never seen you like this before, what's with the certain determination?" she asked
Cloud's eyes just stayed focused on the path ahead of them as a large object started to come into view in the sky above them. "I just have something to fight for. And I'm the only one who knows how to."

The brunette smiled brightly as her hair whipped around her face. "You've changed so much, it's unbelievable. Now, we're gonna save the world together." She laughed a little as the object came into view.

"Well, I have you to thank for that, you helped me pick up on things I was missing." His eyes never shifted from his target as the look of determination filled his eyes. Once the object he was going for was in range he started instructing the summon. "Alright, fire now!" he command.

Right on cue Bahumut sent a blast into Sin's side, causing the monster's mouth to open up and cry out in pain. Cloud took that opportunity to lead the summon right into mouth, heading right inside to find the source of the problem and defeat it where it stands. Once inside the monster's mouth, Yuna looked at the summon and gave it a little pat. "Thank you for your help" and with that her aeon was gone as they made their way forward.

Yuna looked around the area which looked almost like a giant temple inside. "It's odd, you think it'd be just like getting eaten, but instead we're walking around in a temple."

Cloud looked around too in wonder. How could a monster actually look like this inside. "it is odd, I guess Yu Yevons temple lives inside Sin itself." he pointed out taking in all the knowledge he gained on this journey.

"Sin has chosen me to be his successor." They both heard a voice call out in a cheerfully happy tone. As they looked over they saw a blue haired Guado standing before them, a smirk plastered against his face. "I have become the most power being in Spira."

"You?!" Cloud yelled in anger and frustration as he once again came face to face with his enemy. He drew his sword quickly as the Guado laughed psychotically.

Seymour just looked at them both and smirked. "I'm not one to die so easily." he gloated as he started to glow brightly.

The blond grabbed tightly onto his sword and charged at the Guado, hoping to finish this battle quickly. He swung his sword down as hard as he could once he was close enough, but instead of a dead on collision, the sword was stopped. Both men locked eyes for a brief second and then the soldier was thrown back. "What the hell?" he asked himself as he tried to get back to his feet. He then noticed a spectrum of colors floating around Seymour as the Guado started sending different spells in their direction. "Yuna get down now!" he shouted as a fire ball quickly charged toward the summoner.

The summoner quickly hit the ground just in the nick of time. The fire ball flew over where Yuna's head would have been. She then looked up to see Seymour's light was changing colors again as he prepared for another attack. "I get it now, he's all about magic!" she shouted toward Cloud, who had now pulled himself onto his knees. "I just have to cast the opposite spell as him at the right time and that should stop him."

Cloud took this in for a moment, realizing that the now spell casting Guado could deflect all physical attacks. He then put his sword away and sighed, realizing there was nothing he could do at this point. He then turned his head toward his summoner and nodded at her, "This fight is yours now."

The brunette nodded in response as she readied her staff and watched as Seymour started to glow a deep yellow. Her concentration deepened as she focused on what the blue haired man was doing as she charged her spell. "Here we go!" she said to herself as she called water out to her. A wave came out from the floor at her will and she led the mass of water right at the Guado.

Seymour's eyes widened as the water crashed into him with no time to move. Screams of agony could be heard as the lightning that built up in his body started shocking and burning him. Both Cloud and Yuna covered their eyes as sparks of electricity danced around in the blast of water. Once the screaming died down the brunette looked over to see the Guado still standing as pyreflies danced around him. She quickly readied her staff and started dancing around as Seymour started to fade away for good. "It's time for you to return to the farplane where you belong." she said as he finally vanished.

The brunette then turned her attention to the blond, their eyes meeting. "We have to keep moving, we have to stop Sin Before more people get hurt." She pleaded.

The soldier gave a sharp nod as he took her hand and they both started running through many corridors that finally let out to a large area, which looked like it would be a chamber that the summoner would pray in, if this had been an actual temple.

"I'm glad to see you again, Yuna. What has it been, at least ten years now?" A called from a distance. They both turned to see an older man in his mid forties wearing a red robe and dark clothing under it. Sunglasses covered his eyes as he came closer into view. He gave a small smile taking in the sight of the summoner. "look at you all grown up like this. I'm glad I got to see you one last time, you look just like your father."

Yuna bowed politely toward the man. "It's nice to see you again too, Sir Auron. Too bad we had to meet under these circumstances." she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Auron gave a bit of a smirk and walked towards both of them. "No, I'm actually glad that you came here to put an end to me, I can't hear Spira anymore, I've...disconnected to say the least." His eyes then Shifted towards Cloud. "You've found yourself a wonderful guardian Yuna." he said as he gave a sharp pat onto the soldiers back. "Thank you for taking care of her." he said to him as he backed away. "My times up, remember to stop me no matter what it takes Yuna. I won't be myself, also when I'm gone you need to act quickly. Yu Yevon will appear then, if you do it right, you come stop him right there."

"Sir Auron?" she asked in worry as his body started to glow and he turned into a giant fire titan."

Cloud quickly drew his sword and jumped in her way, "He's gone now Yuna, the Auron you once knew is no longer with us. Just an empty puppet of once was." he said as a giant fiery arm came crashing down towards them. The soldier jumped back as quickly as he could, loosing his footing at the force of the crash but quickly slashed one of the fingers off, causing the monster to cry out in pain.

Yuna followed her guardian's example and stood her rod straight up as she called out to one of her aeons for aid. Within seconds there was crystal ice around her as an icy blue woman answered her call and started freezing the flames that surrounded the monster in front of them. "Cloud, you should be able to climb on him now and stop him." She instructed as she took in the overgrown giant who was no longer burning.

The blond focused on the monster as he jumped up onto his arm and made a B-line straight for its head. Once he reached the top, he jumped up and focused all his energy into his sword as it started to glow blue. He then brought the sword down with all the force he could muster onto the giants head, causing a glass shattering sound as the monster started to vanish, leaving Cloud falling to the ground.

The brunette watched in horror as he fell faster and faster as she had no time to call an aeon to rescue him. She closed her eyes tightly as he neared the ground so she didn't have to watched the impact, but Cloud quickly flipped and landed on his feet perfectly. "You can open your eyes now" he chuckled a little once she opened her eyes to see him all in one piece.

They only had a brief moment to celebrate their victory before the area around them shifted completely and they were left standing in a white area. "What's going on?" Yuna asked as she looked around at the new surroundings. She then saw a beetle like creature come down, wearing the sign of Yevon on it. "It's Yevon!" She shouted as she readied herself for battle.

The soldier readied his sword once more as he threw himself towards Yuna's god, only leaving a minor scratch on it's body. "Dammit, this is going to take a lot longer than expected" he sighed in frustration.

The brunette stepped forward, wand in ready position. "Maybe not." She said as she casted a spell, causing a bunch of white light to float around the creatures body. Once cleared there were a lot more cracks along the God's body.

Cloud smiled a bit, realizing how much weaker it was now. "Looks like it's own magic is it's undoing." He smirked a little as he gave one last blow to the creature, causing a chunk of it's body to come off. "What?" the guardian asked in terror as Yevon, didn't vanish, but made it's way straight for Yuna instead. "Watch out!" he cried out as the God neared her.

Yuna's eyes focused onto Yevon. "No, I won't become you next vessel, I won't become Sin!" She shouted as she brought her rod down on her God with all the force she had in her body, completely shattering the staff, and destroying Yevon with it.

The soldier quickly made his way to the summoner and hugged her close, relieved she was alright. "You did it Yuna, you saved Spira." he whispered to her as he placed a soft kiss onto her forehead.

A smile spread across her lips as she realized she did it without sacrifice or dying, her and Cloud we're still standing and could go home. "I couldn't have done it without you, Cloud. You protected me and made sure I made it here alive. You gave me hope when I gave up on it, you pushed me and together we found a way to do it without having us die."

The blond pulled back to look at the summoners face, but was interrupted as the ground beneath them started to shake and vanished as they started falling out of the sky. Cloud held tightly to Yuna as the ground came closer with each passing second. "So, this is how we're gonna go out huh?" he said in a small state of shock.
Yuna shook her head and smiled, "Just believe." She said as she pressed her lips roughly to Cloud's as they continued their decent. The blond closed his eyes and returned the kiss as he momentarily let himself forget where he was. The brunette's body started to fill with a warm sensation as she started to glow, calling Valefore to their rescue for what seems like the hundredth time now.

The aeon swooped down and gently caught both of their bodies, causing them both to laugh a little as it started soaring through the sky and victory cheers could be heard throughout Spira as they started heading home. "We saved the world..." Yuna smiled as the realization finally set in.

XxXxXx 1 week later xXxXxX

"Spira, is safe from Sin once again. The eternal calm is upon us now, we can rest easy." A familiar brunette said as she stood in an area filled with everyone in Spira. "We may have lost homes, dreams and people. But together, we can rebuild Spira, with new homes and new dream. Also, we will set up a memorial just for the people who was lost in Sin's wrathe." she contunied on, feeling a pang of sadness for the people who would never come home to enjoy a world without fear.

The arena filled with cheers in light of the new future that was offered to them. Yuna looked behind her to get a comforting glance at her guardian who smiled at her and continued her on. "Never forget what we've lost, but never loose faith in a brighter tomorrow." She said as she turned and walked away from her adoring crowed as they gave one last final cheer for her.

"It's gonna take some time to rebuild your world." Cloud said as he followed Yuna out of the arena and onto the streets of Luca.

She turned around and gave her former guardian a small comforting smile, "It will but with you and the rest of Spira by my side, it won't take much time at all."

The blond just shook his head and smiled a little, "I suppose you're right. You gave them the hope to drive to rebuild all that was lost. They can continue on thanks to you."

The brunette just laughed a little, "It was because of you too." She said as she closed the distance between them and place a small kiss on his lips.

The soldier returned the kiss before breaking and taking her hand into his as they finished walking through the busy streets of Luca. "I only played a small part in it, this was all your doing. And as a reward, one day I'll bring you to my world, just so you can see where I come from." he promised as they reached their destination and he helped his girl onto Valefore's back.

"You really mean that? But how would that be possible?" She seemed surprised and confused all at once.

He just smiled as he jumped on as well. "I don't know yet, but I will find a way to show you. I somehow managed to get here, I'm sure there's a way back." and with that, they took to the skies to start building a brighter future for Spira.

The End

Authors Note: Oh my gosh, it took almost two years to write this story. I feel like a horrible person T.T But Anyway Yunie, I hope you enjoyed the story I tried so hard to create for you. Also Thank you to the reviewers and subscribers, that meant a lot to me and made a great reminder that I needed to keep going with this the fact of having an incomplete story would drive me crazy. I'm sorry this took so long to finish, I'm usually better at stuff like this. Also now that this story is finally complete I will be starting new projects, mostly one shots for a while so I don't have situations like this happen again. But thank you everyone for the support. Until next time Kairiangel035 out~