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Now rEaD On!

The next morning I woke up in Jesse's room, on his bed! With...Emmy next to me, Jesse was sleeping on the floor with pillows and blankets and maybe even a mattress, I couldn't tell from all the sheets he had. He looked so cute lying there peacefully! I had to mentally slap myself to shake me off of my daze, Emmy woke up and sat next to me and started silently giggling. I looked at her with a 'what the hell?' look, and she laughed even harder.

"Dude you look like crap!" She whispered, my jaw dropped and I punched her slightly on the arm.

"your one to talk," I said whispering and glaring at her.

I relaized something that it wasn't a Satuarday nor was it a Sunday. I started to panick. "We're late for school!" I said and punched Jesse awake, making him frown at me. He looked at me then at the clock and shot up with a gasp.

"Yeah!" Emmy said dragging me out, "we'll be using Lea's shower, Get ready quickly we have no time left!"
After ten minutes of us, putting world records of the quickest showers ever gone down, and Jesse's promises of suicide, 'accidental' homocide, yelling and some words that usually aren't used around females, he agrred to minimu hos 'hari-hour' to 'hair-minute', that's of coures after Emmy said 'tell him either he hurrys or something bad would happen to hi chocolate stash' All the while staightening her hair herself. After the commotion we dragged him out locked him down to his seat, with only the help of one seat belt, took his car keys and drove our late asses to school.

"I look like something dragged right out of a grave!" Emmy said applying a little lip gloss

"ya look fine" Jesse saidturning the rear-view mirror to his side, I gave him a look. "You relaize this is haserdess, right?" I asked.

"Dammit woman I don't care, I looke even worse than Emmy does." He said

"Excuse Me?" Emmy asked with murder in her eyes.

"Zip it! 'hurry or i'll poison your chocolate'" He said mimmcking her voice, "You were straightening your hair for the love of God!"

"Well it's not my fault that my hair isn't naturally straight like some people..." She said shooting me a glare.

"Hey. Leave me out of this" I said.

"Fine." They both said angrily.

"Your hair looks like a mop.." He said.

"Your clothes looks like a bum's" Emmy retorded.

"Y'know your gaining weight..." Jesse said making Emmy gasp with surpsrie.

"Better than being like you anorexic, ass" She said

"I hope Zac Efron goes unemployeed." He shot back.

"Take that back!"

"Never! and the next time I'll see him I'll tell him about my crazy friend that's so littarly crazy about him, she kept a tissue he blew his nose in once..."

"Ohhh, if you thought you were gonna get poisened before..." She said threatning.

"You guys!" I said, they both looked my way. "We're here" I said opening the door and getting offwe we're walking as we heard the bell ring, and ran to our lockers, we quickly pulled our books and ran in diffrent directions. I got, uhm, burst in, all eyes fell on me. Including our Social Studies teacher Mr. McCaron and the principal Mrs. McCnealy.

'Just my luck, when I'm late the principal is already in class' I thougt.

"Ms. Geller," She started "I hope you have and explenation to why you're late?"

"I...the alarm didn't go off..." I whispered embarrassed.

"Well then, now that you've missed the pairing, I have no choice but to pair you with the only abscent student in this class." She said pulling two forums together. "Ms. Katie Silverstone" She said handing me a paper 'What?' I screamed inwardly. She said, "for the senior trip after the prom all pairs are spoused to come up with ideas, the best ides idea that's within budget, will be applied with a prize of a trip to Europe." Which go t the class to gasp, mine was a shocked chocked gasp off the unfair pairing.

"You will have to finish this in two weeks..." She said and babbled some more then left. The day couldn't have gone any slower as usual then I met up with Jesse, Emmy, Chris and Michael. Emmy and Chris sat holding hands 'till I told her 'bout what happened, her eyes doubled in size but she promised not to tell Jesse. 'Great' I thought, I have to sit with the girl I hate, that broke the my crush's heart, for three hours every day for two weeks minimum.

"So What do you have planned for tonight?" Michael asked.

"We're going out" Chris said including Emmy by holding her.

"Me nothing" Jesse said

"I...have this project..." I said "Can't make it, whatever it is..." I said.

"Oh, right...So do we..." Michaele said "So do we." He said patting Jesse on the back. "Wanna meet at my place or yours?" He asked Jesse.

"I don't care, espically the fact that I probably won't be doing any work." Jesse said.

"Me neither, So back to the question at hand!"

"I think that, nobody can make it!" Emmy said matter-of-factly.
"Chris and I also have to start this project if we finish our date early."

"Fine." Michael said turning to me and giving me his attention, " who's your partner?" he asked casually chewing down his food.

"Um...I haven't met her yet!Um...we're meeting tonight...so anyways where're you going?" I asked Emmy.

"I don't know probably hooters." She said as the bell rang we went our seprate ways. Wjen the day finished I want'd to die I only had three hours before my meeting with the devil!.