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Body of Evidence

"Oh my god," Cam breathed, turning wide eyes on Angela. "Are you seeing that?"

Angela followed her gaze to the dance floor, zeroing in on one particular couple. "Oh, they're just too hot, right?" She smiled, wide and wicked. "I'm getting singed just from here."

"Mmm …" Cam murmured distractedly, eyes glued to the dance floor in fascination, despite herself. She watched Booth smile down at Brennan, his splayed hands on her bare back unmistakably intimate. When he leaned down and brushed a soft kiss over her lips, Cam's jaw nearly dropped open. "I guess there'll be no more of their just partners song and dance," she concluded with a chuckle. "How long do you think that's been going on?"

"Years," Angela immediately replied.

"No, I mean …" Cam stopped short and smirked.

Angela laughed too and shrugged. "Probably as long as she's been going around with that happy glow." Her eyes tracked the swaying couple and they sparkled when she saw Brennan smile at whatever Booth whispered into her ear. "Aw, Cam, she looks really happy."

"Well, I've certainly never seen Booth look that blissful …" Even as she spoke, Cam considered the man she'd known for over fifteen years. "That look and that smile, though … that's always only been for Dr. Brennan."

Angela sighed, her romantic soul practically pulsing with giddiness. "I think I'm going to go find my husband and claim my own slow dance."

The song ended as Angela walked away in search of Hodgins and Cam watched Booth kiss Brennan one more time. It was just a quick brush of his lips over hers, but it seemed so tender, it nearly made her sigh. Her soul was not quite as romantic as Angela's, but she had to appreciate the rightness of these two people finally coming together. The evidence was simply in the way Booth smiled at his partner and then tucked a wavy strand of hair behind her ear.


One thin strap on her sleek evening gown was carefully slipped down and then another.

"Beautiful," Booth whispered, gathering her hair to the side and pressing his lips to the clean line of her shoulder. "Aw, Bones, you're so beautiful."

With a soft sigh, Brennan turned in his arms, head tipping back to allow his mouth to roam over her throat. He walked her back gently, lips moving across soft skin, hands working down a zipper.

From the living room to the bedroom there was a trail of elegant clothing; a flowing azure dress, a pressed white shirt, black panties and white briefs, high heels and cuff links all spread across the floor like paint on a canvas.

At the foot of the bed, Booth picked her up, setting her carefully amidst snow white sheets. Her hands reached for him, roaming his naked body in exploration. With a soft groan, he settled over her, breath hitching as her legs locked around his waist, arms around his shoulders.

Brennan's lips parted in a soundless little gasp when he slid inside her, softly and carefully filling her, inch by inch. He sank into her warmth, his own lips parting at the sensation. Booth watched her reaction and stroked his fingertips over her cheeks; amazed that even after all the times his body had slid inside hers, there always seemed to be something new to experience. It always seemed different somehow, her softness, her heat, the way her eyes glimmered; all so paradoxically familiar and new at the same time.

Her fingernails scraped along his back, but the sting was oh so gentle, just like the rhythm he had set between her thighs. He surged into her and she met each stroke, smooth and luxurious and building up the pleasure in drowsy waves that lapped playfully against them.

"Booth …" she whispered his name softly, her hands and lips showering soft caresses over him. In response, he closed one hand over her breast and her back arched automatically, one achy nipple pushing into the press of his thumb. One rotation of his finger and then his tongue was licking over the peak with infinite tenderness. Shivers broke out pleasantly all over her body as his lips and his tongue journeyed over her skin.

His mouth trailed over her chest so reverentially, Brennan was almost unprepared when his lips trailed up her throat to claim hers in a kiss so deep, it left her dazzled. Her hands tunneled in his hair, automatically holding him against her. With a gasp, their lips parted and he stared down at her with eyes so gleaming black, she could almost see her reflection.

"I love you."

Like liquid gold, the sweetest pleasure shuddered over their surging bodies and amidst soft, strangled gasps, there was only one response.

"I love you."


"You're watching me again," Booth murmured, eyes still closed and lips curving into a smile.

"You look very peaceful," Brennan replied by way of explanation. Quite a few mornings she had found herself waking up before him and staring, unable to help herself. "Is it … is it creepy?"

"What?" Booth's eyes flew open. "No. You can look all you want, Bones," he said, giving a lazy morning smile. "You can touch too, you know."

Brennan smiled as well and reached out a hand, fingertips stroking against his morning stubble. "Waking up and finding you next to me still feels surreal." Her hand cupped his cheek, thumb rubbing a purposeful circle over his skin. "The evidence is right here, but even after all these weeks, I wake up and I just … I guess I watch you because I'm convincing myself you're, in fact, right here."

He cupped his hand over hers and pressed a kiss to the center of her palm. "I am. I am right here." His other arm circled around her waist, sliding her body flush against his. "I don't ever want to be anywhere else."

"Good," she whispered against his neck, fingers curling tightly over his nape. "Because I want you to be here always."

"I plan to." Booth slid his hand from the dip of her spine down to cup her bottom possessively. "I swear. I'll give you all the evidence you need on that."

Her lips curved against his warm skin and she slid a bare thigh over his hip, getting as close as possible. "Will you?"

"Yes," Booth promised, rolling her under him in one easy, unhurried move. Capturing her tiny moan with his mouth, he slid home with a soft moan of his own. "Any type of evidence, any way you want it, Bones."


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