I have just corrected the grammar issues with My Sins Remembered and will be doing the same to all of them. I also want to thank the following reviews for their great input when I originally wrote this story.

Rosslyn Verity, HalliwellMB, MsDrea, P.M.H, Charmedfam, LindaNaley, Victoria, sg90210, Sophie Diamond. You guys are awesome and kept me going and I want to clean this up for you because you were so supportive in my writing.

Synopsis: My Sins Remembered

Takes place in season three.

Phoebe gives in to temptation and reads Piper's diary. She is pulled into a collage of memories form Piper's high school days and gets more then she bargained for. Huge gaps in the timeline and memories that were never spoken to anyone. What will happen when Phoebe is finally freed from the nightmare, will a new one began?

Synopsis: The Dark Diary

Takes place in season five

Everyone life seems normal and free of demons at the moment, but a discovery of a diary completely coated in chemistry symbols brings back old and horrifying memories.

Synopsis: Evil Webs

Takes place in season five

This is a sequel to The Dark Diary, I know I said that I was taking a brake but it just came to me and I had to continue. This takes place only a few weeks after The Dark Diary and I most warn you, it will be darker as more twists and turns happen chapter by chapter.

Synopsis: The Dark One

Take place after season eight = On hold for right now.

21, 13, 50, 39, 13 to those who have not read the My Sins Remembered this sequence of numbers means nothing but to those who have it can only mean one thing, she is back and with a vengeance. More memories revealed more dark secrets unleashed.

Synopsis: Inherited chaos

Takes Place after season eight and all the kids are teenagers.

Not started:

Piper's daughter starts acting strange and she fears the worse as her past illness may have been passed on to her youngest child. Is Sanya back and is she more then what any ever could have known. Will Melinda be able to control her or will she lose the battle?