Chapter 5: Snowflakes

Rosalie's' POV

Her smile was all I saw as I unconsciously closed the gap between us and wound my arms around her waist. It felt miraculous to have her in my arms. Her breast resting just below mine, her head resting on my collar bone.

"What's this for?" She whispered.

I kept my response as nonchalant as I could. "You hug your friends don't you?"

"Y-yes…" Her voice was shaky.

Though I wanted to hold onto her forever I was aware of how late it was and aware of the fact that Bella would need to go to bed soon. "Are you done eating?"


"Then let's get you in bed."

I could feel confusion and longing coming from her after I released her and led the way back upstairs to my room. After she took a shower and changed into the pajamas Alice picked up for her, a pair of old sweats and a shirt that looked like it belonged to her dad, Bella laid down in bed next to me. I wrapped the blanket around her and moved her closer to me.

The scent of her blood called to me but I easily ignored it as Bella drifted off to sleep. Her heart beat and her breathing evened out, letting me know she was asleep. I got up to leave when Alice's soprano voice drifted upstairs.

"Tell her you're leaving, Rosalie."

I looked down at Bella. "She's asleep, Alice, why would I tell her that?"

"She will get upset." Was her simple response.

I growled. Bella's body instantly tensed up and her breathing quickened.

"Way to go, Rose, you've made her upset." Jasper's commented.

My anger was quickly building. "Yeah, well maybe someone should think about how this is affecting me as well, instead of just thinking of the human! She's not the only one that mated!"

Bella was now tossing and turning in her sleep. I tightened my hold on her to keep her still while taking deep, unnecessary breaths to calm myself down. I heard Esme contradicting my little rant and saying how much she and the family cares about me as well but my primary attention wasn't on her. My primary attention was on the beautiful brunette who was still having a fitful sleep because of my little tantrum.

After a few minutes I was completely calm and Bella's breathing had, again, evened out and she seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

I instantly regretted the fact that I, Rosalie Hale, let something so small upset me so much. I regretted that because I was upset, I caused Bella to be upset, even in her sleep. Which makes me hate the fact that I actually, really do care about Bella.

I sighed as I moved Bella's hair out of her face and bent down so my mouth was level with her ear. "I'll be back."

"She'll be fine." Alice reassured me as I quickly left the room and joined my family downstairs in the family room.

Esme was the first to make a move. She pulled me into a bone crushing hug and smoothed the hair out of my face. "Rosalie Lillian Hale." She scolded. "Don't you ever think that we don't care about you. You know that is not true."

"I know, Mom." I rolled my eyes but allowed my adoptive vampire mother to continue to hold me.

"I've been doing some research." Carlisle began.

Esme kissed the top of my head and floated over to her husband.

"It seems that, just like vampire to vampire mating, every vampire to human mating varies. No one mating is alike." Carlisle wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her into his body.

"Just like snowflakes." Emmett murmured.

Kat smiled at Emmett's child-like comment, while everyone else just rolled their eyes.

"In fact, we know of a pair." The blond doctor continued.

I waited patiently for my father to explain who it was. My patience quickly left when I saw Edward's and Alice's shocked faces.

Alice jumped up and began to pace. "How did we not know this until now?"

"Never once did either think it…" Edward looked as if he was going over his perfect memory in his head.

"Yes, it must of been." The little pixie answered an unasked question.

"Almost as if…"

Kat grabbed Alice's wrist and pulled her down onto the couch next to her after Alice's fifth time passing her. "Hello A & E, it's time someone intervened so the rest of us can know what's going on."

"Eleazar and Carmen," Carlisle looked at me apologetically. "It's not something they like to discuss or, as it appears, even think about."

"They are both vampire though." Emmett stated.

"Just as the sky is blue, and the grass is green, my love." Esme gave her husband one last kiss and stepped away from him. "What do you think Bella will want for breakfast? I want to start practicing."

"Wait, what?" A confused Emmett shouted.

"She was stating the obvious, just as you had, Em." Jasper smirked.

"Anything you make will be fine." Alice answered. "May I help?"

"Which one was human?" I asked, bringing the subject back to what mattered to me.

"Carmen was." Carlisle led the way into his study. Only Edward and I followed, leaving the others to listen while they did their night time activities. "I hope you don't mind, I need to get some paper work completed." He had a seat at his desk and began to shuffle through the papers.

I took the seat across from his desk leaving Edward to stand. "By all means; why was Carmen turned?"

"They are mates, Rosalie, Eleazar had no other choice."

"Bella will not be turned into one of us." Edward declared. The conviction in his voice was hard to ignore.

Carlisle grimaced. "The decision is not yours, son."

"Rosalie doesn't want it either." Edwards's lean frame leaned away from the wall he was leaning against.

"The decision will be up to Bella's and Bella's alone." Esme soft, yet scolding, motherly voice drifted inside the study,

"Your mother is correct. If Bella shall one day decide that she will like to become immortal, then it will happen." The patriarch of our family supported his other half. His gentle eyes focused solely on me. "And if not, you need to be ready for the consequences of living an immortal life without your mate, Rosalie."

I nodded my head and stood up to leave.

"Did you not want to know more about Eleazar and Carmen; about human to vampire mating?"

"We'll wait until Bella is conscious for that." I quickly excited the room and ran outside to get in a quick hunt.

"Mind if I join you?"

I looked over to see Kat running alongside of me and nodded my head. Without talking, we ran until I felt I couldn't be any farther from Bella without physical pain. I found and drained a nice size coyote and a couple of bucks before I felt full enough to be around Bella.

It was around 3 in the morning before Kat and I ran back to the house at a human pace.

"You think you'll be okay for school today?" My first youngest sister asked. Her voice held nothing but concern.

I visibly scoffed at the idea of me losing my control. "Of course I will." My voice was harsh even to my own ears. I wouldn't apologize for it though.

Kat just rolled her eyes. "You're a newly mated vampire with a difficult, strange mating, Rosalie. I wouldn't put it past it you if you weren't going to be okay. I mean with people touching her and you not being able to be with her all the time."

A smile graced my lips. "I guess I'll just have to do something about that then huh...?"