Authors: pprbckwrtr and docwho2100

Disclaimer: You know the drill, we did not create nor do we own the characters.

A/N: I wanted to try my hand at a POV story but was a little leery so with a little arm twisting (yeah right) docwho2100 agreed to help out. We each took a viewpoint and I'm confident that you'll know who wrote which character.

A/N2: Since this is an experiment this is a short story with very little case to speak of. But with a few kind words to soothe the ego there could be seconds.

Chapter 1

Nikki's P.O.V.

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip...

I so want to go over to the kitchen sink and turn that damn faucet off; but the techs have not cleared the kitchen and considering one of the bodies is in here, the faucet is hands off.

Drip, drip, drip, drip...

God, save me.

"There you are Nikki."

Distraction, I am saved, Dan I am so loving you right now, I forgive you all the times you leer at Nora. Okay, maybe some of the times; yesterday in the elevator I so know you were staring at her butt the whole time and...


I really have to watch myself in getting swept up and distracted.

"Sorry Lieutenant," I can't help but smirk as I see him grimace a bit. I know he hates the title, I know he also loves it. Dan sometimes is so easy to read, unlike some people in the department.

"Are you okay with the scene?"

I nod slowly, partially miffed and partially touched that he asked as his voice held that caring tone. You know the one, the one that could be, "Hey my friend, you doing alright?" or the one that could mean, "Oh you are much too delicate to be able to understand or handle something like this."

I am very familiar with that tone. And the whispers that often follow, the whispers that confirm the tone was motivated by the unfavorable impression they had formed; that I was the type to be easily offended, put off, or unable to understand certain subjects. Unfortunately I have spent most of my life getting that tone, both from others in my supposed "social circle" and those outside that circle. "Why, Beaumont's little girl can't possible have a stomach for things as gruesome as a crime scene and detective work. She is just a beauty with no brains or brawn to speak of..." I've had enough people assume that about me that the hackles tend to rise anytime I hear a tone or words that could even mildly be interpreted as that line of thought.

Of course since working with Dan, I'd learn he'd had to fight certain assumptions as well, so he tended not to make them. And considering this was a double murder scene, a shotgun the weapon of choice, it was fair to think maybe I'd need a break from the scene. I'd already heard two of the uniforms out back vomiting. A tribute to their training that they'd managed to try and clear the crime scene before losing their breakfast.

I'll go for a teasing smile, to ease my mood, "So far hanging in, better than Nodget and Harris out back."

Laughing, Dan nods, his gaze averting toward the back of the house. "I had to walk outside twice myself. Charlie is not going to have an easy time identifying the one body; the one in the bedroom," he pauses a moment before continuing, his brow furrowing as he sticks his hand in his pants pocket, "The one in the bedroom, the shot was to the face."

Alright, I guess I wasn't being fair to Dan, I should know better and trust my boss more; he does care about all of his detectives. I wince as I think about the possible condition of the body in the bedroom. I'd not made it to that room yet, I was taking the scene slow. Well, truth be told, I was being a little bitchy, having already snapped at two uniforms and a tech since arriving.

But, to try and plead my case, today was just a crappy day. Considering the call for this case had pulled me from a talk with my father and grandmother, my mood sour from the one-two punch I'd gotten as they ganged up on me about my future. I was just a walking tinderbox waiting to go up in glorious flames and woe to the one that sparked my ignition. Maybe that was why I'd not gone out of my way to find Nora. Lord help me if I start snapping at her, I'll be in sore trouble once we get home.

Nora's P.O.V.

As I roll up out front of the crime scene I already feel out of sorts. I don't know why Nikki's family breakfast has me feeling uneasy, it's not like I ever go but I'm usually invited. Then seeing Carrie's name on my caller id...after all this time what the hell did she want? I wish she had left a message.

As I climb out of the car I straighten my gun and badge, my way of getting my head in the game. I assess the scene outside as I walk up the driveway; the building is a small duplex, half kept up half not, probably a rental. The yellow tape surrounds the nice half, that could change the circumstances. Maybe I shouldn't judge before I get inside but it's the hazards of the job.

I spot two officers catching their breath in the backyard. I'm not surprised to find Nodget out here but Harris..."Bad in there?" I ask, trying not to sound judgmental.

"It sure ain't pretty," Harris answers.

"What do we have?"

"Female victim with a shotgun blast to the chest in the kitchen and an apparent suicide in the bedroom."

"Sure it's a suicide?" I ask, hoping to get a picture before I step inside.

"Oh yeah," Nodget says as he continues sucking in the oxygen.

"Do we have ids yet?"

"It'll be a while getting one off the suicide."

"Oh," I say as it finally sinks in why they are out here. I remember my first shotgun suicide, thankfully I hadn't spoiled the scene. "He meant business huh?"

"She," Harris corrects and it throws me slightly. Not a typical method for a woman.

"Okay, thanks guys." I guess I can't put it off any longer, I turn and head into the house. "Hey guys," I announce my presence as I step into the kitchen. I take in the young woman sitting in the kitchen chair. "Has Charlie cleared her yet?"

"He's got his hands full in the bedroom." I can hear the tension in the young tech's voice; damn, it must be bad in there. I step closer to the victim. "Why do they always have to take someone with them?"


I shake my head, not realizing I had spoken out loud. "Do you know who she is?"

"I think the landlord is in the front room. I don't know if your partner talked to him yet."

"Thanks Alex." I step into the other room, thankful that Nikki's already here. I spot a slightly overweight, graying man with a tool box standing as close to the open front door as he possibly can without being outside. "I'm Detective Delaney," I hold out my hand as I step toward him.

"Tony Lugo."

"You found them?"

I watch as his eyes dart toward the hallway and I follow his gaze where I finally spot Nikki standing in front of an open door, must be the bedroom. "I was supposed to fix the faucet." I have to strain to hear his quiet answer.

"Who's place is this?" I ask and his eyes immediately dart back to the kitchen.

"Erin's." I step out the front door and Lugo follows me onto the porch, his voice is much stronger as he continues. "Erin North, she moved in about a month ago."

"Do you know the other woman?"

"I'd seen her around a lot but I never met her."

"So they didn't live here together."

"Only one name on the lease but I can't say for sure how many actually live here."

"Okay, thank you Mr. Lugo. If you could just hang out here for a few more minutes, I'm sure we won't need to keep you too much longer." I smile at him and notice he looks less pale being outside, he nods and I'm able to step back in. Now to join my partner.