The guillotine's blade came crashing down onto the watermelon that Liddell had place inside of it. She had been locked in the torture chamber for the last hour. Using the guillotine to slice up large fruit and vegetables and anything else she could find; all the while imagining that it was a certain vampire's head being cut up.

"I can't believe he lied to me. To me!"

One hour ago:

"What was that?" Liddell asked slightly yelling. She, Loue, and Hansel were in the gate room. They had just escaped from Goth and were hiding in the castle.

Loue looked at her with fake confusion. He knew what she was talking about but wanted to avoid the subject for as long as he could.

"Do you mean the thing with the bats or the thing with cape? Those are actually common tricks with…."

"NOT THAT!" she yelled and she hit Loue with her umbrella, a lot harder than she normally does. "I meant the part about Goth wanting to make me his bride. You told me that he wanted to mark the princesses. Oh and let's not forget the fact that he told me you had a girlfriend you wanted to mark after you had told me you never had someone like that."

Hansel stood off to the side of the room as far away from the two as she could get. She may be young but even she knew that you never get in the middle of a lover's spat. Loue sighed; he knew he couldn't avoid telling her any longer.

"Alright, I'll tell you everything but you have to stay calm."

"No promises."

"Alright it is true that Goth wants to mark you. When he heard that a young school girl managed to defeat Eld Witch he couldn't resist adding you to his list of trophy wives. I will admit that his plan to mark a princess was primarily a ploy to lure you here but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have marked a princess if he ever got his hands on one." Liddell would only glare at Loue, so he continued. "We tried handling the situation on our own and avoid bringing you here but he kept sending monsters by the hundreds. Eventually our numbers and resources began to dwindle and we had no choice but to call you to help."

"What about your girlfriend?" she asked in a snide childish tone.

"Princess Rozen and I had a simple and short relationship. We started out as friends and because we got along so well we tried to be something more. Our whole relationship was done in secret especially from her mother. As far as Eld Witch was concerned no one was good for her precious daughters." He took a moment to look at Liddell. Her face still held that glare but she didn't say anything. He didn't like her being this silent. Nothing good happens when someone like Liddell is silent.

"I didn't exactly lie to you before when I said there was no one that I wanted to mark. Rozen and I were good together but something inside of me kept telling me that this was not the girl I was meant to spend eternity with; though anyone looking at us probably would have thought otherwise. That's how Goth found out. He saw us together one day and thought that things were serious between us. At first he commended me for being able to land a princess. Then the war came and I turned traitor against my kingdom. Goth was more furious with me than anyone. Since I was his apprentice he had expected me to be like him exactly. He thought the perfect way to get revenge on me was by marking Rozen. However, Rozen was not like the other women Goth had mark in the past. Not only was she a princess but she had the resolve to do what no other woman before did."

Loue paused and look like he trying to find a way to form his next few words exactly right. His face had sadness to it that Liddell had never seen before. It was this look that caused her to momentarily forget her anger.

"What did she do?" she asked in a soft voice.

"After Goth mark her… Rozen took her own life." Liddell's eyes widened in shock and Hansel let out an audible gasp from the corner. "It was this that sent Eld Witch into a rage and sealed Goth away. She would have killed him right then and there but did not wish waste her power." He looked to Liddell. Her face was turned toward the ground so he could not read her expression. "Liddell, I apologize sincerely for lying to you but I thought if you knew the truth you wouldn't come at all and I couldn't take that risk."

"Do you really think so little of me? That I'm so selfish and can't help anyone." She turned toward and he saw the tears that were streaming down her face. "Stupid Loue…you don't know me at all!" She turned and stormed out of the gate room leaving a shocked Loue behind her.


Slash! Another fruit mercilessly claimed by the blade. Liddell was now crying again.

"He doesn't trust me"

Outside the torture room stood an anxious Kaguya who was debating whether or not go inside and console her friend.

"Still in there?" she heard someone ask. She turned to find Lyra and Hansel coming towards her.

"Yes, and I'm starting to get worried. This is very out of character for her."

Lyra snorted at the comment. "It's out of character for Liddell to lock herself in a small dark room and cut up small objects? Somehow I doubt that."

"Either way this can't be good for her." Kaguya says as she presses her ear to the door. "I think she's crying."

"Besides I don't think it will make a difference what we do," said Hansel. "The only one who can really help Liddell right now is Loue."

"I agree," said Lyra. "He broke her he can fix her."

Kaguya still looked unsure. "I hope so."

Loue was in the coffin room, his arms limp at his sides as he waited for them to finish mending. He felt horrible at how things went with Liddell. He should have just been honest with her from the very beginning and told her everything. Not just about Goth but about Rozen as well.

For 1000 years he felt guilty about what happened to Rozen. It was because of his relationship with her and his treachery that she was targeted by Goth and had to take the actions that she did. He thought it was the perfect punishment when Queen Alice put him here and made him guard Eld Witch's seal, even though that wasn't her intention. He preferred things this way. He wanted to be alone and have no one to get close to. That way no one got hurt because of him again.

Then Liddell came. Although they were together for a short time, she had managed to mend his heart. The way she laughed. How she stood up to every enemy and obstacle she faced. Her cute facial expression whenever he patted her head. She may have been a hand full but that didn't stop his feelings. By the time their adventure was over he knew without a single doubt, this is the girl he is supposed to mark.

"Trouble in paradise," said the Hatter as he appeared from out of no where

"What do want?" He was not in the mood for this person right now.

"I'm here to remind you that you still have a mission to complete. The last princess is waiting for you to come and get her."

"We had to take a break. I'm injured."

"Your arms healed five minutes ago while you were lost thought."

Loue moved his arms and saw that he right. "We're still not ready to go."

"Having problems with your witch?"

"I suppose you could say that."

"What are you more worried about? The fact that Liddell might not return your feelings or that Goth might mark her before you do."

"If my encounter with Goth just now has proven anything; it's that even after 1000 years I am still no match for him. That means I am completely incapable of protecting Liddell."

"I wouldn't say that. There is one thing you can do that can keep Goth away." At Loue's skeptical look the Hatter said, "All you have to do is mark her now."

"You're insane," he hissed.

"Why? Because I'm realistic. You said so yourself you can't fight Goth and he can't mark a girl who already has a mark."

"Even if I over look the fact that marking will cause her unimaginable physical pain. Her body would be frozen the way it is now, she would stop aging. That means she can't return to the life she had before. She would have to give up her school, her friends, and her family. If I forced her to do all that just because I didn't want another vampire marking her first, she would definitely hate me for it."

"You would have eternity to work out your marital issues."

"I'm serious! This is not how I wanted Liddell to receive my feelings."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I don't know but I do know what I have to do right now and that's make things right with Liddell." With that said Loue took off toward the torture room and the Hatter disappeared. Both unaware that someone heard their whole conversation.

"What are you three doing?" Loue asked as he saw Kaguya, Lyra, and Hansel outside the torture room with their ears pressed to the door.

At the sound of Loue's voice the three instantly backed away from the door. "Nothing," said Kaguya in a nervous tone. "We were just worried about Liddell. She's been locked in that room ever since you said you hated her personality and that she was a bad person."

"I never said that!"

"Really? You said he said that," said Kaguya as she looked to Hansel.

"That's what it sounded like to me. After all, she did get upset when he said she wouldn't help others over herself."

"Who would think that Liddell doesn't help others?" asked Lyra. "Are we forgetting a certain Eld Witch incident?"

"I certainly haven't," stated Kaguya.

Uhhh. They were giving him a mind grain. He forgot what gossips princesses could be. "If you don't mind I'm going to go talk to Liddell."

"You better be nice to her or when you get out of that room we won't be nice to you," threatened Lyra while three princesses glared at him and Hansel pounded her fist in her hand for tough effect.

"Alright." Note to self don't anger princesses and definitely do NOT have them stay in your castle ever again. With that thought in mind Loue opened the door to the room and went inside to talk to Liddell.

When he first entered the torture room he noticed his witch sitting next to the guillotine with her legs to her chest and her face buried into her knees. He couldn't tell if she was crying right now but he knew she probably had been. Without saying a word he crossed the room to her. Instead of stopping in front of her he went behind her and sat down, pressing their backs against each other.

"For months after you left I watched you while you were at school. I saw how you went about your everyday life as if nothing was different. One night, in particular, you had nightmare. I'm not sure what it was about but it had you shaking and crying. That was the one time I came out of my bat form, so that I could go console you. I held you and instantly you calmed down. As if you knew that nothing was going to hurt and that you were safe. From that moment on I wanted you to always have that feeling. I wanted to be the one to protect you."

"That's why I lied to you before about Goth and Rozen. I thought if you knew the truth about them and about my past that you would see me differently. I already hate myself for what happened. I couldn't take the risk of you hating me too.

"I hate the fact that you kept secrets from me but I don't hate you personally," said Liddell.

"You don't?"

"No." She turned around so that they were facing each other. "You're one of the few people in my life that I actually trust. I can't afford to be mad at you."

""Thank you, Liddell." Loue said with a smile.

"I remember that night, when I had the nightmare. I dreamt of my mother leaving me again and that I was left alone in the darkness. I always hated that feeling. Then something happened, from the shadows came a pair of arms that pulled me into a gentle embrace. Even though the arms came from the shadows they didn't feel cold. They felt warm and safe. That was you weren't it? I know it was because I've had that same feeling ever since I've been here with you now."

She leaned forward and wrap her arms around Loue's neck and he responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close.

"You are able to heal my pain Loue. So please, let me heal you too. I don't want you to keep secrets and feel pain anymore. I want to always remain by your side." As she said this tears were streaming down Liddell's face as she poured her heart out to Loue. "I love you."

Loue's eyes widened in shock for before they softened. He had never felt so relieved. He pulled back so he could see Liddell's face. He gently wiped away her tears and smiled at her. "I love you too Liddell. Already you have begun to heal the pain in my heart. I can't imagine not having you in my life. I want you to always be by my side." He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to Liddell's. Both promising to always protect the other.

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