Lost and Found: Brothers Prologue

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Lily sat next to James in front of the phone they hade just had installed. "James, I have an idea for protecting the boys. One that has to do with my favorite cousin."

James looked surprised. "Crazy Nodaka?"

Lily nodded. "Yes, it also involves our will."

"We already have a list they are to go to Lily."

Lily hugged her husband. "I know, I am only asking that we add No-chan."

"No problem." They didn't notice they're three-year-old, Ranma listening in.

He had wanted a hug from Mama but now, it might be better to leave them alone and go back to watch his younger brothers Dou and Harry. He toddled back into their Play room and saw Duo trying to stand up. "Mama, Popa!"

Lily and James came running into the room and grinned when they noticed Duo. "You can do it Duo." Lily encouraged him.

James clapped when Duo stood up. Duo turned his blue-violet eyes on his father and smiled.

Lily picked him up. "You're such a good boy Duo!"

"Mama…" Duo hugged his mother tightly. He loved their family.

Lily smiled sadly, knowing that this might be the last time she would see her boys.

Several days later Lily and James met Nodaka at the airport. "No-chan!"

"Hello Lily, it's nice to see you again." Nodaka smiled. "You have a plan of some kind?"

Lily nodded, she seemed sad as she handed her eldest son to her favorite cousin. "Please take care of Ranma for a while Nodaka. We will be sending our other boys, Harry and Duo soon."

Nodaka nodded solemnly. "I promise on my honor to take care of your sons Lily."

"Thank you."

Nodaka turned around and got back onto the plan. "Don't worry Ranma-kun, your little brothers will be joining us soon.


Duo hugged his Mama tightly, trying not to cry as she pulled away. He tried to be happy, because he was going to see Ran soon, but he knew something was wrong, he might never get there.

At the flight desk, a mistake was made and Duo got onto the wrong flight.


October 31, 1981, the day before Nodaka was to come pick up Harry was a disaster. HE had found them and they knew who was responsible. "Lily, take Harry and run! We don't have any time left!" James hollered into the living room as he ran to cut off their attacker in the front hall.

Lily ran up the stairs to where Harry was sitting in his crib, all but a day's clothing had already been shipped to Nodaka in Japan. Her youngest son blinked up at her in confusion when she barricaded the door.

He didn't know that this would be the worst night of his life.