LAF Chapter 9

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Harry watched as Duo pulled out his cell phone and made a call to Sally while Ranma made an appointment for Harry with Doctor Tofu.

Ranma finished first. "I need to check on my girls… They were attacked and, nearly killed… I'll come get you in a bit."

Duo nodded as he waited for Sally to pick up.

Ranma left them in the dojo and entered the house proper. He poked his head into the kitchen to check on Kasume and Mousse before heading up the stairs. Nabiki was coming down. "Oh good, Ranma, Shampoo is staying for dinner but she and Akane are refusing to leave Akane's bedroom. I think the attack really scared them."

"Thank you Nabs, I'll take care of it." Ranma nodded. He knocked on the door. "Shampoo, 'Kane?"

The door opened. "Ranma?" Akane appeared. "Oh Ranma!" She pulled him into the room.

"I've got 'cha 'Kane-chan." Ranma hugged one of his, shaking, nearly sobbing fiancés. "Shh…" He saw Shampoo shivering on the bed.

"It was too too bad Airen… Green lights give off too too cold bad feeling…"

Ranma maneuvered so that he and Akane were sitting next to Shampoo on the bed. "What do you mean Shampoo-chan, tell me what happened."

Shampoo nodded. "Light feel bad. Too too bad…" She bit lip. "Give off feeling off… Death."

"Death?" Ranma asked.

Shampoo nodded.

Ranma pulled her nto a hug also. "You are home now girls, you are safe here with me. I won't let anything happen to you…"

Both girls gave him watery smiled.

"Now," Ranma smiled. "Why don't we go downstairs and distract you from this and I can find out what happened later. You can watch me beat the Panda if you like…"

They both agreed, drying their eyes. "Yes Ranma."


Shampoo came running down the stairs at the five pilots and Harry set the table. She poked her head in the kitchen. "Shampoo help Home Make and Duck Boy with dinner?"

Kasume looked up. "Sure Shampoo."

Mousse nodded too.

Shampoo waved to the boys and disappeared into the kitchen.

"BOY!" Ranma looked up and saw Harry flinch as Genma attacked, not himself, but Duo.

"Goddamn it Pops!" Ranma muttered, placing himself between his younger brother and adopted father. They were both thrown into the koi pond.

Ran, Duo!" Harry called feeling panicked.

Ranma popped up appearing fine, but Duo didn't resurface. "Damn it Pops! No attacking the guests!" She lunged at the man enraged that he would attack her little brother!

Heero watched the pound, waiting for Duo to resurface. He looked over at Duo's younger brother.

Quatre watched the time, nervously. Four minutes was almost up and that was the limit that not even Heero could get around… If Duo didn't come up for air soon they would have to go in the pond and pull him out.

Ranma kicked Genma into the Koi pond, he burst out a minute later but there was still no Duo. Was Duo drowning? Or was he just playing dead?


Done! None of my muses fought me the whole time… *glares at Quatre and Trowa, who took over for Duo who ran away…* I swear that boy…