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Author's Note: The ongoing saga of Juice and Milla. I've skipped ahead a couple of years and this story starts with the Pilot episode.

Mending Walls

Chapter One

"Ok, I know Jax, I don't have time to look in on her. No, I'm not ignoring her; I really don't have the time. If I had the time I'd be screwing my boyfriend's brains out but I haven't even seen him in two days. Listen, if I find a quick break in my schedule I'll go check up on Wendy, but if she's high I'm wrestling her into a car and taking her to detox, ok. Ok, I'll talk to you later brother." I hung up and looked at the document in front of me.

I was trying to figure out how to cut the section out that mentioned the club without upsetting the narrative structure of the report. Ever since I'd started working at the Charming Gazette I'd been stuck writing dinky reviews and the "This Week in Charming" feature. That changed six months ago when James Dart was fired from the paper. He had spent a year and a half as my tormentor, making me rewrite my articles until they were what he wanted, making me stay late to prevent me from seeing my man and just being an ass. Eventually things got so bad that the other staff members were noticing and an anonymous report found its way to the paper's owner, who happened to be an old buddy of my dad's. Dart was unceremoniously ousted and I received a nice promotion and raise. I became associate editor in charge of the investigative reporting and true crime reports. The job went a long way in keeping the MC out of the paper.

I finally figured out the right way to fix the problem and finished editing the article, which just left two more articles to go. I was hunched over the computer for hours more and still didn't get the editing done. I looked at the clock and saw that it was past quitting time. It was too late to check on Wendy but I could make it home in time to see Juice and make up for two days without him.

I got to my jeep and stretched, trying to get the kinks out of my back and decided that rather than go home I would go to the garage. I made my way and saw Lowell and Kip closing the doors. This new Prospect looked like he'd be working out. He was a good guy who put up with all their shit and went out of his way to support the club. I also liked flirting with him whenever Juice got too close to a crow eater.

"Hey Kip, my man here?" I shouted to him as I parked in front of the clubhouse.

"Yeah, he's here." He smiled and pointed to the clubhouse I smiled back and headed in that direction.

When I walked in I smiled, Juice was playing pool with Opie and obviously losing while Piney was running commentary. I went to the bar and leaned against it while I waited for Juice to see me. I didn't have to wait long.

"Baby!" Juice set down his pool cue and practically ran to me. I fell into his arms and he kissed me with all he had.

"Get a room you two, but not until he pays my boy what he owes him." Piney ordered from his spot by the table.

"How much do you owe baby? Will we be able to pay the mortgage this month?" It was meant to be a joke but I saw the furrow to Opie's brow.

"It's not much, just a couple c-notes. I've got some money coming from the run I did last night." He kissed my neck and I sighed.

"Finish your game baby, then we can catch up." He groaned then let go of me and went back to the table.

I got behind the bar and grabbed a coke while Juice lost more of our money. I wasn't sure if he was losing on purpose to give Opie money or was just sucking. After about his third "almost there" shot I realized that he was just sucking at the game tonight. They finished the game with a manly hug and Juice fished money out of his wallet. He looked at the amount in his hand then looked at Opie. I couldn't hear what he said but he came over to where I was sitting.

"Babe, you wouldn't happen to have three hundred on you, would you." He asked as he kept looking back at Opie who was laughing his ass off.

I reached into my bra and drew out the five hundred I kept for emergencies. Juice's eyes stayed fixed to my cleavage even as I counted out three hundred. I held it out to him and he was still entranced by the breasts he hadn't seen in two days.

"Baby, go give Opie his money." He smiled sheepishly then gave me a quick peck as he took the money.

They played another game just for fun while I went to sit next to Piney. He put his arm around me and pulled me close.

"You have a good man there girly. You gonna say yes to his proposal or just keep him dangling in the wind." Piney was referring to the fact that Juice had asked me to marry him a month ago and asked me at least once a week since then.

"Why do we need to get married? I have the crow; we own a house and our lives are a partnership. Hell we even have a joint checking account. Marriage is just a slip of paper; it means nothing in the context of us." I looked at Juice and smiled, I already felt like I was married to him.

"You just don't want to have your mother plan your wedding. I know you girl; I've been around since you were a baby." He kissed my hair and kept holding me.

"This is a big issue Piney, I need time to think. But if I do agree the wedding will not be a Gemma Teller-Morrow production." He laughed and let me go.

I walked to the empty stripper pole and started doing some moves. I always loved the pole and hated that the crow eaters monopolized it. As I started a routine I used for my workouts, I was doing the strippercize program at my gym, I noticed Kip watching me with his mouth in an "o" I winked at him and continued using the pole. Suddenly some bump and grind music started and one of the boys from another charter came to the pole and held out a twenty.

"Where do I put this sweet thing?" He asked as I stopped in my tracks.

"You put it back in your pocket and walk away. She's an Old Lady." I stared in shock at Kip as he defended my honor.

"Shut the fuck up Prospect, I can see and touch what I want in this clubhouse and I want her." He reached out and grabbed my arm jerking me from the stage.

I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Juice stalking over with a pool cue. Before he could get there Kip sucker punched the man who had my wrist, forcing him to release his hold, then gave him a brutal uppercut.

"I may be a Prospect but I know how to treat a lady." He looked around victorious, just as the guy got up and gave him a left hook. They fought for what couldn't have been more than a few seconds before Kip knocked him out cold. I saw blood trickle out of the corner of his mouth and went to him.

"You need some ice." I took his hand and led him to the bar.

I busied myself making him a makeshift ice pack when Juice came to the bar and glared at me, then Kip. He slammed down the pool cue and I flinched but didn't look up.

"What the fuck is going on here? You fucking the Prospect?" He reached over the bar and grabbed my arm, not roughly but not exactly gentle either, on instinct Kip grabbed his and yanked him away.

I gave the ice to Kip, then went around the bar and grabbed Juice by the collar. Once I had a good hold I dragged him back to the dorms and threw him into an empty one. I sat down on the bed and waited for him to continue his tirade. I had discovered it was best for him to let it all out before I tried talking to him, the jealousy tended to control what he heard.

"You aren't fucking the Prospect, I know. If I thought you really were he'd have a bullet in his skull. What was that about baby? Why did you do that? Why did he defend you like that? It's my job to protect you." Once he said that the focus of his anger became clear. He was jealous of Kip doing his job. I waited until he sat on the bed next to me before I climbed in his lap and started talking to him.

"Baby." I lifted his head so that he was looking in my eyes, "I love you more than anything. I was doing the routine because I never get a chance to use the pole, and I completely forgot that we had visitors from other charters. I admit that I flirted with Kip, but I do that all the time. I like the way he blushes and stammers. I think he defended me the same way he would defend Ma, Luanne, Donna, or any of the Old Ladies. I'm sorry baby, so sorry."

I leaned down to kiss him and he immediately responded, deepening the kiss and pulling me closer as he turned us around until I was underneath him on the bed. He reached between us and undid the button on my slacks before placing his hand inside. I bucked and moaned against him while I unzipped his jeans. I brushed my hand against him and found him hard and ready. We didn't need any foreplay, the display outside had made us both hot. As he surged inside me I closed my eyes in bliss and counted my blessings for having a man like Juice in my life.