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"What does that look like to you Ellie doll?" I pointed to the cloud above us as we lay on the grass staring at the sky.

"I think it looks like a moose. Without the antlers." I smiled; she'd been doing a bit better since the funeral but had been spending almost every waking moment with me. Kenny usually spent time with Piney doing guy things but he was with us quite a bit too.

Life had been a whirlwind since Juice and I got back from Portland. I had a new job when I got back and Juice was backlogged with club business but it felt good to finally be home. In Portland Looney had put us up in a house the Club had bought to use for visitors and we'd spent the first couple of days just talking to each other, working out the issues that Donna's death had stirred up. He was terrified I was going to kill myself and I'd assured him that that wasn't the case. I would never leave him alone like that or Ellie, or Kenny, not even Ma. I was hurting and would probably have a small part of my heart raw forever but I wouldn't ever be a coward. After that we just spent time together, reconnecting in other ways. When we went back to Charming, our relationship was healthier that it had been in months.

"I think it looks like a llama." Ellie and I tilted our heads back to see Juice come down the back steps with a grocery bag in his hands. He sat down on the other side of Ellie and joined us in the cloud viewing. "How are my two favorite girls?"

"Good, Aunt Milla's going to take me and Kenny out for icecream later, after we watch High School Musical." Ellie smiled and I couldn't help but join her.

"I thought I broke that DVD." Juice groaned as Ellie and I shared a conspiratorial giggle.

"You broke one, but Ellie doll and I picked up another when we went school shopping yesterday." He groaned but then laughed with us.

We watched the clouds for a little while longer before Ellie and I got up to go watch our movie. As I was going to join Ellie in the house Juice stopped me and held my wrist in his hand.

"What is it baby?" He held my wrist tighter and pulled me down the stairs.

"I spent some time talking to Clay today. He misses you, wants his little girl back. He knows you have an issue with the club and wants you to know where he's coming from. Take these in the house, read them. Then talk to Clay. First take care of Ellie." He handed me the grocery bag and I stared at it before I leaned down and kissed his cheek.

I went in the house and set the bag on the kitchen table. Ellie was sitting in front of the tv, trying to figure out Juice's complex entertainment center and I had to smile. I only knew how to work the DVD player, I needed Juice if I wanted to do anything else. I had her sit on the couch and put on the DVD before I pulled her into my arms and held her while we watched the movie. Juice came into the house and sat in the living room with us, asking questions and making fun of me as I sang along to the songs with Ellie. I flipped him off and enjoyed the time with Ellie. Once the movie was done I had Ellie get her coat and we went to get Kenny from Piney's.

When I got home I found a note from Juice letting me know he was going to be gone for the night and I groaned in frustration. He had been doing more and more for the Club lately and I missed him. Admittedly I could go to the clubhouse to spend time with him but I was avoiding it like the plague. As I went into the kitchen to get something to drink I saw the bag on the table and my curiosity got the better of me. Inside there were files, a notebook filled with my Dad's chicken scratch and pictures of the club. For the first time since we'd buried Donna images of the reaper didn't fill me with a panic or sadness. I smiled as I ran a finger over my Dad's face as he sat on his bike with the First 9, he was so young and handsome. I found myself missing my father as I looked through the pictures and started reading his notebook. I felt tears fill my eyes as I read an entry.

"Got back from the Portland patch over today in time to see my little girl born. Millicent Gemma Morrow born at 7:35 am at St. Thomas. Gemma didn't want me in the room but there was no way I was missing my kid coming into the world. We had hoped and prayed for a boy but I can't say I'm disappointed. She's the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen and I can tell I'm going to have to bust a lot of heads as she gets older. I'd kill for her and die for her, I even got Jackson to make a pledge. He'll kill for her too, at least this is one thing I can count on the boy for. This kid will be the heart of SAMCRO, she'll help pull us out of this downward spiral we've been in since John died. Everything I do from now on will be to make her happy, keep her safe."

I closed the notebook and looked through the files as I wiped my tears. The files contained information about club expenses and club history. I laughed as I read a note from Tig to my Dad, explaining that he couldn't take me to kindergarten because he had an issue with my teacher, he'd nailed her at the previous party. The final note in the folder made me smile and cry at once. It was a formal request from Juice, requesting that I be allowed the crow, his crow. He detailed everything he felt for me. Until that moment I didn't even realize that he viewed me as his reason for being a Son. His patch was tied to me and I couldn't ignore that. Attached to the note was Dad's reply.

"As President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, I hereby give my permission to place the crow, a symbol of ownership and club insignia, upon the person of Millicent Gemma Morrow. Placement to be decided by Millicent Gemma Morrow and marking to be done by Manuel "Happy" Torres of the Tacoma Charter."

Paper clipped onto the back was a note that had me giggling uncontrollably:

"If you hurt her they will never find your body. Don't be an idiot, she's my baby, my fucking world and I won't think twice about killing you. If I ever hear you talking about her giving you head in the clubhouse I'll castrate you. Just keep her happy and don't talk about your sex life."

Soon enough I had read everything and seen all the pictures. I needed to talk to my Dad. It was still light enough when I drove into the TM lot and was pleased to see my Dad's bike among the row. Taking a deep breath I got out and walked into the clubhouse. My Dad was sitting at a table leaning and talking quietly to Tig before he looked up and saw me. He got a smile on his face and waved me over while Tig looked back and a looked of sadness and guilt etched themselves on his face. With a pat to my Dad's arm Tig got up and I took his spot.

"I missed you baby girl. Did you read the stuff?"He set his cigar in an ashtray and leaned closer to me.

"Yes, I read it. Dad, after everything with Donna…you had to know things wouldn't be like they used to. She's dead and I know in my heart it's because of the club." I looked down and felt him tense up, but I continued. "Regardless of who pulled the trigger the point is she died because of her attachment to SAMCRO and I just can't ignore that fact. I didn't want to be part of this after it happened but this bag and Juice made me realize that I am SAMCRO, in my blood and down to my bones. For every painful, horrible memory there are a dozen happy ones. Like when you had the entire charter lining the wall of my first school dance to make sure my date didn't try anything. Getting picked up and taken to school by a brother every day to make sure I was safe, the parties and the charity rides. People die, everyday, and yes I still love Donna more than most other people but I can't let this take me away from the only family I've ever known."

Dad grabbed my hands in his and placed a kiss across my knuckles. All was forgiven and I clutched his hands.

"I love you baby girl, more than anyone else in the world. You are my world and it broke my heart when you pulled away from us. Can we count on you again?" His question caught me off guard but I could answer truthfully.

"Yes, you can count on me. This is my family and I'm not saying that things won't be strained but I will work through my issues. Juice is a Son and it would be horribly unfair to make him choose. Just give me time to get in the groove again Dad." Dad nodded and came around the table pulling me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my face against his cut. The feel of the leather and the smell of my father calmed me again and I held back my tears, I didn't want to get his cut wet.

The next day I met up with Juice while I was on my lunch break. Elliot needed some dry cleaning picked up and a birthday present for Tristen so I was given an extended lunch, perfect time for me to meet with my man and discuss what I had spent the night mulling over. As I sat in Stumpy's I heard a bike pull up and smiled as Juice got out and walked in, giving the waitress a smile before his eyes locked on mine and he made his way over.

"Hey baby." He leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss as I texted Elliot with the dry cleaning details.

"Hey yourself, want some of my fries while we wait for Jeanie to come for your order?" He didn't need to be asked twice and immediately attacked the fries.

"What do you wanna talk about?" He knew I didn't just call him over for food and I loved that he understood me so well.

"I want us to get married baby, next week. I have the paperwork right here. I thought we could fill it out and take it to the notary before I went back to Elliot and you went back to the garage." I didn't have to say anything else. As soon as I took the paperwork out of my satchet he grabbed it and the pen and got to work, filling out everything from memory. I had filled it out while I waited for him to show up and was pleased when he noticed an error and had me correct it; he really wanted to marry me. As soon as it was filled out he started to get out of the booth and I stopped him.

"Wait, there's still lunch to be had." He looked impatient but moved back in the booth anyway. "We've waited this long, what's another few minutes."

Jeannie came around and he ordered his usual while he told me how much it would effectively cost to go to Reno that night and come back in two days as opposed to waiting for a Justice of the Peace in Charming. I countered by letting him know that if my Mom and Dad were not present for our nuptials there was a good chance he would be minus a favored appendage. He conceded and we ate our lunch. I couldn't stop smiling I had a good man, a good job and a family I could count on. Things were sure to be rocky but as long as I had Juice we could weather any storm that came our way.

Author's Note: There you are Season One down. I will continue the story of Milla and Juice into Season 2 and then onto Season 3. Now I'm in the process of writing a oneshot between the Seasons. Thank you all so much for reading.