Trunks and Goten's Bogus Journey

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or the movie that I "borrowed" the title from for this fic. This is another fic dealing with Goten and Trunks traveling to alternate universes. It takes place a few months after the events of "Happy Birthday Trunks!" and involves the AU guys from "Trunks and Goten's Excellent Adventure." Enjoy!


Bulma Briefs stumbled groggily down the hall towards the kitchen. She was not a morning person. Her normally perfect aqua hair was in a massive, messy tangle. Her eyes were bloodshot, the result of another night of staying up until the early hours of the morning finishing a project for her father. Even now, her mind automatically ran through complex mathematical equations essential to the experiment. What she really needed now was a good cup of strong, black coffee.
Bulma swung the door to the kitchen and stopped short, her mood souring even more as she took in the scene before her. The kitchen was a wreck. Various breakfast items were slung about the counters on top of empty cardboard boxes. A small puddle of milk was forming from the overturned carton. Sticky syrup dripped out of its container onto the table. And sitting in the middle of all of the chaos, calmly eating their breakfast, were three Saiyans.
Radditz and Nappa looked up from their blueberry waffles, both grinning mischievously. They noticed how the strap of the tank top Bulma wore as pajamas had slipped down, revealing her smooth, bare shoulder. Knowing very well what they were looking at, Bulma rolled her eyes and fixed the problem.
"Good morning, your Majesty," greeted Nappa as he and Radditz exchanged a teasing look.
Vegeta growled at this comment and continued to eat his food in silence. Ever since the small child Trunks had revealed that he was the son of Bulma and Vegeta from another timeline, Radditz and Nappa had taken it upon themselves to play "matchmakers." They had begun calling Bulma "queen," "your Highness," and "you Majesty" in an attempt to give Vegeta a hint. Vegeta had resented their incessant teasing. But the Saiyans hadn't stopped at mere words. There were moments like the time when they locked Bulma and Vegeta in the gravity machine together for the entire night. They were very disappointed the next morning when they found Bulma and Vegeta sitting on opposite sides of the gravity chamber, arms crossed, glaring maliciously at one another. And that was only one of many plots to unite the to-be lovers.
Bulma smiled slightly at Radditz and Nappa. They reminded her a lot of two children who were up to no good. The two larger Saiyans had proved easier to get along with than the gruff little Prince had. She sometimes wondered how her alternate self ever accomplished the feat of capturing the proud Saiyan's attention. At the rate this was going, she would never have a child of her own.
Clearing such dismal thoughts from her head, the young scientist began cleaning up the mess that her guests had left before helping herself to a bowl of cereal. Normally, she would yell and shriek at the trio until Radditz and Nappa slinked out of the room leaving Vegeta to stand up to the fiery-tempered woman. A thirty minute screaming match would ensue that would only end when one outwitted the other. And when it came to wits, Bulma and Vegeta were even. But today the woman was too tired to have a face-off with her grouchy guest. She sat across from the Prince, quietly eating her breakfast. Glancing up momentarily, she noticed a pair of obsidian eyes focused on her. Bulma began to blush as Vegeta continued to stare at her. He smirked, amused by the reaction. Frowning with determination, the young scientist refused to avert her eyes and stared levelly at the Prince. Radditz and Nappa watched the pair who were engrossed in their staring contest. The two Saiyans exchanged a triumphant smile.
"I saw that," muttered Vegeta, breaking his concentration on Bulma and glaring at his two comrades.
Both Saiyans made mock-innocent faces. Bulma just chuckled slightly.
"I'm beginning to think I should mate with her just to get you two to leave me the hell alone," growled Vegeta venomously.
Bulma's eyes widened and she turned blood red. The Prince smirked; his statement had achieved the reaction that he wanted. He loved getting his hostess flustered. Though he didn't admit it to anyone, much less himself, he thought she was rather attractive when she was upset. Unfortunately, she didn't fall for his bait this morning. Bulma breathed in deeply to calm herself.
"I'm going to go get ready for work now," she stated as she rose to her feet.
She quickly placed the dirty dishes in the sink and then swished out of the kitchen. Vegeta frowned, slightly disappointed. They had not had their ritual morning bout and that threw off his entire, delicately arranged schedule.
"What's wrong, my lord? Hate to see her go?" asked Nappa snidely.
"No," replied the Prince sullenly.
He stood up, ignoring his dirty dishes. He marched off in the direction of the gravity chamber. Nappa and Radditz smiled.
"Ah! La amor!" stated the younger Saiyan.
"I heard that!" growled Vegeta from outside.
The two Saiyans laughed heartily and then headed outside to join their prince for the morning practice session.
Several miles away, in a laboratory hidden deep within the mountains, Dr. Gero grunted as he leaned over his lab equipment. He was getting old and his body protested the hours he spent hovering over test tubes and flasks. But this was well worth it.
The scientist glanced wearily at his two "guests," who sulked in a dark corner of the lab. When they had first arrived, he had been reluctant to entertain their proposition. But after a fascinating "demonstration," they had persuaded him to go along with their plan.
The two men were watching Dr. Gero carefully, looking for any sign of deception. As much as they hated to, they depended on this lowly human to fulfill their plan. Then, after they disposed of the trusting old fool, they would be free to conquer this sorry lump of clay called Earth for themselves. But they wouldn't stop there.
Gero sighed tiredly as he leaned closer towards the test tube, watching as its contents turned from a sickening green to a lovely shade of bright blue as he added more drops of a clear liquid. He didn't trust his two companions. But he had to admit, their proposition had been too intriguing to turn down. It appealed not only to his lust for conquering the world, but also to his scientific mind. To manipulate DNA in order to genetically alter an already existing creature....the idea had thoroughly seduced Dr. Gero. His precious androids would have to wait...for now.
The scientist carefully filled a syringe with the bizarre fluid. He tapped the needle twice to remove any air bubbles. Next, he turned to the two beings in the corner and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. The youngest man stepped forward out of the shadows. As he walked towards the scientist, he rolled up his sleeve. He stopped in front of the older man; the smile on his face was a mixture of serenity and insanity.
"You're sure this will work?" grunted the other man, as he stepped out of his seclusion and came to stand next to his comrade.
"There's only one way to find out, isn't there?" replied the younger stranger, the mad glint in his eye growing more intense.
"I'm warning you human..." growled the older guest threateningly.
Dr. Gero waved off the comment.
"If this serum doesn't produce the desired effect, it is most likely to produce no effect at all," he assured his two visitors.
"Enough talk," stated the younger man authoritatively.
He held out his arm for Dr. Gero. The mad scientist smiled pleasantly; for a moment he looked like a kind old doctor attempting to reassure a youth before administering a vaccination. Then scientist the plunged the needle ruthlessly into the man's vein, causing his patient to wince. He slowly administered the serum, quietly taking pleasure in the look of pain that crossed the man's face. Dr. Gero yanked out the needle and stood back to watch his experiment at work.
The subject was beginning to pant for breath. A look of fear and panic crossed his face. He clawed at his clothes as beads of sweat formed on his brow. Finally, his head lolled backwards and his eyes rolled. The young man collapsed.
His older comrade knelt beside him, distressed at this reaction.
"You bastard, I'll..." he began, moving towards Dr. Gero.
"Do not worry, father. I'm OK," stating the young man as he sat upright, seemingly unfazed by the earlier episode.
He grinned as he stood up once more, looking down at his body as if it were the first time he had ever seen it. Dr. Gero thought he looked like a mental patient.
"Well, young man. How do you feel?" asked the evil scientist.
The legendary Super Saiyan Brolly grinned wickedly.
"I feel great."