Oh, my god. I am so freaking proud of this. I think i'm the first Crisis Core Novelization I've seen on this site. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, but...

Zack's first person is immesely fun to write.

Expect more soon, once I get off my ass and tranfer the 2/3 of the story I have handwritten onto the computer.


Train, going too-too fast, smashing down blockades.

My helicopter, circling above it.

"Mission in 3...2...1...go. Inserting operative."

A voice warns:

"Don't lose focus."

As if.

"Yeah, yeah, I know!"

I flash Teach a victory sign and jump off the 'copter.

"SOLDIER 2nd, Zack Fair, reporting for duty! Let's go!"

Gunfire already- SHIT these guys are fast!

Waaaait. Shinra infantry? What the hell?

Teach's voice crackles on my comm. "Not Shinra, Zack. They're all Wutai. None of ours are here."


I don't need my sword now, I just barrel my way through them, knocking guys off the train left and right 'til I get to the platform and leap off, backflipping onto the concrete.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

"Soooo...I can let loose?"

He groans. " Don't go overboard."


NOW I draw my sword.

These Wutai dumbasses don't even stand a chance. They fall like dominoes as I head through Sector 8.

...Okay, that's odd. As I turn a corner, people- civilians- run past, panicking. Deeeefinitely a Not Freakin' Good on the safety meter.

Aw, hell. I'm a SOLDIER. Why am I worried?

I dash around the corner, and-


A behemoth is staring me in the face, drooling on my sword. Eugh. Gross.

"Well, guess it's too late to run like hell and hope you didn't see me, huh, big guy?"

It growls.

I leap backwards, and a claw barely misses my chest. I start running to the side, and it follows me.

Hmmmm...oh! I got it!

I manage to get behind it- pretty easy, actually, considering how STUPID these things are.

While it's looking for me, I roll under it, and slam a hand into its belly.

"OWWW! DAMN!" That freakin' HURT!

No time to whine, Zack, things to do! I clench my fist and activate the materia in my sword. The familiar pins-and-needles feeling shoots up my arm and thunder explodes out of my hand.

I figure out it's gonna fall on me about a second before it does, and haul my skinny ass out of the way.

"Whoooo...that was close."

I shake myself off and head further into the sector.

Weirdly enough, there aren't any more Wutaians.

"Hellooooo, Wutai people? Come out, come out, wherever you aaare!"

I turn another corner. Dead end.

"Aw, come ON..."

I start to turn back, and cold steel cuts into my neck. I freeze.

oh SHIT not good.

The sword taps my shoulder, and I slowly turn around.

"Okay, okay, i'm turni-"

Holy mother of-

I'm in trouble, spelled d-e-e-p-s-h-i-t.

Standing in front of me is a man i've only seen in newspapers and on TV screens. The man I joined SOLDIER to see.



He looks through me.

"Never turn your back on an enemy."


Without blinking, he lifts his sword off my shoulder and attacks.

holy shit holy shit holy shit

I jump back and ready my own blade. Suddenly, the bigass SOLDIER standard-issue looks reeeeally dinky compared to the FREAKIN' MASAMUNE.

We clash a few times, and it's pretty damn obvious i'm way outta my league.



My sword snaps neatly in two and goes sailing out of my hands and clatters to the pavement. A second later, my ass joins it, sword to my throat.

DAMN it.

I'm suddenly furious.

"You're not the only freakin' hero, you-"

He doesn't blink and raises his sword.

Ohhhh man, this is it...



I open my eyes. Guess I was cringing.

My broken sword is hovering in front of me, blocking the deathblow. I glance to my right.


Teach's saved me! He doesn't even bother to draw his own sword, just flicks his wrist and knocks Sephiroth back. He then gives me a LOOK.


He looks back at Sephiroth and shakes his head, then pulls out his cell and hits a few keys.

Wha- wait- No! Aw, come on!

A taunting beep later, the training program shuts off. I watch Sephiroth disappear into pixellated data, and then pull off my VR helmet.

"Angeaaaaal! Why'd you shut it oooooooff?"

He sighs at me. "You lost focus."



I pout at him. "So did not."

He groans and runs a hand over his face.


He turns suddenly, offering me my broken sword. I take it, and he turns to leave.

Right before he exits, he pauses.

"Never forget, Zack. A true SOLDIER must always hold onto his dreams and honor."

And...he walks out.


I really don't get him.