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Summary: House wants to play a prank on an old med school classmate, but to do so, he needs Wilson. Pre-slash House/Wilson mentions Wilson/Sam in season 6. No House/Cuddy

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Note: all chapter names will be a song title:

IT'S NOT A SONG FIC! It's only the name of the song.

Chapter 1: "The Downfall of Us All" by "A Day to Remember"

My not so fake boyfriend

The Downfall of Us All

I sold my soul to the open road
(I live my life alone)

You won't find me in the same spot believe me
I could never stop, my life's turned upside down

Meet me out past the train tracks I'm leavin' and not coming back

You're right and I was wrong
This town will be the downfall of us all.


"Come on"


This had already been going on for three hours. House had come into Wilson's office, tried to get him to tag along with House to a conference in Germany. House had not even told him why, only that he wanted him to join.

"Come on Jimmy you know you want too," House tried again.

"No, I promised Sam that we'd go on a date." Sam had just come back; they had met on Facebook and had agreed to try again.

"I promise to pay half of what I owe you if you do come. "

"What! Did I hear right? You pay?" James looked puzzled at the House.

"Wasn't that what I just said? Come on! It's only a week; Cuddy already gave us the time."

"Don't know why, but I don't really believe that," James looked at the papers again.

"Are you coming?"


And that was how James Evan Wilson found himself on a plane with his friend, his currently absent friend. Where was House?

"Em! Excuse me, Miss" Wilson asked a flight attendant.

"Yes Sir."

"Did you see my friend? I fell asleep for a minute and now he's gone?"

"Em.. " She was a nice young girl, blonde and kind of cute, around 29. "No Sir, maybe he went to the restroom. Is there anything else, drinks, a blanket? We will be arriving in Germany in five hours, you might want some sleep Sir, and I'll go look for your friend."

"No its okay, I can look for him myself, you don't have to worry."

They had gotten some of the cheap seats, House had paid, which was new, but James enjoyed it. Only problem was his friend was nowhere to be found and he had peeked everywhere in third class. He had even disturbed a young couple who had enjoyed the toilet, for something other than its designated use.

House could now only be somewhere else - second class, but no, he wasn't there. James took a deep breath 'he wouldn't go first class without tickets would he? Wait what am I thinking, it's House, of course, he's in first class.' And true enough, there he sat in a chair with what resembled champagne.

"House ..."

"Jimmy, you came, I was afraid you couldn't find me and that I should go back for you, but you know, bad leg."

"House, what are you doing here? This is first class"

"Wow, the gold medal for Wilson, yes it's first class" House took a gulp of his champagne.

"I believe we don't have tickets for this," James whispered.

"Funny story, this assistant saw I limped and offered me and my partner better seats so here I am."


"Yes, come, sit, have some champagne, we got about four hours until we land, lets enjoy it."

It sounded too good to be true, like if it was something House had just taken and no one had realized they were just third class, but no, he had actually gotten better seats, and soon James fell asleep in the nice warm seats of first class. He did not dream of anything special, okay so maybe he did, but it was more like a little weird dream: House and him, plus the other passengers had drifted into a storm and come out into Second World War Germany. Sam was there, but she was a cake monster of some sort, Cuddy was a robot that attacks with "clinic hours", House had saved him but had disappeared into some smoke. When he awoke, he could hear a quiet snoring coming from House, he had also fallen asleep, James couldn't stop smiling, he was relieved that House was here and they weren't in the middle of a war.

The airport in Germany wasn't any different than anywhere else, still had to wait to claim your luggage, people came and went, the only thing that was different here was the language. Wilson had studied German but he was no where near good enough to be able to hold an actual conversation with a local.

House took his bag, while Wilson's bag had mysteriously disappeared. 'Great'.

"It's better when you're somewhere foreign and you can buy new clothes, but you can also borrow something from me," House suggested

"Fantastic, I'm in another country, my bag is gone and I can't just ask where and how it is in German."

"Come on! Be positive you're here with me"

"... Yaaay..." James said sarcastically.

"Ha ha! No, seriously Jimmy, see the bright side, there's our ride," House pointed to a man who had a sign up. As they walked closer, James read the sign and stopped dead.

"You've said I'm your partner!" he shouted. Some people stopped looking at him, but short after they went on with there activities.

"You're my partner, partner in crime," House laughed.

"No it's not that kind of partner House, but partner."

"Oh, must be a mistake."

Though it wasn't a mistake. Arriving at the Hotel where all the congress people were, a guy with blonde hair walked straight over to House and James.

"Greg, you actually came," the man with blonde hair said.

"Pety" House replied.

"I'm Dr. Lewis now"

"Lewis? You were named Samuel?" House asked the man "Pety" Wilson was sure it wasn't his real name, House didn't remember names, but then again he had commented on his surname.

"Yes, but I got married, your name's still House. Huh? No ring. Knew you would never get married, well where is she?"

"She?" James asked. As far as he knew House had only asked him, now he questioned, was he a second choice, had he tried Cuddy first but been turned down. Was he just a rebound, why was that thought hurting him, the idea that House had not wanted him originally.

"Jamie, of course. House you were supposedly coming with your partner, sooo, where is she?"

"Oh, you'll love this Pety. Jamie," House looked at James "Peter Samuel now Lewis," he pointed to Peter "Peter Samuel now Lewis, Jamie," he pointed to James.

"What!" Was all James could get out.

"He's a man!" Peter said.

"Well I hope you're a man Jamie, with your hair habits it's a bit difficult to determine," House joked.

"Filthy! Course you of all people would just come here and with it, filthy." with that Peter left them to chat with other guests.

"House! What is this?" Wilson had planted his hands on his hips, classic James Evan Wilson pose.

"Nothing much, just that for this week, you are my boyfriend."

With that James Evan Wilson took it all back, no he didn't feel sorry for being number two on House's list, he wished he was number three or four, maybe even five. 'Why do I always let him do this?'

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