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Summary: House wants to play a prank on an old med school classmate, but to do so, he needs Wilson. Pre-slash House/Wilson mentions Wilson/Sam in season 6. No House/Cuddy

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Chapter 9: "Queen - I Want to Break Free"

My not so fake boyfriend

I Want To Break Free

Ive fallen in love
Ive fallen in love for the first time
And this time I know it's for real
Ive fallen in love yeah
God knows God knows Ive fallen in love

Last Time:

It took a few second for his brain to catch up. House, second floor, minute, here…HERE ON THE FIFTH FLOOR! House was here, on this floor, looking for him…. He had to run, find somewhere new, he couldn't face his friend, not now, not yet, not while he was still so confused about the kiss. House would mock him, call him names, and make jokes.

Would it be bad if he made the kiss into a joke, they could just laugh it off. No, that wouldn't work and he didn't think he could make himself sound convincing enough, he would just have to run, find another safe place to hide.

"Wilson," too late, that voice could only be one person, James turned around and looked into blue eyes, the blue eyes of the person he wanted so much to hide from.


"Wilson I've been looking all over for you, this game of yours is so not good for my leg." House said teasing, yet he wasn't moving toward Wilson. 'Is he pretending it didn't happen then? Maybe we can just forget it and get back to being friends.' James thought.

"Listen what happened down at the-"House began but James wasn't listening anymore, his mind was reeling, 'Of course he won't just leave it with that, what do I say, what do I do, play it cool? Won't work. Joke? But I might hurt his feelings. Say I meant it… but if House doesn't want me that way, he won't speak to me again, what do I do, oh god he's looking at me, his mouth isn't moving, he stopped talking when did he do that? Ooh god say something anything. Come on James Evan Wilson move that mouth, talk.'

"Eeeh" was all James could mutter.

"Wilson, were you even listening to me?" House asked.

"Yes?" He knew he didn't sound convincing at all and he could see House wasn't buying it, he hadn't been listening to a word House had just said. Plus House was way too close, well, 3 meters away from him, but still too close for James to stand. He had to go hide again.

"Wils-" House started but Wilson cut him off.

"House I-I… I'll go ask for another room, we can pretend it didn't happen, yes. When we get back to the hospital we can just be professional. If you call for a consult I'll come don't worry, we don't have to talk about what happened. I can go back to Sam and you can go back to…to do as you always do and I-mmppf." During James's rant he hadn't seen House moving closer and closer until he felt his friends lips on his own, silencing him.

"Can you shut up for a second." House exhaled as his lips finally left Wilsons'. Wilson didn't know what to say, House had asked him not to say anything so he kept quiet.

"You think I went to so much trouble finding you just so you could run away again. Not happening Jimmy."

"But, I kissed you House."

"I just kissed you and you don't see me running."


"No buts Jimmy, I-I…. if you ever tell anyone this I'll hit you so hard with my cane you wish you never met Mr. Lil' Greg."

James didn't know what to do or say, but just being this close to House that he could smell him and feel his body heat, he did the only thing possible, he nodded.

"Ok, well, I've been…for a while…this is hard-"

"House?" James heard himself saying, his voice small and almost pleading.

" Sshh…I can't concentrate when you speak. I've…liked you for quite a while." House finely said blue eyes meeting brown.

"What do you mean…like? And how long is a while?" James wanted to know more, he really did but House didn't seem to want to tell him more, so he did the only thing he could think of, he kissed his friend again. Time seemed to stand still. The godforsaken trip and everything else forgotten, it was just the two of them, alone in a corridor.

House was the one to break the moment, moving back and giving James a curious look.

"What?" James asked.

"Is that my cane or are you just happy to see me?" House chuckled happily.

"What! " James felt his face heat up. He realized he had just gotten a hard on from a single kiss, was he a bloody teenager? It had been years, college to be exact, and back then it had been a beautiful young girl with shoulder length brown hair and voluptuous breasts, not a man with a beard. Oh, but god that beard, it felt so great being kissed by House. James never liked having a beard, that's why he shaved each day, it just wasn't him, and he felt most beards were unattractive on others, but House, House was different, House looked right with a beard.

"How about we take this somewhere else?" House moved closer so James could feel House's own erection.

"House!" James squeaked, feeling a blush rise to his face. While the two moved away from Wilson's hiding spot, away from the corridor, towards their own room, neither noticed the door for room 59 disappearing, leaving a bare wall where Charon had entered earlier.

Several hours later House and Wilson found themselves sitting down at the dinner hall again. Well, House was sitting, with a smug smile painted on his face while James was squirming around in his seat trying to find a way to sit without hurting too much. He had called Sam earlier to tell her, she had been pissed called him names, but in the end she had told him she had a feeling something like this would happen, and promised to be out of the flat when they returned. He had apologized but she wouldn't hear it.

"Oh, James and Greg you're sitting together again. I apologize for my outburst in the conference room earlier today." James looked over, it was that blonde woman again, the one who had told him he was cute.

"Why…well we," James tried.

"We made up, it's all sunshine and roses again," House told her. If James wasn't mistaken he could have sworn he heard a trace of anger and jealousy in his voice.

"I can see that. Your boyfriend looks like he is having a hard time getting comfortable." Instead of leaving as House had hoped she took a seat. James couldn't talk, his whole face was glowing scarlet.

"Ooh, you're so cute."

"What do you want?" House asked, still annoyed by the woman present.

"Oh nothing, I just wanted to say hi, my father is the one sponsoring this conference, unfortunately he got sick so he sent me in his place."

"Your father? Oh, you must be Charon's sister, he told me about you," James broke in, finding his voice again.

"Charon?" she asked looking confused.

"Yes, Ludwig," James tried again, feeling weird, 'Doesn't this own sister know about him being here?'

"Are you sure you're okay, I don't have a brother."

House was looking at Wilson with a questioning face, House had met this guy too, he paid him some money to get on stage, they had only talk briefly but had interacted none-the-less.

"But he lives in room 59, I saw him enter with his key card."

"That's impossible there are only 8 rooms up there, the last room being 58, which I happen to be staying in."

"Miss Adler!" A young boy with blue eyes and red hair came running up to the their table. "You're fiancée wants to talk to you."

"Thank you John. Well, you gentleman will have to excuse me, I have to get going." She left the table and the young boy followed her like a lost puppy.

As soon as she was gone the table was quiet and James finally asked, "House, am I going mad?"

"If you are going mad then so am I because I saw him too, and its been a while since I had a hallucination." House was moving from his chair to meet James with a kiss. "Not that I really care about this 'non-existent person'." he told him between kisses.

"Right" James agreed, not wanting to think while House was kissing him.

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
Youre so self satisfied I don't need you
Ive got to break free
God knows God knows I want to break free

"Are you singing again Miss?" A creature dressed in black asked walking towards a young woman sitting on a cold dark floor.

"Oh Charon, you're back." She expressed, her voice cold and with no trace of life.

"Yes Miss, just as our bet said, if I lost I had to make two people fall in love instead of taking their soul, and you would-"

"I would have to go on a date with you," she moved to look at Charon, her blue and red eye scanning him. "I guess I have no choice, even if you did cheat." She told him, still looking at him.

"Cheated Miss?"

"I told you to get two people at that hotel to fall in love and you chose two who already had a history of relationship, I call that cheating."

"… So, no date… Miss Thanatos?"

"I didn't say that, I told you I had to do it, so I will," She moved to stand but Charon reached out his hand to help her, "Please let me Miss," she looked at the hand offended but took it anyways.

"Please remind me not to make a bet with a ferryman again."

"I will try, Miss."


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