I felt bad, with Seth hiding in his room and all, but I couldn't help it. He knew that I did this once every month, but this month felt worse than ever. Even Sue tried to keep her distance. I decided to go for a walk, and give them a break. I scratched my head in frustration. Sue was mad at me. Like I could help it? I started huffing under my breath, pacing back and forth. I heard a low rustling in the woods as if someone-or something- was watching me. I charged at it, wondering who would try to watch me? Then all of the sudden in one second, my skin got hot-burning under my skin, my clothes exploded from me, leaving me with a body that looked like a giant wolf. Then something that sounded like a voice, popped in my head. Leah?

Seth? I said mad. He had promised he would watch patrol with me tonight, but he was to busy with his girlfriend. Seth had imprinted on this girl, and I have to admit I was happy for him. But I was pretty bummed out that I couldn't imprint. It was impossible for a female werewolf to imprint. Then again, it was impossible for there to be a female werewolf, but whatever. I was still mad that he hadn't come. Seth! I could tell he wasn't phased. Give it up Leah. Sam thought at me, he didn't like ordering us around, but I guess I was getting annoying. As the alpha he could order me around all he wanted, but he didn't. He felt bad for me. Before I was a wolf, Sam and I were very close. Then my cousin Emily came down and just like that, he imprinted. I get that he couldn't help it, but it was very disappointing. And now that I'm in my wolf from, I have to her him blab on about it. Couldn't he have imprinted on anyone but my cousin? He has had a huge emotional impact on me since then. I ignored his command, but still silent in my thoughts. I didn't need anybody snooping around in my head. Sam had asked me to come back to his pack, after I had joined Jacob's. I finally agreed, hopeful to shut him up. Of course it didn't work, stupid me for trying. I decided I would move back to Jacob's pack. At least there I had my brother. I tracked his scent, and ran after it. Wait! A couple of people thought at me. I didn't care, I kept running. Once I had made my decision, I couldn't hear Sam's pack anymore and Jacob's voice came to mind. Leah? He said. He had sensed my appearance. Yeah I'm here. I responded. Can you take patrol tonight? I'm really tired. I added on. Sure sure he said, his usual response. I had better things to do (like sleep) than watch patrol tonight.

I woke up in the morning sore, because I had been crippled in a tiny bed last night, well, I was just tall. I discovered Seth on the end of my bed, anxious to tell me something. "We're going to the beach!" he said enthusiastically. "Yay." I said sarcastically. "Oh come on!" he whined. "I'll come." I said, not up for a fight this morning. One of my least favorite parts about the beach is the bikini. The only one I had was a blue one mom had gotten me. I guess that would have to do. I throw it on and brushed out my short black hair. Everyday it turned out flat against my head, and a little shaggy, like Jacobs. "Come on!" Seth whined. Yeah, he was whiny like that. "Okay!" I said back, time for the beach. We raced to the beach in human form, but still fast. If anyone saw two giant wolves running around the beach they would get kinda freaked out.