Now that I knew, I had to do something. So I walked casually toward him. "Can I play too?"

"Well I don't know if you can keep up or not."

"Trust me, I will."

I joined his team, of course. I served quickly and the girl looked like she could barely get it back to me. He gave me a conspicuous look and turned away.

The rest of the game went this way. Our team won.

"You're good." He said.

"Thanks. My name's Leah. What's yours?"

"Josh." Josh. Leah and Josh. Josh and Leah. Sounded perfect together.

While I had this vacant look in my eye, he had asked me a question.

"Wanna join the team."

"Uh, no thanks."

"Sorry. It was just an excuse to get your number."

I wrote my number on his hand. "I'll write mine on yours." He said.

"Not a good idea, it won't stay on. Just text me."

I ran off into the woods to meet my pack.

Here so early? I thought.

Seth told me, well thought, that you were talking to a boy. Finally over it?

He referred to Sam as an it. That made me feel a little better. Jacob, I just imprinted.