Story: "Too Much Too Soon"
Chapter: 1: "Prologue"
Author: StJimmyHasSinned (or SensesFaillxx)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Tony Vincent…wow, what a disappointment that was to have to say…Proof…? Well, if I owned him he wouldn't have a wife because he would be gay. I also don't own anything to do with Cats. I promise…I'm in no way making profits from this…Is that good enough…?

A/N: Yes, it's true. Even though I have three stories in-progress (and a one-shot to work on) I'm starting a new one. I DO plan on finishing "Who Am I Now?" and "Things Have Changed" sometime in the near future. "Who Am I Now?" is starting to come to an end. I'm thinking two, maybe three chapters left. As for "Things Have Changed"…I have two possible ideas that I'm thinking of. My good friend Liz (Lizsername) actually helps me with ideas with that one. :) As for "Speechless And Redundant: Shannon"…well that's co-written with Liz; she has her own fic from a different POV ("Last of the American Girls: Liz" Read it!). But we basically just type a bunch of random ideas for future chapters, so I'm not too worried about updating that one…

Okay, that's just a quick update on what's going on with my stories. What I really LOVE about this fic is the fact that it's a crossover: something I usually tend to avoid. But my two main categories that I write for are Cats and American Idiot, which is what this story is! :D So now all my lovely reviewers can come together and read the same story. I'm really excited for this! …Like, you don't even know!

But the thing that's really interesting about this story is that it's not the typical story that you're expecting…As the reader, you're going to get a behind-the-scenes look at Cats. Let me explain: everyone in Cats-land must know how my sister was in a production of the play; I'm always going on about how it was almost exactly like a Broadway play, even though it was just a mere high school production. Well, being that she's my sister and all, I got to hear a lot about what actually happened behind the curtains. Now…what does any of that have to do with American Idiot? Well, the main character in this story is none other than the amazing Tony Vincent! It's in Tony's POV, and it's set about two years after he leaves American Idiot. So, actually, if we're getting technical, this is set in the future (which is always fun)! This story will take you through the auditions, rehearsals, and actual performance of Cats.

Chapter One:

My co-worker and good friend, Stark Sands, always raved about the play. He said if it ever returned to Broadway he would have orchestra seats in a heartbeat. I could never quite grasp what was so cool about a bunch of dancing freaks dressed in spandex. But I figured for Stark to love it so much it must be at least worthy of a chance. Now that Cats has gotten its long-awaited return to Broadway, I've given it more of a change than I ever thought I would…

It had been a few years since I retired from my infamous role of St. Jimmy. American Idiot was probably my favorite out of all the musicals I've performed in. But after two years of playing the 'suicide commando' and being the only lead left from the original cast, I decided to move on. I didn't get much done during my Broadway hiatus. I managed to release a single, but it didn't become popular like my older work. It seemed that my fans had moved on just like I had. Did they ever actually like my talent, or did they just fall in love with St. Jimmy? I started to question myself and rethink my career. I actually had thoughts of returning to American Idiot, but I knew my heart was guiding me into a new direction…

I wanted to continue to be a Broadway actor, I really did, and that's exactly what I told my manager. He met with me one day to discuss my next project. He suggested that I come out with a new full album, but my heart wasn't into that anymore. We talked about some Broadway shows and some possible roles that I could try out for. When my manager mentioned Cats, for some reason my heart jumped up…

I smiled almost immediately. "That sounds perfect. When and where are auditions?"

My manager looked down at the paper on the desk in front of him. He fixed his glasses and read, "Wednesday. Five A.M. sharp. Auditions will be held at the St. James theatre." He looked at me suspiciously. "Are you sure this is what you want to do Mr. Vincent?"

My smile grew wider. "I'm extremely sure," I replied simply.

He nodded, penciling in the date and time in his day planner. He pulled out his cell phone and exited the room to book my audition…

A/N: Okay, so I'm sorry that chapter one was very short. Like, I'm pretty sure my author's not was half the length…haha expect chapter two shortly! :)