So, I had this idea. Kind of. It's not planned out, but I have the very bare bones of it. I would like to hear from the people who are mainly in the Kingdom Heart's section of this site. I am mainly situated in the Digimon section or Dawn of the dead so I would like to hear comments and opinions and anything anyone has to offer in the way of this idea.

plot - (in it's very basic bone state)

Two weilders (not nessecarily Keybladers) have trained together their entire life. One is sent on a very important mission. The other becomes jealous and leaves to track him down. The two visit various worlds fighting agains't heartless/nobodies. The whole story would lead to an eventual comfrontation between the two.

The worlds they would visit would be completely fictional,for example, a machine planet or a desert world. If people would like to see a certain cross over, for example with star wars, then I will include it. This would allow for Oc's galore. Would you like this or do you think it's stupid? I am looking for any and all feedback possible. Submit an Oc if you really like this idea and once I've got the idea up and running completely I'll use it.

The story would not feature Sora, Riku, King Mickey and so on so forth unless there is a demand for them. Would you like for them to appear? Would you only like for one character to appear? Which one? Why? What would you like to happen?

This story would be shaped more or less by the readers. I would have the main events set up , however should the readers demand or ask for something I can incorporate it. This idea is compeltely fresh, I just want to see if there is any support for it before I start. I always like to know what the audience like and dislike. Please, drop in any feedback,ideas, oc's , events or even any complaints.

Thank you to anyone who replies to this, it is very appreciated.