Inception on a Rainy Night by KT8812

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I reveled in the peace Jasper found in my arms even as he rejoiced in the pleasure he drew from my body. He worshiped my body as he would a goddess and even though he owned me, heart and mind, body and soul. And when finally, finally he entered me, I welcomed him within my body with an earthy joy. His movements were slow and deliberate, trying to draw out our union for as long as possible. His body trembled with the emotions that ran amok within him, but I tethered him to me, for I was his safe harbor, as he was mine.

When he came, he whispered declarations of love and eternity which were laced with equal parts of pain and pleasure and in his completion, I found mine.

As I floated away on a cloud, the only thing I was aware of was that the greedy impulse in my heart was finally satisfied.

Chapter 14:


We lay there on the carpeted floor, entangled with each other and I had never felt such peace in my entire damned life. I held the most precious thing in my arms and I never wanted to move from my comfortable spot, my head resting on the swell of her breast, her heart beat a symphony to my ears. Even though we were touching from head to toe, I felt the need to still get closer to her. I wanted to crawl into her skin and stay there for the rest of eternity. Absentmindedly, I nuzzled her breast and she giggled. I looked up to find her chocolate eyes shining with joy and happiness. Her feelings of contentment washed over me relentlessly like waves on a shore. I had always despised my cold, dead skin, but watching the rainbows play across my sweet girl's face made me think there had never been a better sight to behold.

I felt a sudden spike in her amusement so I looked at her, only to find her biting her lip, trying to prevent laughter that was threatening to overwhelm her.

"What is it?"

She shook her head, her tiny shoulders shaking with suppressed laughter.

"Bella," I warned.

"You sparkle," she choked out.

Why was she thinking of that? She had been quite taken with the way I looked in the sun, so what had gotten into her head now? I must have looked particularly obtuse because she trailed her eyes down my body suggestively.

"You sparkle everywhere," she emphasized, her face breaking into a silly grin, which was quickly followed by more giggles.

"Why, Miss Swan," I smirked, "you seem to be having lewd thoughts about your Professor," I said as I leaned down, my lips almost upon her soft ones.

"Lewd does not even begin to cover it," she whispered as she captured my mouth with her, a sigh so sweet escaping her that it almost undid me. The kiss was long and languorous and when we parted, I could hear Carlisle coming back from where ever he had disappeared to.

"Carlisle," I told her.

She stiffened like plank wood in my arms before a groan tore from her and I was swimming in her mortification.

"Oh God! We were… he heard… oh… I can never face him…" she stuttered and I couldn't help notice how incredibly adorable she was in her embarrassment.

"Relax little one, he heard nothing," I assured her.

She opened her eyes and a little crease appeared between her eyebrows.

"But I thought you guys had super hearing," she asked, her confusion making her forget her embarrassment from a moment ago.

"Yes, but he left the house very quickly once he knew I wouldn't loose control. We try to give each other as much privacy as we can. It becomes a bit too much when you can hear your family going at it in the different corners of the house," I chuckled.

"Ewww . . ." she screwed up her little nose.

"It's uncomfortable in the beginning but you just get used to it. There's not much privacy when you live with six other vampires."

She looked aghast and her jaw dropped a little.

"You mean, you've heard Carlisle . . ."

"And felt it too," I grimaced.

"Oh, for the love of all that is Holy! I could never think of Charlie and Renee . . . Shit! Now I can't not think about it!"

"If the two of you are quite through discussing your parents sex life, you might want to come down and let Bella get some breakfast," came Carlisle's voice from outside the room. He was thoroughly enjoying Bella's discomfiture and I couldn't help but laugh heartily as I felt the amusement roll off of him.

With a terrified squeak, Bella shot up from where we were lying causing my head to drop and meet the floor with a dull thunk. Despite being a vampire, I think I was dazed for a bit. She moved faster than I have ever seen her move, but then stopped short. She quickly realized that we were in the solarium and there was very little cover offered to her. She scrambled to put on my boxers, even as she hopped towards the chaise where her-my shirt was dangling. Inevitably, she got entangled in the shorts just as she reached the chaise and landed on the floor with a disgruntled oooof!

I was beside her in the next instant, trying to check her for any injuries even as she stubbornly clutched her shirt to her chest. I heard the click of the door but it did not open.

"Bella! Are you all right?" came Carlisle's concerned voice, his amusement having evaporated the instant he heard Bella tumble down.

"No," cried Bella, her hands extended as if to prevent him from opening the door.

Obviously having misunderstood her response, he opened the door just a bit, though he did not step in.

"No!" Bella screeched, "I mean yes, I mean don't come in . . . just don't come in! I'm not . . . decent," she finished with a whimper.

Unable to hold myself back any longer, I collapsed laughing while Bell a huffed and scowled, tugging on her-my clothes.

"It's not funny!" she hissed.

"Oh, but it is, kitten. You have no idea how incredibly amusing you can be," I snorted as I tried to reign in my laughter.

"Oh, ha, ha," she said dryly, finally managing to get all the buttons on her-my shirt buttoned up and standing up. "You can roll around all you want in the sun, throwing your little glitter showers hither and yon. I am going to get myself some food to eat. Unlike you, I actually need to eat in order to survive." She stuck up her nose and marched her cute little ass out the room, determinedly not looking back at where I lay. I still beat her easily to the breakfast bar where Carlisle was busy laying out some disgusting smelling human food. After the previous night's events, I was almost able to my normal self around Carlisle. The key word was almost.

I heard Bella's stomach grumble at the scent of the revolting food and realized that I wasn't truly taking care of her human needs.

"Thanks Carlisle," she beamed as she tucked into the bacon and eggs.

"You're most welcome, Bella," he responded with a warm smile, though he knew me enough to maintain his distance. As Bella continued to eat, I could sense that Carlisle had something on his mind.

He took a deep breath, used to acting human more than any one of the rest of us.

"Jasper, Bella. I am afraid I now need to take your leave. The hospital in Forks is already short staffed and I don't think it is wise for me to stay for any longer. Besides, I think here on, the two of you need to find your own way, further you relationship without any outside influence."

Bella had stopped eating during his monologue, and then swallowed noisily when he finished. That one tiny gesture, as well as the sudden spike of anxiety from her sliced through me. Did she not trust me enough to be alone with me? Did she still not have faith in our bond?

"What will we do?" she asked, not a little uncertainly.

"Oh, Bella," said Carlisle. "You need not over-think anything, dear heart. Just carry on as you may in any other relationship, simply keeping in mind the special demands of the mating bond. Personally, I think your bond is going to get stronger all the more, now that you have both acknowledged each other."

"But, seeing Jasper at school, I mean, he's my professor there," she added tremulously. "What will we do when I have a class with him? Just pretend nothing ever changed between the two of us? Or, maybe I can drop American History . . . yes, that would work. Or better yet, I can just get transferred to the community college so we don't have to address this whole teacher student scenario . . ." she trailed off. She had completely stopped eating and her heart beat and pulse were elevated, a sure sign of her distress.

I couldn't sit back knowing my mate was worried, so, in a swift move, I had her settled snugly in my lap, my face buried in her neck as I purred reassuringly for her. I picked up the gooey food with a fork and offered it to her. She gave me a hesitant smile before capturing the little morsel between her pink lips and I immediately hardened underneath her. She stiffened when she sensed my reaction, but relaxed marginally when she saw I wouldn't act on my urges.

Carlisle was once again placating her, as he offered his version of the solution.

"That won't be necessary, Bella. I was going to tell you that while I was out to get your breakfast, I also met with the Dean of your college. I have him convinced that Jasper is suffering from a particularly vicious viral infection, which also incidentally happens to be highly contagious. Hence, he will be unable to continue teaching classes until further notice."

I growled before placing Bella safely behind me and crouching down to face Carlisle. He was plotting to keep me from my mate! The Major would never allow that to happen!

"Jasper, calm down, let me explain," he reasoned, but I wasn't going to be separated from my mate, no matter what he said. I gently pushed Bella behind me as she tried to look around me at Carlisle. I hissed at him, baring my teeth.

"Jasper, please, at least listen to what he has to say. Please, Carlisle doesn't mean us any harm!" she pleaded with me from where she was standing. I knew I could never deny my Bella anything, so I tried my best to relax and lift up from my crouch. Even as I did so, I walked a couple of paces backwards, making sure Bella was protected at all times.

"Jasper, son, you know you wouldn't be able to keep up your human façade in front of others where Bella is concerned. Remember what Emmet was like with Rose? It was practically impossible for us to be able to say a word to her without him throwing an epic fit and breaking down buildings."

I did in fact remember what Emmet had been like, and I distinctly remembered calming him down with my abilities on many different occasions. At that time, I had found it ridiculous and unusually tiring to have to deal with his instincts and yet now, I understood what he must have had felt like.

The thought of Bella being out of my sight, even for a moment was unacceptable. That she be unguarded in her fragile human state was all the more terrifying to me. She was so much more prone to accidents than normal humans and on top of that, she wasn't indestructible as all the other vampire females. She needed extra care, she needed to be protected always and the idea of not being close to her for over nine hours a day was impossible to fathom. Any number of things could happen to her during that time. Some crazed lunatic could show up on the campus with a gun, or an earthquake could strike or a car could have its brakes malfunction. The more I thought about it, the more I became against the idea of letting Bella go to college without accompanying her.

Warm lips on my cold skin brought me back from my terrifying thoughts.

"Shhh . . . Jasper," she crooned. "I am not going anywhere, calm down. I'm right here."

It was only then I became aware of the death-grip in which I was holding Bella and the relentless growls rumbling through my chest. Carlisle continued to watch me with an impassive face and I could feel his resolve regarding the matter. I knew from my experience with him that when he felt like this, he would not back down from what he had in mind. A look like this from him could have even Alice re-thinking her upcoming shopping trip, but I was no Alice and Bella was not some insignificant whim of hers. Carlisle would not win this argument.

"Jasper, please, let's be rational regarding this."

"No! There's nothing to be discussed here. She is my mate and she won't be kept away from me. You know I will fight you on this, Carlisle."

"Did you forget what happened less than twenty-four hours ago, Jasper? Take a look around you! Look at what your rage did to this house. Forget the house, do you not remember the bruises you left on Bella's body? Bruises that have not yet healed and you might just be giving her new ones!" he snarled.

I immediately loosened my grip on Bella and a whimper broke through my growls as I remembered her black and blue midriff.

"Son," he started in a placating tone. "You have shown exceptional control till now, but even you must agree that your patience is at the breaking point. You cannot test it further without snapping. Do you want some poor innocent to pay the price just because you pushed yourself too far, too quickly?"

"Why must I be away from her? Can there not be another way?" I knew I sounded like a whining child, but I did not care. With Bella, nothing else mattered.

"You need to build your control, gradually, before you can manage to be in public with her without you giving in to your instincts. Bella is not immortal Jasper, you cannot just take off with her the way Emmet took off with Rosalie. She has needs which have to be taken care of. She has a life here and you cannot uproot her from her life so drastically. Do you not think that if a teacher and a student went missing suddenly, together, people would not notice? Bella has a family, a father back home in Forks. He also happens to be the chief of police. Do you think he'd sit idle with her gone missing?"

"Remember that night in the bar? How close did you come to killing that poor drunk child?"

"He wasn't a drunken child, Carlisle! He was a fuckin' pervert trying to hit on my mate! I could feel what he was feeling!"

"How many times have you had women hitting on you, Jasper? We cannot control who takes a liking to us. This is precisely the reason why I want you to take some time away from Bella. With the bond growing stronger every day, you will be irked by her simplest, most innocent interactions with other humans. You will be irrationally jealous and if you lose control at such a time, you may expose your true nature. You are very well aware of what happens to those who break the law, Jasper. And you would be dragging Bella right into that mess. Please son, see reason. What I am suggesting is for the best."

Carlisle's indirect mention of the Volturi had me stopping in my rebellious tracks. No, if they came to know of Bella, they would make sure to punish not just me and the Cullens, but also Bella for that. Already, they had a grudge with me. The role I played in the southern wars was a sore point with them, as was the fear of my powers. Add to that my joining the Cullens, a clan they considered a growing threat, and I knew I would be shown no leniency if my relationship with Bella was discovered. Carlisle was right, I couldn't take the risk. I couldn't risk Bella's safety. I would simply have to buckle down and gain control of my mating instincts as quickly as I could.

"I am so proud of you to have made the right decision, son," Carlisle smiled and the light in his eyes shone with joy. No matter how hard I tried, I could never mimic the innate sense of calm and justice he seemed to harbor. It was impossible to think of Carlisle as a blood thirsty newborn. Perhaps it took almost four centuries of seeing the world objectively to develop the kind of perspective he had.

"You always win," I grumbled, kissing Bella's neck, trying to reduce my sense of loss. She would be gone tomorrow morning and I was already beginning to count down the time before she had to leave.

"Yes, well, I am not gifted like you. I would like to believe that I was gifted with the art of persuasion, if nothing else," he smiled.

"So, it's settled then?" Bella asked, curling up on my lap as I sat down on the couch gracing the ravaged hall of the house. "Jasper will stay here when I attend classes and work?"

I stiffened at the mention of her work. I never liked it to begin with and after the incident of the jerk who hit on her, I disliked it all the more.

"No, absolutely not, you will not be going back to that hell hole! You do not need to work, you will be well provided for," I said. Obviously I said something wrong because the next instant she turned on me, her eyes blazing with anger.

"Jasper Whitlock!"

Her saying my first name did things to my body which were drowned out by the venom with which she spat my name. Irritation and anger poured out of her, her breathing was rapid and her nostrils flared. I could sense equal amounts of wariness and amusement from Carlisle, but he was no concern f mine at the moment.

"What gives you the right to make statements like that, Jasper? How can you speak for me like that?" she cried.

"I'm your mate. I'm entitled to make statements for you, darlin'" I said, though obviously it was the wrong thing to say. She wrenched herself out of my grip and stood glaring at me, one hand placed on a deliciously curved hip.

"And besides," I cut her off before she could start ranting again, "You don't need to work, kitten. I have all the money in the world to give you whatever your heart desires. You will be taken care of."

Again, this did not seem to be the favorable answer because her pose changed to an even more confrontational one. Her arms crossed over her chest and she started tapping her foot in irritation. But then, just as she was about to speak, a calculating gleam appeared in her eyes.

"You'll give me whatever I want? Anything that my heart desires?" she asked.

"Yes, absolutely darlin'. Anything that you desire, you will be given," I promised solemnly.

"Well that settles it then. I want to work in Duke's bar, as usual," she crowed in her triumph.

"No," I snarled. "Anything but that, you know it Bella. I won't have you working there; I won't be risking my mate. I don't understand what fascination it is you have with that dingy little place!"

"That dingy little place as you so aptly put it was paying for my food and board before you decided to waltz into my life," she screamed.

"And you don't need to worry about that any longer, I've already told you," I shouted back. "I'll always be there for you; I'll always take care of you."

"What if I don't want to be taken care of?" she asked in a broken voice.

"What is that supposed to mean? Of course I am supposed to take care of you! You're my mate Bella, I thought you understood that!"

She sighed before nuzzling her small nose into my neck.

"You don't know much about me Jasper, but if you did, then you'd understand that I've always had to fend for myself. Not that my parents didn't care for me, in the larger scheme of things they did care for me, but the small day to day things like cooking, or putting gas in the car or just paying the phone bills, I've always done ever since I was old enough to do so. Being independent, it is a part of me, I take care of myself because there was no one else to do before you came along and now it's just a part of me. Please, don't take that away from me, it makes me feel wrong footed."

I held her just a little more tightly as I took in her words. My Bella had never been cherished the way she deserved to. She should have been treated like a princess and instead she had to fend for herself and others ever since she could. It just wasn't fair.

"But don't you see, Bella," I protested. "At least now I can make up for that. You don't have to be independent; I can take care of you the way you deserve. You don't have to fend for yourself. Let me do the work, let me love you," I begged.

Her fingers tangled in my hair as she laid a sweet kiss on my lips before laying her head on my chest.

"I understand what you're saying, I understand it's difficult for you to see me interacting with others," at which my chest rumbled again. "But," she continued "it's impossible for me to change my life so drastically, Jasper. It is difficult for you, but it's equally difficult for me. In just a couple of days time, I have had to accept the presence of so called mythical creatures in this world, admit that I am mated to one of them, digest your past and I am sure this is not where the surprises end."

I felt a pang of guilt as I though of Alice and I could feel Carlisle's anxiety ramp up as his eyes met mine, signifying that he too though of the same thing.

"I need to hold on to some sense of normalcy," Bella continued, unaware of my turmoil. "I need sanity and there's very little of it left in my life anyway. Please Jasper, please, I'm begging you, don't take away the little bit of my old life that is left," she pleaded with me, finally meeting my eyes with her slightly damp ones.

"Fine," I sighed. I knew I could never refuse her anything. "But if I ever smell any other man on you, I will not hesitate to lock you up in my room. I have centuries to make up for and you seem to be trying to do your best to further reduce the amount of time I get with you," I complained.

Bella giggled.

"You're so cute when you pout!"

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I am the fiercest warrior to grace this planet Miss. Swan, I do not pout!"

"You so do, and you're just adorable when you do it." She kissed my pout just to prove her point.

I breathed her in. I didn't mind pouting if doing so got me results like this. Just then, Carlisle's phone rang. The light in his eyes told me it was Esme's call even before he picked up the phone.

"Hello, darling," he greeted.

"Hello, love. Alice let us know that things are well and I'd like to talk to Bella and Jasper, if you could put me on the speaker phone please."

"Of course," Carlisle responded as he switched the phone onto the speaker mode.

"Hello Bella, Jasper," came Esme's warm voice. She knew I could hear her just fine without the speaker phone, but she had taken Bella's human ears into account and I was very thankful for that.

"Hello," Bella said shyly, even as her cheeks warmed slightly. I pressed a kiss to her crown.

"Jasper, it is Thanksgiving this weekend and I would love for the both of you to visit. I only recently found out that Bella too is from Forks, and that way she can manage a visit to the Chief as well?"

While the question was addressed to me, I knew that it was actually meant for Bella.

"I would love that, Mrs. Cullen. Thank you for inviting me," Bella said.

"Call me Esme, darling. All my children do."

I felt Bella's elation at being put in the same ranks as the rest of my siblings. In a way I was glad she would be getting to know Esme, from what little she had revealed today, her mother did not seem to be the overtly caring types. No matter how old one is, one always seems to need a mother figure in life. I only realized this when after the first time I had slipped, I had spent the night on the forest floor, weeping in Esme's arms as she rocked me back and forth. I decided with renew vigor to put the house to rights before Esme saw it. I might not be able to do as good a job as her, but at least I would not let her see the mansion in complete ruins.

"Carlisle, will you be home soon?"

"Yes love, though I'll be going directly to the hospital. I've taken quite some time off without prior notice and we are short staffed as it is these days."

"Very well my love. Jasper, Bella, I look forward to seeing you on Thanksgiving," she confirmed.

"We'll be there, Esme," I promised.

Carlisle was ready to leave as soon as the call ended.

"Jasper, Bella, feel free to call me for anything. I have faith in the both of you. I will also be informing everyone of the situation at home, they will be careful and cautious when you come home for Thanksgiving."

I shuddered as I thought of walking into a house of six other vampires with my fragile human mate and clasped her to me a bit tighter. I knew all of them had a better record at the vegetarian diet than me, but it provided little relief to my anxiousness. On the other hand, I did want Bella to meet the family, to see how she adjusts to them and hope that at some point in the future, she would join us, making me and my family complete.

As we watched Carlisle drive away, Bella turned in my arms and kissed me.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too, my mate," I said. She was the only thing keeping me sane. I wondered how I would get through the next day with her alone on the campus, away from me.

Next up: Thanksgiving with the Cullens. Any guesses about how that'll go?