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Chapter One: Casualties.

He opened the jacket, and saw 8 grenades strapped to the hitman's chest.

"Shit." he said. In the next second he stepped over the dead man and sprinted towards the sidewalk. He reached it right when the grenades went off. He was taken off his feet by the explosion and landed in the middle of the road, unconscious. Groups of cops ran towards him and 3 people jumped out of an ambulence with a stretcher. They put him on it and pulled it into the van. A tall, stocky man ran up to the woman about to shut the ambulence door.

"I'm coming with him. Benny Phillips. DEA. He's my boss." he showed her his badge.

"Ok. Hurry up and get in there. We don't know how bad he's hurt yet." she opened the door back up for him. He jumped in and shut it himself.

Meanwhile, a 12 year old girl holding a plant, with silent tears streaking down her face, walked into a restaurant. A man in the back near the kitchen looked up. He dropped the pan he was holding when he saw her and what she was holding.

"What happened?" he asked her. There were no customers so he didn't need to worry about someone overhearing.

"I don't know exactly. Where's Leon? He said we would meet here."

"He's not here. I never heard of this plan either. Are you sure he said to meet here?"


"This has something to do with that explosion doesn't it?"

"I think so." her voice was starting to crack and more tears were crawling down her face.

"Alright. If he said you were supposed to meet here then he'll be here any minute won't he?"

"I ... yeah." she wiped at her face.

"He'll be here soon then. Just, go and sit down. You hungry? Thirsty? Want some milk?"

"Sure. Milk."

"Ok. Don't worry about it. He'll be here soon. Leon's invincible. You know that."

"Yeah. Any minute."

The man left the room and came back with a small glass of milk.

"Here ya go." he said, handing it to her.

"Thanks Tony."

"I'm gonna send one of my boys in the kitchen to find out what happened down there. He should be able to get the main bit of it. "


"Vinnie!" he shouted toward the kitchen.

"Yeah." said a younger man reaching the doorway.

"Go on downtown. You heard that explosion right?"

"Yeah. You want me to go check it out?"

"Yeah. Come back as soon as possible. Found out everything you can alright?"

"Got it. Be back soon then." he went across the restaurant and out the door.

"Watch it though. I'll bet Leon gets back before Vinnie does." Tony laughed.

"Yeah." she said in a small voice.

"You ok -"


"You ok Matilda?"

"No. I have a really bad feeling something's wrong."

"He'll be fine."

"You don't understand Tony. That bastard had the whole S.W.A.T team there for us."


"The son of a bitch that murdered my little brother. Norman Stansfield."

Tony's face went pale.

"You sure that's the right name kiddo?" he asked.

"Positive. He's a crook. You know him or something?"


"What happened to your face Tony?"

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." Tony had bruises and cuts on his face.

"Leon really really needs to get here soon." she said.

"You're not joking kid."


The doctors wheeled the stretcher carrying Norman Stansfield into a surgery room. Benny walked over to one of the nurses that helped bring him in.

"Is he gonna be ok?" he asked.

"We not entirely sure yet sir. He's got some massive lacerations and fractures in his back from the explosion. He also hasn't regained consciousness yet. We'll let you know as soon as something changes. As for now, it looks as if this surgery is going to take a few hours. We need to stop the bleeding and fix the fractures in his back immediately. Does he have any family that you can call?" she asked.

"Is ex-wife and six year old son ok?"

"Yes. I would highly recommend bringing them. If the fractures have impacted his spine as badly as they have his ribs he may be paralized if he lives. So, yes bring both here. Go ahead and sign this consent form for me." she handed him a clipboard with a paper and pen on it. Benny signed it.

"Anything else I can do?" he asked.

"I appreciate your concern for your boss but that's all for now." she replied.


"I would like it if you could wait in here. Take a seat somewhere." she turned and walked through the emergency surgery room doors. As they swung shut Benny saw doctors grouped around a table with a lot of blood on their hands. He couldn't see Stan. He walked to a payphone and dialed Kimberly Anderson's phone number. It rang. An irritated voice picked up,

"Hello?" she asked.'


"Yes. Who is this?"

"Don't hang up. It's Benny Phillips. I'm at the hospital and Stan is damn near dead. I know you hate him but for Luke's sake please get down here."

"What? What the hell-" the irritation was gone. Concern and confusion was now present. Benny was scared and she could tell this was serious.

"I'll explain when you get here. Agreed?"

"Yeah." her voice was quiet.

"Bring Luke."

"I know. What hospital is it?"