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Between Love & Lust

Lina was upstairs getting ready for tonight's event ,when she heard her best friend coming in the door "Hiya bitch" Kori greeted

"Well look, it lives and breathes, where the hell were you today kori?" Lina asked. Kori looked down at her feet "I've been in class, why do you ask?"

Lina looked Kori over and then walked over to her "Ok you weren't in class I checked so cut the crap where were you?" she asked starting to get annoyed.

"Look I just had something to do" Kori replied Lina rolled her eyes "Please tell me you weren't with a guy this timeā€¦or a teacher"

Kori blushed a little "Well there is a new kid on campus, went to check him out" she then smiled "Fine, come on let's get going to this party and you can tell me all about this guy"

Lina said as she started to pick out clothes from her wardrobe.

The girls headed down to the frat house to meet the guys they walked in and saw a few familiar faces. "Oh there is his" Kori pointed the new guy out

"Hey Sam" she shouted as she waved him over to them.

Sam walked over to Kori he noticed that there was another girl with her "Hi Sam this is my bitch Lina"

Lina smiled and held out her hand "It's nice to meet you Sam"

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you too Lina, so tell me what are you majoring in?" Lina blushed "I'm studying criminal physiology" Kori winked at Lina

"I'm just going to get us some drinks" she looked up at Sam "Do you want a drink Sammy?" he smiled down at her

"Yeah that would be great thanks Kori" she headed off leaving the two of them alone

"So Sam tell me about yourself" Lina asked as she took a sip of her beer "What would like too know?" she shrugged

"Tell me a bit about your family" "Well I have an older brother named Dean I haven't seen him in a while since I left to come to college, we kinda left on a bad terms"

Kori walked back over to them "Hey guys" she smiled, she looked across to Lina "Hey just ran into Jason, he says hi"

She looked over at Sam "So Sam how are you settling in?"

"Great it just takes time to get used to everything" he replied "Well if you want I could show you around town sometime"

Lina said smiling up at him "Yeah that would be great"

"The best thing to do in college is go to all the parties and let loose, and on that note I'm going over there too get drunk and have fun"

Kori said as she danced off, Sam and Lina smiled at her.

A few hours later Kori was pretty wrecked she was distracted from talking to one of her guy friends Jason when her phone went off in her pocket

"Hello" she slurred "Kor, I need some help on this case that Ellen has found, you and Lina up for it?" she sighed and rolled her eyes

"Now would I let you down bro" Ash laughed "Well no" he paused "Ok so I'm going to mail you some info is that cool sis?"

Kori smiled she loved research "Hell yeah, call you soon" she hung up and shoved her phone back into her pocket.

She spotted Lina still talking to Sam so headed over to her.

"Hey Sam any chance I can borrow Lina for a bit?" He laughed "Sure no problem Kori" . The girls headed over to the door and walked out

"Ash called he wants us to check out something for him" Kori announced "What does he need?"

"Well he wants us to check out this case Ellen has for him, needs help with the research" Lina nodded

"Yeah there is this town and three people have died within the space of two weeks, something funky is goin down"

"Well than we should leave in the morning" Lina started, she looked around and then continued

"So that means my dear sweet Kori means were leaving now" The girls walked back into the house, Sam was waiting for them

"Listen something has come up and we have to go, but it was nice meeting you" Linda said.

Sam gave his famous puppy dog eyes "Oh ok, yeah was nice to meet you too Lina" he nodded his head towards Kori and smiled

"Well here Sam why don't you have our numbers, you know incase you need anything" Kori said as she grabbed a sharpie out of her bag.

She grabbed Sam's arm and wrote both numbers down. She clicked the lid back on and smiled at him

"Catch ya later Sammy" she grabbed Lina's arm and pulled her out the front door

The girls were walking back to there dorm "So what's with you and Sam?" Kori asked "Nothing much just friends that's all" Lina replied

"So would like to do some research when we get in Kori?" she asked looking over to her friend. Kori's face lit up "Hell yeah bring it on, i'm up for an all nighter"

she giggled as she started running to the front door

Lina walked in first closely followed by Kori, Lina went into the kitchen to make coffee "So Kori what is it exactly, this case, what did the one and only Dr badass have to say?"

Kori whirled around "I knew you weren't paying attention when i told you earlier" Kori crossed her arms over her chest

"Three people in a town have died in two weeks, maybe a coincidence but it maybe supernatural"

"Maybe it's just a simple salt and burn case" Lina said as she handed Kori a mug of steaming hot coffee. They went into the living and sat down by their laptops

"Let see if there any local legends" Kori said as she placed her coffee cup down on the table next to her.

"Hey I think I might have found something, before matt brooks died the told friends that he kept seeing his dead girlfriend Angela mason every where after she died"

"So how did this Angela die Lina?" asked Kori. Lina scrolled down until she had found the information "a head on collision in her car" Kori closed her laptop

"So I say this hunt is one we should do, I'll call Ash see when he wants us to head out"

She walked outside to make the call, Lina shut her laptop and slid under the covers. Kori walked in and closed the door "He said that we should head out tomorrow"

she placed her phone on the small kitchen table and walked over to her bed unlacing her boots and getting into her PJ's

"So we will leave here at six, the sooner we get there the sooner we can come home" said Lina "I really hate vengeful spirits"

The girl woke up the next morning Kori groaned "Could you god damn alarm be any louder" she said as she turned over and threw her pillow at Lina

"Alright Kori, I'll turn it off" Lina reached over and turned the alarm off feeling the cold air hit her warm skin she quickly pulled her arm back underneath the blankets

"Come on Kori get your ass up we have to get going to Maine" Lina got out of bed and went in to the bathroom have a shower

When she was finished she noticed Kori hadn't moved so she got a brilliant idea. She ran back into the bathroom and filled up a glass of cold water and stood above Kori.

She poured it over her head, Kori sat up and screamed.

"You fucking bitch" she ripped the blankets off her and stormed towards Lina. Sam happened to be walking passed the girls dorm and heard the arguing.

He softly knocked on the door and walked in.

"Hey girls bad timing?" Sam asked as he looked down at Lina who was now on the ground "No not at all" she replied

"Just giving Kori a shower before we leave" she chuckled. The girls got up "Payback's a bitch" Kori said as she wiped her hair from her forehead

"Ohhh I'm so scared" Lina spat back.

Kori pulled her bag from underneath her bed and threw it on the chair, her silver flask and an exorcism book fell to the floor. She went to grab it but Sam beat her to it.

Lina and Kori both looked at each other. Sam raised his eye browns as he looked at the items in his hand "So you girls want to tell me something?"

He asked "Alright you caught us it's for religious studies" Kori looked over at Lina, hoping that Sam would buy her lies.

Sam stood and studied both of the girls, he placed the items back into Kori's bag

"Your hunters aren't you?" he asked Kori looked at him "What are you talking about Sam?" she walked over to her bag and pulled a black hoodie out of it.

Sam looked over at Lina "We don't enjoy the killing of animals Sam, so no we don't hunt bambi"

he started to go through Kori's belongings she stepped forward "Sam what the hell are you doing?" he pulled out a silver blade and smirked

"Well looks like your hunters to me, and no" he glanced over at Lina "Not bambi" Kori swallowed trying to calm herself down

"And what would you know about hunting?" she asked as she pulled the blade out of his grasp.

"Well let's just say one thing, it's kind of my family business" said Sam "so girls how did you get into this?" Lina looked away

"Well my family were killed by demons, I barley survived" Lina pulled down her sweater to reveal the scar that was under her neck. He looked to Kori

"Well my brother taught me everything I know, he does a lot of research" Kori said she pulled her hoodie a little closer to her to shield the morning breeze.

"We are actually heading out to Maine" Kori added as she pulled her converse from under her bed and slipped them on. "What's in Maine?"

Sam asked curiosity getting the better of him "Just something we need to sort, out hey Lina you ready?" Kori asked as she slung her bag over her shoulder

"Sure Kori" Lina turned to face Sam "See you around Sam" as the girls walked out Sam stopped them "Hey wait" they both turned around, he hesitated

"Maybe, erm, maybe I could help you" they both looked at each other

"Sam, you have a fresh start a new life here in college, don't mess it up" Kori said as she walked out into the hallway. Lina walked towards him "

"Sam please Kori's right start a new life here don't screw it up" He sighed "fine but if you get into trouble please ring me ok?"

he looked between both girls "I promise, look we better be going see you Sam" as the girl walked to the car Kori was wondering should they have shared so much with Sam.

she wondered if they should just let him come with them. She loaded the stuff up into the car and slammed the boot shut

"Hey Lina, maybe we should let Sam tag along, I mean he's only been here a few days and he hasn't really made any friends yet, besides if it's what he wants to do"

she pulled her phone out and dialled Sam's number "Hey Sammy, still wanna come huntin?"