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Chapter 4

Kori turned over half asleep and felt something warm and soft, she cracked her eyes open to see that she was lying on someone's chest she looked up to find the owner Dean.

She quickly sat up and slid out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She closed the door, Dean opened his eyes and smirked, following her.

Kori turned around and jumped a little "Dean what the hell! you know I could have been naked in here"

He smirked at her "Well that's what I was hoping for sweetheart" she crossed the room so she was standing in front of him

"Your a pig Dean Winchester now get out of this bathroom" He pushed kori back into the wall in a hot passionate kiss, she wrapped her legs around his waist ripping of her tank top.

Dean was about to rip off her bra when the pounding started on the bathroom room door

"Hey Kori have you seen Dean?" Sam shouted. "Shit" Kori looked at him "What do I say?" he looked back at the door "Yeah Sam i'm in here"

Sam furrowed his brows "Why are you in there with Kori?" she spoke up "It's ok Sam I wasn't feeling too good, Dean just brought me some water"

"Ok I'm just going to go back to bed just keep it down in there you two, I could swear you were having sex" Sam laughed Dean and Kori looked at each orther and laughed

"Well I think we should go to bed" Dean's face lit up "Not for sex Dean just to go to sleep I'm very tired" she turned to walk out

"Oh before you go to bed you might want to take care of that problem… you're standing to attention there" Kori said as she pointed to his crotch.

Dean looked up at her and licked his dry lips "Well do you wanna help me there sweetheart? After all it's your fault"

Kori giggled "I'm sure your capable of taking care of that yourself there stud" she walked out of the bathroom and closed the door.

Son of a bitch next time separate motel rooms Dean taught to himself. As Dean took care of his business, all Kori could think about was Dean and how hot he made her feel not that he needed to ever find out, she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Next morning the girls woke up but the boys were nowhere in site. Lina walked over to the table and picked up a note

"Oh hey the boys have gone out said that we should be ready by the time they get back" Kori glanced over at her "Well it is late afternoon I can't believe they let us sleep in this late"

Lina looked at Kori she knew something was up with her "So was has you in a good mood? It wouldn't have anything to do with a certain Winchester would it?" Lina smirked

"I have no idea what your talking about" Kori replied as she pulled on her hoodie and zipped it up "I'm just excited about this hunt ya know"

"Yeah I believe you… not" Kori canted her head "Since were on the subject of the Winchesters, as far as I remember you and Sammy were getting pretty cosy last night in bed"

"Well for your information me and Sam we do have history but there's not a chance any more… but he does have a body that you just want to touch" Lina drifted off into a dream world.

Kori stopped what she was doing "What do you mean there isn't a chance anymore are you nuts?"

"yeah well it is true hunters never have a happy ending, it not like were going to be travelling with them all the time so what's the point in getting attached to someone I say let them have fun and go wild" Lina voiced as she grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom for a shower.

She washed her self thinking of the last time she had seen Sam. Pulling herself from the memory she stepped out of the shower and dried herself off and got dressed in her hip hugging jeans and a tank top and walked out to see Kori at the table

"What's up?" Lina asked as she threw her wet towel at Kori's head "Oh nothin you ready?" she asked as she stood up and grabbed the car keys off the nightstand

Lina walked out of the hotel room with Kori to see Sam and Dean pulling up in the impala. The girls went over to there car, Kori got into the drivers seat as Lina walked to the passenger side to get in

Dean rolled down the window "Hey Dean how do you feel about a little bet?" smirked Lina . "I say never back out of a challenge sweetheart"

"Well then… so how about a little race the last one there buys the drinks" she winked "Oh bring it on sweetheart "I'll leave you for dust" he smirked back

"Are you sure about that Dean?" Lina smirked back as she got in the car. "Let's shows those boys how to lose"

Kori gunned the engine and sped off out of the lot. Dean pulled out straight after her. As they got on to the interstate Kori being the sneaky devil she was took the short cut to town.

She had checked the directions when Lina was in the shower, suddenly Lina's phone rang she could see by caller id it was Sam so she put it on speakerphone.

"Where are you girls we lost you?" Kori snickered "Oh were just on the way honey" Lina looked at her and smiled "Oh well ok we just wanted to know if you were alright?"

"Yeah were fine, just tell Dean to have his wallet fully stocked because it looks like were going to win"

Lina said smiling to herself at the thought, she could hear Dean mumbling in the background before Sam hung up.

"Well hun look's like we found the town this place looks creepy" said Lina as she looked around "Hope the boys don't take to long"

Dean pulled into the lot beside the girls, he glanced over at them and growled deep in his throat "How the hell did they freakin do that?" Sam chuckled "Come on Dean" he opened the door and got out.

The boys made there way over to the girls "You sure took your time" Kori smirked at him twirling her keys around her fingers

"Ok how in the hell did you get here so fast?" she could see the frustration all over Dean's face "Well we took the shortcut to get here" said Lina

"There was a short cut and you two forgot to mention to us?" now he was pissed "Ohhhh my bad" Kori smirked at him and walked round the trunk to get her weapons, Lina soon joined her.

A scream cut through the air, Kori grabbed her machete and Lina went for her short sword. Kori slammed the trunk shut and headed in the direction that the screams came from, Lina followed closely behind.

The girls arrived at the house where the screaming was coming from, Sam and Dean pushed in front, both girls looked at each orther and rolled their eyes

Lina looked around Sam's large frame and saw a little girl running down the stairs with a vamp close on her tail. She made a run for it, she reached the girl and picked her up returning to her place next to Kori.

The vamp got to the bottom step. She snarled at the foursome and showed her fangs "Well well look what we have here"

"Give me the girl and maybe I wont hurt you as much as I would like to" snarled the vampire, she looked like one of those vampires from twilight.

The girl clung to Lina who pulled her closer "I don't think so"

She charged at Lina and Kori to get to the girl, Dean stood in front of the girls to protect them with the machete dipped in dead mans blood, all he had to do was strike her with it.

Dean stood his ground until she was nearly in front of him then with a flick of his wrist he beheaded her.

Lina covered the girls eyes with her hand and turned her to face her chest "It's ok were getting you home"

They walked out of the house and new that they had more searching to do before they left the town. Lina and Kori walked to their car with the little girl and opened the backseat door to let her in.

suddenly the girls looked up at the boys who pointed in the direction of where three more vamps were walking up to them "Oh great it's the rest of the Cullen clan" sighed Kori sighed

"Let's kill these fuckers" Lina spat and she slammed the car door shut. Kori looked inside at the girl "Stay here sweetie we shall be right back, lock the doors and don't move"

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