If you read any type of books you may realize that I based this story off a certain series from a certain author, but that's up to you to figure out. Enjoy!

To be or not to be, that truly is the question isn't it?

What do you think is the best superpower? To be able to fly? To shoot lasers from your eye sockets or any other part of your body? What about superhuman strength? Lifting cars and the like must be pretty cool right?

WRONG! The best power imaginable, is imagination itself.

I'm going to let that sink in for a bit, and for those of you who just haven't grasped that concept yet I'll provide some examples. Imagine the tallest building you can think of. Now imagine jumping over that building in a single leap. Also imagine the fastest jet known to man. Now imagine beating that jet in a race across the country, and then giving the pilot the thumbs up signal, from outside the jet.

You think it, I make it. Come on, what can top that?

Now I'm not saying there aren't downsides to this awesome power. Imagine the worst thing possible, say your greatest fear. Mine is spiders. If you were to have a nightmare about giant mutant spiders, well when you wake up there very likely may be one staring you in the face. No matter how disciplined you are, your subconscious rules when you're asleep, and you have no control.

Now imagine that every non-human being out there, and believe me there's more than you think, wants to kill you. Why? Because of the very simple fact that existed.

For those of you that want to keep reading I have only one thing to say:

Hang on; you're in for a hell of a ride.

Chapter One: I really shouldn't have woken up this morning

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just wish you were still in your bed dreaming about girls or a ham sandwich? That's how I felt at the moment, like I should have just stayed home. The thing about that though, is that I don't really have a home. It kinda blew up in one of my experiments. Don't worry though no one was hurt. You see I'm an orphan, I never knew who my parents were. Basically all I remember is waking up one day in the middle of a field (kinda like superman huh?) in Pennsylvania with a piece of paper that had my name scribbled on it:


Try being on the receiving end of THAT one. I wandered around after that and found an abandoned farm house that eventually became home sweet home. I had to fix it up for MONTHS before it actually resembled a barn house (which when you think about it isn't anything special). I had to cut off the vines that were creeping on the sides, dust every inch of it so I didn't choke to death, and physically scrub every part of it so anybody in a plane above didn't think it was a giant poop mark on the landscape. Oh and there was no electricity either so no TV, video games, iPods, cell phones etc etc. You must be thinking "How did he survive!" To be honest me and technology in general don't seem to get along all the time. If I'm thinking too hard (funny sentence I know), anything electronic near me will basically explode. I don't exactly don't know why, but I'm gonna guess and say it has something to do with my powers.

Oh did I forget to mention that? Yep I gots me some super powers! Which ones? Well all of them really. As long as I can think of a super power and imagine me having it, I do for as long as I want.

How's THAT for a mind blower?

Want to know something even more mind boggling? I look like every other human out there. No scales or extra arms, no tentacles shooting out of my back or extra set of eyes on my bellybutton. Just a head, some freckles, blue eyes, tan skin, straight black hair (not like a girls! Its goes forward on my head but doesn't hang. Some of you might get that confused so I thought I would mention it). Two arms, medium muscle build, a bellybutton that doesn't try to eat you, and two legs. Just your average every day looking teenager (I'm 16…I think).

Except that my day to day life doesn't consist of going to school, hanging out with friends, flirting with girls. It usually consists of extreme daily training that strengthens my body, physically and mentally. I lift 800 pound weights (I'm a lot stronger than I look, like break a boulder with my pinky strong) as a warm up. I run daily, about 100 miles, without breaking a sweat. One time I got just a little too worked up and ran over 800 miles. I had the news crew from like five different states following me on the way home.

I try to keep as low a profile as humanly possible (oh the irony). It doesn't help having the whole world know that you're some freak that can do whatever he pleases. I don't do that actually I'm pretty well mannered and I work hard when I have to. You would think I would like the attention, considering that the only other person on Earth that I know is my reflection. But I prefer solitude, since I never know how someone might react to my powers so I don't even try (with all the movies out there about monsters and mutants being shunned from society, you would never guess why huh?)

So instead of sitting on my butt getting fat like most people on this planet watching Star Wars or playing World of Warcraft online, I workout and catch up on my reading. I've read just about every book ever published so if you decide to quiz me on anything historic or fictional be ready for triple A+ quality answers (not to gloat or anything).

So yeah I get pretty lonesome being all by myself all the time. Except for one thing, I'm not really by myself. There seems to be others just like me and more on this little blue planet we call Earth.

And for some bizarre reason, they want to kill me.

Yup you read right. The other freaks out there have some beef with little old me and I have no reason why. On a related note, the predicament I was now currently engaged in had the potential to end my life if I didn't focus, yet here I am telling YOU my life story. A brief summary of my problem: I was flying home (walking is overrated) when there was a sudden flash of light, an intense heat that nearly burned off my eyebrows, and then I was hit with what felt like a flying bulldozer. I crash landed (it's actually easier than it looks, when you're not in a 20 ton chunk of metal that is, but still hurts like hell) in the field surrounding my house.

As I was busy rearranging my internal organs and some serious thinking about wearing a helmet from now on, this giant…well tiger-bat fell out of the sky and landed about thirty feet away from me. I know I can create just about anything, but what psycho goes and conjures something like THAT into the world.

As I stared open mouthed at the chimera (that's what you call two or more animals that have been combined I believe), it let out a roar that rattled every bone in my body and sent shockwaves through the tall grass. And as if I didn't have enough problems already it started shooting flames out of it mouth as it roared, I mean come on really! Even birds from several miles away started flapping like their lives depended on it in the opposite direction of us. Like I couldn't have figured it out already, the tiger-bat/dragon thing charged at me with its jaws wide, ready to eat/incinerate me.

Here I thought today was going to be f-f-fun. I really shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning…