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I promised myself I'd never get into this situation again. But here I am, awaking in the arms of the enemy, John Tucker. I make just a little bit of noise as I get up, and he wakes up.

"Hey Baby. What are you doing up so early? It's Saturday. We can spend all day in here."

"Sorry John. I can't. I have stuff to do. Last night was okay. But we can't do it again. I just had to get you out of my system. That was all. You're with Kate now. That just wouldn't be right."

"Whoa, Baby, c'mon. Don't be like that. Look, what we have is special. It's not the same as what Kate and I have. And really we don't have that much yet. We went to the beach. That was it. Maybe after the big gameā€¦."

"Well, last night was it. I'm over you John. I'll see you at school." I say as I walk out of his room.

He gets up quickly and follows me out. "Hold on. Don't go."

"I have places I have to be John."

"I'll tell you what Babe. You stay here with me a little longer, and I'll go to one of your rallies with you." He tries to kiss me and I scoot out of his way and back into his room.

He follows me in, thinking he'd won me over. He closes the door and puts his arms around my waist. I used to love it when he did that, but now it just disgusts me.

"Sorry Tucker. We're done. I just left my bra. I have to go. I have a date tonight. I've decided that collage boys are way better then high school ones."

I tell him as I saunter out of his room, and out of his house, giving his brother, Scott, a flirty wave as I go.

As soon as I'm out of sight of the Tucker house, I call Kate.

"Kate, it's Beth. I know it's kind of early, but could I please come over to your house? My parents will kill me if I come home like this right now."

She gives me the affirmative. I knew I cold count on her. We've all gotten pretty close over the past week, but I think I've gotten closer with Kate then the other two. She's like my best best friend now.

"And can you call Carrie and Heather too? I need to talk to all of you."

I hang up without waiting for her reply. I don't want her to her the slight waver in my voice. I knew John would do this to me.

Last night, Carrie and Heather were talking about how Kate might have to actually get with John. She didn't look too enthused, but she's too nice to just tell them no. I knew that doing that would break her. They said that if John didn't get some from someone soon, he'd probably just go on a rampage of looking for someone to hook up with night after night, and it'd jeopardize the whole revenge thing.

So when I left, I went looking for him. He was at a collage party spot, but none of the girls were paying him any attention; his older brother, Alex was there. So when he saw me, he instantly asked me to go somewhere else with him, so I wouldn't see Alex. He knows how easy I am, and that worked to my advantage. The someplace else ended up being his house, more specifically his room. You know what happened next.

I'm at Kate's now. I get out of my car and grab my bag. The other girls are already there, and usher me quickly into the house. They badger me with questions, but I stay silent. I reach into my bag and hand them a camera. Carrie snatches it from me and plugs it into Kate's t.v.

John didn't know my plan. No one did. I showed them that not everyone has to be used by John Tucker. They could use him too. I was also able to slip in the conversation that we had on my drive over.

John called almost immediately after I hung up on Kate. I put it on speaker, and got him almost crying when I told him he wasn't really that good, that I'd had better, and that I'd had bigger too. That's how you break a man.

After listening to it, the three of them stared at me in awe.

"Why'd you do it Beth? I was supposed to." Kate asks

"Your first time should be special. I didn't want you to lose that opportunity because your too nice to tell them no. So I went in your stead. It's not like I haven't done it before."

Kate gave me a look. "You promised yourself and me that you wouldn't do it with him again."

"Look Kate, it's no big deal. It's part of my rep. Everyone expects me to go and do stuff like that. So I might as well prove them right. It was wrong of them to expect you to give over something that you can only give once over for the cause. Now John should be fine for a little. He won't be happy, but now he should be even more determined to get you. You heard that I used you as my reason why we couldn't anymore, among other things."

Heather and Carrie just stood there, listening to us talk. Then they slowly slid out the door, sensing that Kate wanted to talk to me alone.

"You didn't have to." She mumbled as soon as they were out the door.

"Yeah. I did. Like I said, better me then you. Don't make a big deal about it."

"But you fell like shit! I can see it in your eyes. They may not see it, but I do. You were trying so hard to stay away from him, and other guys who just wanted you for sex. You shouldn't have broken your promise for me."

I'm so close to tears right now. But in typical me fashion, I push them back. Instead, I plaster a big fake smile onto my face. Kate's eyes narrow. I know she sees right through it.

"What are friends for Katie? Look, I think I'm gonna go home. I need to shower and get some sleep. I didn't find him till four in the morning. So I'll see you tomorrow."

"Stay here." She says

"What? No, I can't. I have to go home."

"That's not what you said on the phone. Just crash and shower here. Then maybe tonight you can actually spend the night here, like you pretended to last night. I promise that it'll be much better then last night." She smiles

"Alright. I guess I will. And I'm sure tonight will be much more fun then last night was. Pretty much anything would be. But a girls' night does sound cool."