The worst part about waking up next to Kate is that I know I'll have to get up. I've been watching her sleep for about ten minutes when she yawns and starts to wake up.

"I can feel you staring at me." She murmurs "It's actually what woke me up." She giggles

"Sorry Katie. You're just really cute when you sleep, I couldn't help myself."

She blushes slightly at my comment, but doesn't say anything, and doesn't try to untangle herself from the jumble of limbs we became over the night. I have to admit, I'm grateful for all the warmth and contact.

"So what do you want to do today?" She asks, eyes on me


"Kate! Wake Up! Time for school!" Her Mom's voice says from the other side of the door

She flings the door open. "Katie! C'mon…. Oh, Beth! I didn't know you slept over last night."

"I uhh, had a really crappy weekend, and Kate told me I could spend the night after she had to hear me babble about it till 2 in the morning. I'm really sorry we didn't ask first." I say, trying to not get Kate in trouble

"It's not a problem, and you know you are welcome here anytime. I just don't know if I made enough food for breakfast."

"I don't do breakfast during the week, so it's no biggie."

She smiles, relief on her features. "Alright, well you girls better get movin'. School starts in 45 minutes."

She leaves the room, but not before shooting Kate what seems to me like a "we need to talk later" look. Kate just smiles at her, until she leaves. Then she groans, and buries her head back into her pillow.

"I don't wanna go. I'm tired."

"Sorry Katie, but you have to go. John hasn't seen you in a while. Heather and Carrie will be pissed if you're a no show today." I remind her

"Well, if I'm going, you're going." She replied, and finally got out of bed, ultimately forcing me to as well.

We get dressed, and manage to barely get there on time. But John is waiting, having texted her while we were on our way, and greets her with a kiss.

"How do you two know each other?" He asks, a look of slight concern on his face

"We met at a party I went to last night. We have gym together, but you can't really have many good conversations there, ya know. But I saw her at the party, and we got to talking, and we ended up going back to my place after we told these two guys we were together to make them stop hitting on us." Kate explains, and I can't figure out how she gets it all out in one breath, so I just stare at her before she elbows me, and I manage to get out something that sounds like "Yea".

"I didn't know you went to a party last night. Where was it? Why didn't you invite me? You said you were busy last night, and that the night before you were doing family stuff." He asks, with what might be (dare I say it) jealousy in his tone.

"Sorry Johnny Boy, but we can't tell you where it was. It's one of those secret, last minute kind of things. Someone must really want Kate, since she's new and got the text. But don't worry, I made sure no boys laid their paws on her. I kept her safe and sound all night long." I answer, knowing Kate's reply would not have been satisfactory after what she just pulled.

I look over at Kate, expecting her to smile at me. Instead, she looks kinda sad. I'll have to ask her about that later. I don't want her to be upset that I'm spreading false rumors about her. Although, that is one of the better rumors going around about any girl at the moment.

John thinks about what we have just told him, and is about to say something when he bell rings, signaling that we need to get to class. Kate kisses John on the cheek, which makes me angry, even though I have no right to be, and then we walk down to gym, where Heather and Carrie are waiting.

"Jeez, what took ya so long?" Carrie asks as she strips out of her clothes and into her gym gear.

"Sorry, we had to explain why we came to school together and how we met." Kate replies

"And? What did ya come up with?" Heather asks

"We met at a party that was secret and we couldn't tell him where it was. Somebody is very into me cuz that is the only way I would've gotten the invitation after only being here for a little bit." Kate explains

"Oh, that's good. I like that. It'll keep him curious, upset, jealous,…"

"We don't need the full range of all his possible emotions Carrie." Heather says, and I'm happy she cut her off, because I'm tired of talking about John.

"Alright ladies, get your cute little asses out here and play some ball!" The teacher's voice cuts through the locker room, and we all groan, and stop talking in preparation of the hell we are all about to be thrust into.

It's another Friday night, and Kate has a date with John. I don't know why, but recently, I really have hated seeing them together. Seeing him touch her and smile at her, and laugh at something she said. It's almost worse whenever she responds that way towards him.

We all watch as he leans in to kiss her goodnight, and they headbutt each other. Even though it brought her some slight pain, I'm happy about it because he gives up and leaves. Then we see the steps as Kate rushes up the stairs to us.

"You got him hooked girl!" Heather squawks as soon as she closes the door behind Kate.

"You really think so?" Kate asks

"Ok course! Did you see his face whenever he left without a kiss? He wants you bad girl! We got him almost exactly where we want him. Now we just need to do the thing after the big game, and then by his birthday, we'll be able to expose him for what he truly is! Well, this was a success. I think I'm gonna call it a night. Heather? You ready to go?" Carrie asks

Heather nods, and after both say their goodbyes, leave Kate and I alone.

"You did great tonight. But if you want out before the big game, I won't be upset."

"Why do you keep trying to talk me out of this? I thought this was what you wanted?" She asks, her voice laced with anger.

"It's not that I don't want everyone to see him for what he is, and to see him break, because I do. I just don't think that you doing stuff you don't want to should be a part of this. And I have a feeling that whatever you're gonna be asked to do for the big game is going to be way over the top." I try to explain, hoping to get her off my case without giving myself away.

"I'm doing this for you… I mean you guys, and all the girls John Tucker has messed with. It's what friends are for, right?" She says, a flirty look on her face, and I can't help but laugh, not just because it makes me feel less awkward about what I want to do to her right now to show my appreciation, but because I can't believe she's using my words from last weekend against me.

"Stay the night?" She whispers, and I can't say no as she climbs into bed, and lifts the covers up for me to join.