Six years after graduation, Ron and Kim are finally going to reunite.

Ron's POV

It was two thirty in the afternoon. I was having lunch with Nacey, Henry, and Phillip. We all finished eating and then Henry went out for a jog while Phillip went to go see his friends at Chestnut Ridge. Nacey looked at me and noticed that I was frowning. "Ron, what's the matter? Thinking about Kim again, huh?" She asked me. I smiled and responded, "When do I ever not think of her? I still love her but I know that we can never be."

She shook her head and asked, "What on earth are you talking about? You maybe a magical being but you are entitled to have some love in your love life, too. Now, what happened between you two?" I sighed and said, "You might as well know the truth Nance. After all, you are my friend and my mentor." She smiled as she sat down next to me and said, "More friend than anything. Now, tell me everything." I sighed and started to tell her the story. I was telling it, my mind flashbacked to that day nearly six years ago…


(Kim and Ron are at Bueno Nacho. Both of them look sad.)

Kim: I-I can't believe that I'll be leaving for Cambridge in a few days.

Ron: I know me either.

Kim: Ron, where's Rufus?

Ron: I…I gave him to Hana. He didn't want to say goodbye to me but he knew that I had to. I can't go to a cooking school with a hairless rodent.

Kim: That's true. (Silence but just then…) Ron, I…

Ron: Kim, let me go first. I want you to go to Cambridge and show those professors that they are lucky to have you as a student. (He puts his right hand on her right cheek-wiping away one of her tears.) And don't you ever look back. If the fates allow us to re-meet, than so shall it be.

Kim: (She has more tears rolling down her face.) Ron, please don't do this.

Ron: (He is trying to withhold his tears.) Sorry, KP. But, I want to do this. I'm letting you go. Just promise me one thing. (She perks up.) Never forget me.

Kim: (She takes his hand into hers.) I swear, Ron. I'll never forget you.

Ron: Good.

(They lean into each other and kiss.)

-End of Flashback-

Nacey gave me a hug after I had finished my story and said, "I'm awfully sorry, Ron. I know how much Kim means to you." I was comforted by her hug as if she was my mom trying to comfort me. She let go of me. I sighed and said, "I just wish that I could tell her the truth. At least let her know I'm alright but I'm needed here."

Nacey looked thoughtful for a moment and said, "Well, we really don't need you right now. It has been rather slow lately and I think we can spare you. Besides, there is an agent there who is unaware of their powers. I think you can bring out her true power." "Her?" I asked Nance. She giggled and answered, "Now, now. I don't think it would much of a mystery if I automatically tell you who she is." I smiled and said, "You are one of a kind, Nance. I go first thing tomorrow." Nacey gave me another hug and whispered, "Finally, you and Kim are going to be reunited. I wish you best of luck in your quest, Ron." I smiled and said, "Thanks Nance."