A/N: I've been reading alot of Teen Titans fics and got inspired to write again. I do not own Twilight, this was just a funny little thing I thought of. SenDull is a nudge at Alec's powers. I might make something for that, I don't know yet.

From the creators of SenDull comes a new option for the everyday adult.

PharmCo is pleased to bring you the improved Jasper.

Jasper is an option you should discuss with your doctor if you experience mild sympoms depression, over activity, paranoia, or epic fandom.

Unlike other products on the market, Jasper works with very few side or after affects. Jasper is not a steroid or injection, but taken on site. It provides a sudden calming sense to help you get through the day.

Side affects may include: Drooling, Drowsiness, Hyperventilation, Staring at the product, Slight neck pain, Anemia and in some cases Death. Please talk to your doctor to see if your benefits outweigh the risks.

The new and improved Jasper.