I know... I know I should be posting at least SOMETHING for my NaruNetties... but this was an English assignment so I was like "Why the hell not!" Enjoy, Vladimir Tod fans.

Snow Smiled

The vein twitched.

And pulsed.

And pulsed.

And pulsed.

Vladimir stared.

And looked deep…



The blood running through said victim

Beat delicately in ruby strokes.

Long strokes

Thick strokes.

Delicious strokes.

As he neared Snow, he heard him.

His monster.

His beast.

His inner.

Snow's eyes widened,

their pupils the size of pinpoints.


Sharp pins.

That could draw blood.

The wine of life swam from her heart.

Into his mouth.

His dripping, impatient mouth.

His longing, fanged mouth.

He felt her soul as it ebbed gently.

It drifted.

Drifted far.

Drifted far away.

His arms bent accordingly as to push her away.

She flew.

A sweet, bloody flight.

A crash flight.

The monster had been released.

He felt like grinning.



But instead his outer pulled himself together and ran.

Ran home.

To Nelly and Henry.

Away from Snow, October, and Kristoff.

His strength was oddly high,

as he ran from its source.

The lonely drudge.

The bleeding drudge.

The dying drudge.

That night, the nightmare continued.

And he woke.

Violently, suddenly, he woke.

Only to face his bloodlust again.

Snow, his second drudge, knew exactly

What it was. That moment. She knew exactly

What he wanted. What he had always wanted.

What he will always want.

She smiled.

A tired smile.

A dying smile.

But a smile none the less.