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Chapter 19 (Tom's P.O.V.)

We teleported the same way we did to first board Watch Tower, but this time I was aware of what was happening. And this time, our destination included a life or death situation. Anyone of us could be gone in the next minute.

"Green Arrow, Wild Thing, you're up." Dougie said as we all crouched down behind bushes.

The girls nodded and silently and quickly ran to the Luthor mansion. Then Dougie nudged me.

"Go see the grounds." I nodded and stood up then took off running before any guards could see me.

I ran around the mansion scanning for guards or any attack dogs, but there was none. Weird. I did another lap this time scanning the walls of the mansion. This time I actually found something, cameras. Bingo.

I moved my legs faster than before and began running up the walls until I was high enough to reach the cameras. Each camera I came across I ran straight through it. I was able to speed up my molecules to pass straight through objects, but the skill short circuits any electronics, including cameras.

When I was done, I ran back to where the others were hiding.

"Cameras out." I told Dougie. He nodded and looked back at Harry, Danny, and Keeley.

"Hawkman, Green Lantern, and Black Orchid, enter through the roof." They each nodded and flew from their spot high into the air.

"So what do we do?" Catherine asked from beside me.

"Wait." Dougie replied.

(Carrie's P.O.V.)

When Delia and I made it to the front of the mansion, we checked each window to see if any of them were open. Surprisingly enough, one window at the front of the mansion was open. We climbed through it and stood in the large foyer. No guards or the owner of the mansion was around.

"Where is everyone? On vacation?" I asked as I slipped my bow over my shoulder. Delia just shrugged. She doesn't usually talk much on missions.

"How's Knr?" A voice suddenly asked from the end of the hallway we were standing at.

Both Delia and I exchanged worried looks. Then I looked up and saw an air vent. Delia also looked up and got the same idea as me. She quickly picked me up by the ankles, using her super strength, and then I grabbed the vent and handed it to her. I climbed into the vent and reached down for Delia. She grabbed my hand and I pulled her up, closing the vent back up afterwards.

"He's doing exceptionally very well Mr. Luthor, a few more days and he should wake up." Another voice responded.

Soon the owner of the two voices walked into the foyer. One, a tiny old man who wore a long white lab coat, and the second, the young bald headed Mr. Luthor himself.

"Great, but I want him to wake sooner, get on that." Mr. Luthor answered.

"Yes sir." The old man said. Then he walked to a door that seemed to be a closet door; however he stepped inside and closed it behind him.

"A secret room?" I asked myself but realized it was rather loud when I noticed Lex turn around.

"Who's there?" He yelled. My eyes widened. I was so scared; I thought I had already blown both Delia and my cover. Then Delia tapped my shoulder. I looked over to her and she was pointing further down the vent, but this vent lead into a down slope. I nodded and she led the way.

We ignored Lex possibly finding us and continued without investigation. The vent, however, seemed to continue aimlessly.

"Sir, there is no way we can wake up Knr sooner, his system will corrupt." A voice said. Delia looked back at me and I nodded, letting her know to continue onward.

"We have to, if we don't, Knr will never please Lex Luthor." The familiar voice of the old man said.

We finally came to a vent to look through and my jaw dropped open. There in a giant glass tube was a young teenage boy. He was in a white jumpsuit with a similar shape of Superman's 'S', but instead it read 'Knr'. And when I looked at the boy's faceā€¦I thought I was looking at Superman's young twin.