Planet reach….. I've heard the stories but I never thought I'd be going there…..

Planet reach data log 2: well things aren't as bad as they look….. I hope.

Last when we saw S-248 he just met his daughter on reach. He asks to go to new Alexandria to see someone. Who is he? He keeps wondering about this.

*a pelican lands down at a night club landing platform*

?: welcome S-248 to the scarlet rose night club.

John: who are you?

?: they call me Jones, Sergeant Jones! Member of domino squad!

John: who's the leader of domino squad by any chance?

Sergeant Jones: you're looking for Z-666 then!

John: Z-666? What the crap who's that?

Sergeant Jones: you don't know him? He's inside right now with the rest of the squad; I just came out here for some quiet.

Keira: we'll see who it is ok dad?

John: seems perfectly fine

*they go in to see a heavily armored trooper*

Z-666: you must be the 2 Spartans who were wondering who I was.

Both: bingo.

Z-666: they call me Dan.

John: ok… hi Dan.

Dan: I'm the leader of domino squad. The man you met out there is my bodyguard and second member, otherwise known as domino 2.

Keira: interesting.

*bout an hour of talking later*

Dan: I'll be happy to enjoy training john.

The next chapter will be the training sequence….. don't want this chapter to be too long.