Takes Place after Kid and the Iron Horse. Monta wouldn't talk to him all day, so Sena was kind of pissed. And it was all Hiruma's fault.

Hiruma was tied down to the bed, panting and squirming. His cheeks were flaming as he mentally cursed his captor, who was currently standing over him, needle in hand, sadistic gleam in his eye.

Aphrodisiac. The shitty pipsqueak had used his own aphrodisiac against him! He groaned at the feel of a small hand slide down his bare torso and stop and the waistband of his track pants. Sena tsked.

"Now, now. This is punishment, Yoichi. You know you deserve it too. Friendships with people like Monta are tricky to maintain, so I don't need you screwing them up for me." In truth, it kind of turned Hiruma on when the smaller boy got like this, but the constant teasing was driving him up the proverbial wall. When aforementioned small hand slipped into his pants to encircle his already dripping arousal, Hiruma lost it and started writhing like mad, muttering obscenities under his breath. A warning squeeze stilled the blond but didn't silence him. Sena tsked again.

The brunette leaned directly over Hiruma, his knee now on the bed, and reached up with his free hand to cup his cheek (when did put that damn needle down?), thumb running over the blonde's lips. Sena smiled softly.

"Revenge is sweet, isn't it?" Sena asked as he leaned down to kiss those lips. "Well, so is lust."

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