First things first, to those of you read Payback and are like WTF? Where's the rest of it? and those of you who reviewed to say WTF? Where's the rest of it? good news. I have decided to post it as a full-on multi-chaptered fic. It'll follow the canon but it'll have less focus on canon events, more on the behind-the-scenes-and-bedroom-doors things. I'm calling it Taming the Demon.

WARNING: If you know me, then you know my update schedule is non-existant. It doesn't happen without readers telling me they want to read what happens next. I may get bored of it and just stop updating it. I've done that before.

The first chapter/prologue is already posted, sadly it's not much longer than Payback itself. But the next chapters will be better, right now I'm still trying to fit the mindset of Payback into an extended fic.

Wish me luck, hope I don't screw this up, read to your heart's content :D