Author's Note: Okay guys! Here's my second fanfiction ever! Woohoo! :) Let me explain: I'm not a big Twilight fan. And New Moon was one of the worst books I've ever read. But I realized something a few days ago. The only reason I think the plot is awful is because I don't have an attatchment to the characters. I don't like Bella at all and I don't care for Ed either. So I thought, what if that happened to characters that I adored to death? So I wrote this-New Moon, Malec style. I hope they don't end up too out of character. Enjoy! :D

Magnus POV

If you didn't know him, Alexander Lightwood would seem like an impassive person. He always had his sheilds up so that you couldn't tell what he's really feeling. When you do know him, though, you leard to interpret ordinary gestures to figure out what he's feeling. When he's hurt or uncomfortable he hunches up his shoulders a bit; when he's angry, he subtly clenches his fists at his sides. Things like that you begin to notice.

And when you get to know him even more, then he lets his walls down and shows you what's really going on inside. Sometimes you wish that you couldn't see it because of all the pain that's there, sometimes you feel blessed that he trusts you so much to let you see the happiness he has inside. I'm one of the few people that he lets in. Probably the only one outside of his own family that he truly trusts. I held him close as he cried into my shoulder for an hour when his little brother died; he's cracked jokes and even sung in front of me, unabashed; he's told me he loved me while looking deep into my eyes.

Eyes really are windows to the soul and with Alec, that's especially true. Even if you didn't know him and couldn't see past his defences or interpret his gestures, one look into those eyes and you could see exacty what emotion he's feeling. He wasn't like Jace, who could close up his expression like a book and lie as easily and convincingly as a con artist. No, Alec's not like that. He tries to hide, but everything's in his eyes and he can't help that. That's why he usually keeps his head down, eyes to the floor, so that no one will know what's going on inside.

Alec's blue eyes change with his mood. Sometimes they're the color of a bright sky, sometimes a stormy sea, sometimes a beautiful gem. And today they hadn't been the color of a happy sky. Not even close.

Author's Second Note: Okay I know that was really short. But it was just a prologue! I hope it made you wanting more or at least curious. Even though people who know New Moon know what's bound to happen. Oh well. Review please! :)

Take care.
-Patricia Sage