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Dimitri (Pov) - Intro

My Roza. I can't believe she was mine. My thoughts were interrupted by Rose kicking me in my stomach. I stumbled back. She was getting a lot better and quicker but I still had the upper hand. I quickly put my fist to her jaw and she stumbled, I really didn't like hitting her but strigio are a lot faster and harder. I took this opportunity to pin her. I got out my state and brought it to her chest. I leant down and whispered in her ear "dead". I heard her grumble and she brought her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her. I kissed her softly but then it got heated just like it always does. I like we nearly shit or pants when the gym door opened. Rose looked up to find Stan Alto there. Fucking great. He just caught us making up and now he will go off his nut and que shit hitting the fan.

" What in gods earth, are you doing?" Stan said. " Well if it isn't obvious we were making out till you interrupted." Oh lord Rose you are digging yourself deeper. I thought. "Up you too now we are going to sort this out now." I don't think I have ever in my whole time here seen Stan this angry. I got up and held out my hand for Rose. " I have a plan," I whispered in her ear. " And what might that be?" she whispered back. I just shook my head. We walked out and I noticed a lot of people were outside. It was cloudy so no moroi would be affected.

Stan was ahead of us and we slowed down. He turned around to see us walking slower than usual. " Hurry up" I cant take this any longer. " Fuck you Stan." I said it quite loud and a lot of people turned shocked. Rose looked up and I think she was proud. I don't normally swear in English. I bent down to Rose level and pulled her up for a kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck while my hands were at her waist. I could see she was still on her tippee toes so I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We both puled back and looked around. " Was this your plan?" I just nodded. We both wanted to go public and what better way. A lot of people were cheering and some just looked shocked. Stan came up and tried to unwrap us. But rose got down and punched him in the face. He look equally annoyed but who the fuck cares. I was the happiest man on earth. I had Roza and we were public no my hiding and keeping apart. We could be free. Be together. Stan grabbed Roses arm and started to pull her. No one touches Rose like that. I gabbed her around the middle and swung her over my shoulder. She squealed and I just ran.

I ran to Kirova's office and we sat down. " Miss, I would like to say, Rose and I are in love and we have gone public. There is nothing in this earth that would take me away from her and I would give up my guardian status for us." I looked down at Rose and smiled. She looked so troubled but quickly pulled herself together and smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. I would talk to her later. " Okay, I think it is wonderful that you to have found love and I approve, now I hope this isn't rude but I have a lot of work today may you please leave?" Miss said. " Of course thank you" I took Roses hand and we walked out. " Roza baby what's wrong?" I was getting worried she didn't want to go public. " I just don't want you to give everything up for me. Yo have worked so hard for this." She said her eyes growing watery. " Roza, I would give anything and everything up for us to be together." I looked at her in the eyes as I talk. She smiled her man-eater and said. " Could you give up these for me?" she kissed my lips and well things went like normal and it got extremely heated. Rose pulled away and ran back into Kirova's office.

She came out with an even bigger smile. I heard the loud speaker go off. " I would like to inform everyone to go to the hall in 10 minutes for an important meeting. I repeat EVERYONE. It will be worth you while." Then it clicked off. " What was that about?" I asked. She shook her head and we headed to the hall.

Everyone was there by the time we got there. Rose went ad stood up the front everyone still talked until. " SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW." Classical Rose. You could hear a peep. " Alright we have gathered you all hear to tell you there will be a war on this afternoon 2 pm. It will go for 2 days and you will not be allow to sleep, only in shifts. Now anyone who doesn't want to participate go to your dorms, but right you names down first. There will be one boy who will deliver foods etc. That will be James. It will be cloudy for the two days so don't worry. I will be team captain of the novices and moroi and Dimitri will be captain of the guardians. Rules are: No compulsion, no killing and anyone who goes out of line or breaks the rules, I will personally shove my fist up our arse. Now you can only capture the person by sparring and then fake staking him or you can cut off their senses and bring then back to the bases of POW." I smiled. She would be a great guardian. And will be. " Okay you have two hours to get set up and because Headmistress isn't joining she will be giving he annocment to start." "GO!" I walked over and kissed her. Woops forgot that they didn't know, all well we will bombarded with question. So I went to go start planning.

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