Thanksgiving with the Snyders

"Reid, come on! We're gonna be late!" Luke shouted at his boyfriend from the entryway of their apartment.

"I'm coming. I'm coming," Reid said, walking out of their bedroom, pulling on his jacket.

"Finally," Luke said exasperatedly, turning off the lights and opening the door.

Twenty minutes later, Luke and Reid walked into the kitchen of the Snyder farm, the delicious smells of Emma's cooking making their mouths water.

"Everything smells wonderful, Grandma," Luke said, giving her a hug. Behind her back, Reid made to take a blueberry that was waiting to be baked into a pie.

"Don't you dare touch that fruit, Doctor Oliver," Emma said, releasing Luke and gently slapping away Reid's hand. Luke smiled at the annual appalled look on his boyfriend's face.

"Luuuke! Reeeid!" Ethan yelled, bursting through the door that led from upstairs, Natalie right behind him. Natalie ran to hug her brother, while Ethan almost bowled over Reid.

"Hello boys," Lily and Holden said, entering the kitchen in a more dignified fashion.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad," Luke said, smiling and giving his parents each a hug, Reid following suit, albeit awkwardly.

Slowly, other guests started to arrive, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends all awaiting anxiously the moment when they could start eating Emma's food.

When everyone had arrived, Holden and his cousin Jack waddled into the kitchen carrying the annual Hubbard squash.

"Reid, since you're the still new one here, you get the honor of performing the first cut until someone else is the new one," Holden said, handing him the knife. "Hope the pressure's not getting too difficult for a brain surgeon to handle." Everyone laughed, Luke the hardest.

Reid took the knife from Holden and made a perfect incision in the squash, as if he had been cutting one of his beloved brains. The room exploded in congratulations and applause for the doctor, who obnoxiously and pompously took a grand bow, which earned him a loving smack on the arm from Luke.

An hour and a half later, everyone was seated around the kitchen table eating ravenously, no one more than Reid.