Hey I'm Tai and My favorite manga is DNAngel So that is what this fan fiction is about.

Diasuke POV

What is going on? Why did mom get me up so early?

"It has been 40 long years we have waited for you to appear once again! In the name of magic it is time to show us your mighty power!" said grandfather in his dark red hooded cloak.

"Mom you woke me up for this? I am in a hurry can I please get going?" I say to my mother who like my grandfather was wearing a dark read hooded cloak.

"You are leaving? Is it because of that Harada girl who you wrote the letter for?" my mom asked.

How does she know about that?

"Ummm I really need to go mom. I'll see you after school!" I yell as I run to catch my bus.

Ok I am on the right bus I think. Now I just have to wait till Risa's stop.

Wait why is the bus stopping? OH it is Risa's stop!

Risa POV

Where should I sit? I guess I will just sit in the first available seat.

Oh there's one in the back. I can sit there.

Diasuke POV

There is a seat in the front I might as well sit there.

Oh no she is sitting in the back and the bus is so crowded. Now how am I going to give her the letter?

After the bus ride

"Risa! RISA!" I yelled.

Yes. She heard me.

"Here I wanted you to have this letter" I told Risa.

She asked me what it was and I told her she should open it later and she would

Find out then.

Risa POV

I wonder what that letter Daisuke gave me is… OH NO I am going to be late for class! Sensei is going to be so mad at me.

End of Chapter 1

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